Is the Beach Season Over with the end of The Summer? We Give You 10 Reasons Why Visiting The Sea in Autumn Is Healthy

The summer has come to an end until next year, but that does not mean you have to say goodbye to the sea – indeed, you should do the opposite. There are plenty of benefits to Autumn swims. We’ve gathered ten reasons why you don’t have to put beach destinations aside for the season.

1. Fresh Water

With the arrival of Autumn, seawater will cool, offering a new temperature that is highly recommended for your health. By submerging in the water, your body reacts by emanating heat and expelling impurities from your blood through your pores. This exercise balances the functional activity of the body and promotes the circulation of blood. If, in addition to these benefits, you worry about your physical appearance, you should know that the cold water is a great ally against cellulite and helps to achieve particularly soft skin.

2. Sea Breeze

At this time of year, the sea breeze can be pleasant and relaxing. However, it’s not just a feeling of tranquillity that makes sea winds so nice. The breeze acts as a natural iodine spray, which is ideal for regulating the thyroid gland. Besides this, people with respiratory problems can find relief from the breeze as it helps alleviate conditions like asthma and bronchitis.

3. Walking On The Sand

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If, in the end, you decide on a seaside destination, don’t forget one of the healthiest habits when relaxing on the beach: Walking in the Sand. It is suggested that a walk along the shore, with the sand licking the bottoms of your feet to boost circulation. Don’t forget that the sole of a person’s foot reflects all organs in the body so care for it is incredibly important and can offer opportunities to healing.

4. It Can Relieve Skin Diseases

The iodine content of seawater is very beneficial for oily skin, acne and skin diseases in general. Wet your face and body with salt water and let it dry in the air. The treatment can help heal wounds, skin rashes and in many cases, if they are not pronounced, it can heal it completely.

5. Swimming, The Complete Sport

A trip to the sea allows the opportunity to exercise and practice one of the most comprehensive sports around: Swimming. When you submerge yourself in the water, your body only weighs a tenth of its actual weight, reducing pressure on your joints. This experience creates the sensation of lower resistance, though not in reality as the water resistance helps strengthen muscles. Physiotherapists advise swimming, especially for people with back problems.

6. Antioxidants and Vitamins

The sea creates a phenomenon known as chemosynthesis, similar to photosynthesis in plants, where it converts inorganic materials into organic marine bacteria through oxidation. These substances can provide healthy benefits to your body through antioxidants and vitamins and can enter the body through the skin, even in small amounts. Among the vitamins you can absorb is Vitamin D, which helps regulate calcium and phosphorous in the blood.

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7. Tides and Swell

Autumn brings with it an increase of waves and currents. If you like sports, swimming is more complicated since it requires extra stress and effort. Simple balance can be an ongoing effort that will help strengthen your muscles and joints and is especially recommended for people with arthritis. These currents can create an effective leg massage, which helps combat cellulite. Whatever you choose, when going into the sea you must always be responsible and careful with the tides and waves, making sure to only navigate them with a swim when you’re sure it safe.

8. Combating Stress and Anxiety

Many doctors will suggest that many 21st century diseases are linked to stress and anxiety.
So many people suffer from this and the sea can be the ideal way to combat it. If you feel your work or personal problems starting to overwhelm you, try an escape to the sea. The sound of the waves can cause a sensation of relaxation and tranquillity. Further, the high magnesium content of the sea water helps reduce those feelings of nervousness .


9. Improve Your Concentration and Creativity

The tranquillity offered by Autumn beaches is conducive to intellectual exercise. Sitting in a chair, watching the sea helps concentration and boosts awareness when you’re studying and reading books. Many advertisers, writers and designers plan weekend escapes to places with a beach to find their muses and inspiration, since creativity is enhanced by the open space, nature and sounds we can feel near the sea.

10. Contact With Nature

In seawater, there are 89 essential elements that are also in our bodies, as well as vitamins and antibiotic properties. Contact with the beach evokes our biological past where human beings felt most comfortable. This contact with nature can help balance the mind and body and get it ready for the day.

Now you know – if you ever thought heading to the beach during the Autumn months was a bad idea, you were sorely mistaken. There are so many physical and mental benefits available from regular contact with the sea at this time of year so if you’re planning an escape this season, don’t forget the sea.

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