Campeón de España 2014 jamonero

How to carve the best slices of ham. We’re pleased to introduce you to the best ham carver in Spain

Ham is Spain’s star product, but many different factors have to be taken into account before this delicacy can be perfectly enjoyed. One of these is how it is carved, as the taste of each slice very much depends on this. According to expert carvers, each slice should be the size of a credit card, […]

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Workshop in the Sierra de Grazalema: the Centuries Old Craft of Cork Extraction

The Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, is the green heart of Andalucia and a spectacular setting to enjoy nature at its purest form, but it also hides inside of it ancient arts that have been nurtured by local families for centuries. One of these arts is extracting cork, which takes place here every summer in this rare […]

Golf El Rompido

5 Reasons to Play Golf at El Rompido

If you like golf, then El Rompido is your destiny. Each year, thousands of people choose to play this sport across Southern Spain and not just because of the Costa de la Luz’s privileged climate. This beautiful fishing village belongs to the municipality of Cartaya, in Huelva, and is home to four golf courses: the […]

Puerto de la Ribera, Grazalema

Puerto de la Ribera, A Bike Tour Full of History and Charm

Once again on the Fuerte Blog, we would like to tell you about a beautiful route for trekking, sport and contact with nature, suitable for almost everyone, in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. Today, the featured route is the Puerto de la Ribera path. This is a road route, where the beauty of the […]

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