Thirsty? If You Travel To Andalucia, Don’t Forget To Try One Of Our 10 Local Beers

Spain is a country known across the globe for its wine, but what about its beer? Have you really never considered the delicacy that is Spanish barely? This country, and especially Andalucia, offers a wide range of quality beers to meet the needs of the most discerning palate. A chilled caña (small beer), served with a tasty tapa combine to offer the perfect way to end the day. Do not miss out on the ten examples we’ve gathered and above all, don’t forget to wet your whistle with them when you’re here.

1. Taifa Toast (Sevilla)  

This Pale Ale is 100% handmade and created with all natural ingredients without any preservatives or additives. It is made in the truly rustic corner of Sevilla, the Triana district. You can find it in the Municipal Market, where, along the way, you can buy fresh food to prepare a delicious dish to accompany this fresh, sparkling, Spanish flavour.


Taifa Toast

2. Son, Craft Beers (Cordoba)

A hallmark of craft beer is the yeast sediment left in the bottom of the bottle, which is why we recommend that you store the bottle upright and not pour it out completely. For a fine example of this type of brew, try ‘Son’, which is not yet a major Spanish brand, but stands as one of the country’s finest from a brewer’s point of view. This Cordovan beer is ideal to serve with fine fish because of its acidity. In its relatively short history, ‘Son’ has already set a new standard among brewers.



3. Alhambra (Granada)

This Granada beer is the most consumed brew in the eastern part of Andalucia. Started in 1925, this beer has carved out an important niche among the country’s many “blonde” beers. This brewer is also well known for organising cultural events. If you pass through Granada, don’t miss out on the chance to sip this fine local flavour in the shadow of one of the world’s most visited landmarks, the Alhambra.



4. Far West (Almeria)

Blonde with sweet notes, this beer is indigenous to Almeria  and its name brings to mind the period when western genre films used the Almeria desert as a backdrop. It is a true pleasure to enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea with a good tapas and a chilled Far West. Among the varieties made by this brand, you can find a “Red Wine Ale”, offering a vinous, spicy taste.

Far West

Far West

5. Cruzcampo (Sevilla)

Cruzcampo is one of the leading beer brands in Spain. Two brothers from a family of entrepreneurs were the founders of the brew, originally calling it “La Cruz del Campo”. Since then, this Sevilla-born beer has emerged as one of the few Spanish brands to break into the international market. If you pass through the Andalucian capital, try to stop for a visit to the area where the factory is located, as it offers a wide range of restaurants to find delicious dishes to accompany this beer.



6. Victoria (Malaga)

This Malaga beer was named after the patron saint of the city. Its existence has always been linked to the capital of the Costa del Sol, made clear by the beer’s slogan: “Malagueña and Exquisite”. It provides the ideal accompaniment to sitting on the beach, enjoying fried fish the area is so well known for – a most sought after experience for visiting tourists. If you find yourself in the province, don’t hesitate to stop off to try this beer that aims to capture the essence of Malaga.

cerveza victoria


7. Tierra de Frontera (Jaen)

This unfiltered, unpasteurized craft beer originated in the area around Jaen, featuring natural re-fermentation with bottle gasification. Many grooms include this brew in pre-wedding festivities, complete with a custom label for the event. There are two ways to take it. The first is shaking the bottle so you drink the yeast with the beer. The second is to slowly serve it into the glass to avoid mixing. What your taste, this will prove an excellent choice so when in Andalucia, make sure that you try it.

Tierra de Frontera

Tierra de Frontera

8. Maier (Cadiz)

For centuries, beers have been made just about everywhere, in neighbourhoods and cities around the world, in homes, small factories and micro breweries, allowing each to develop its own taste and personality. In this humble way, this Cadiz brew was born in the mid-nineteenth century and has retained its traditional flavour to this day. If you really want to experience this beer in all its essence and glory, let it first settle before pouring it into a glass that has been dampened with water.



9. Mammooth (Granada)

This young beer was created in 2009 in Granada. The entire range of this brand goes through double fermentation. First, the beer is stored in stainless steel tanks for eight days before being bottled for one month, which allows the carbon to originate naturally. This has proven to be a great challenge for the new company, but a true treat for discerning palates.



10. Rebeldía Beer (Malaga)

This project is just a few years old and the product of a self-employment effort conceived in the “La Casa Invisible”, a place that supports new business development. In its first year of operation, these young entrepreneurs have worked to improve their beer with the help of brewers from across Andalucia who have dedicated their time to helping entrepreneurs. If you travel to Malaga, be sure to try this young brew that is slowly making a name for itself in the region’s business landscape.



So, now you know. If you travel to Andalucia for a break this year, fine wine is not the only thing to try – beer is now on the menu for you to enjoy. This is all enhanced by the region’s superb climate and delicious cuisine. This is something you should not miss if you decide to visit Andalucia.

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