Everything you need to know to enjoy the Feria de Nerja as never before

Who said that Andalusian fairs are only held in summer? It is true that July and August are the dates usually chosen for enjoying the biggest festivities, however, some tourist cities prefer to do their own thing. Introducing Nerja Fair. Nerja not only stands out from the rest for enjoying the typical waters and beaches of the Costa Tropical region, but also for celebrating its biggest festivities in the middle of autumn. During its big days, this town radically changes its image and the Carabeo Fair Enclosure amazes us with a festivity that is more summer in style. The weather is still good in autumn, so don’t think about it and enjoy this festivity that will help us forget for a while that we are about to say goodbye to summer.

Nerja, Costa del Sol

Nerja is a typical Andalusian town with narrow streets, and its centre has many pedestrian streets, making it quite hard to park. This is why Nerja Town Hall has set up new free parking facilities that will be open 24 hours a day on Almirante Carranza Street.


History of Nerja Fair

Trajes de Feria

Like almost all festivities in Spain, this custom has a religious background. The city dedicates itself to the saints through the Fair. In Nerja, the inhabitants show their respect to the Virgin of Anguish and Archangel St. Michael.

The festivities start in late September with a procession. The patron saint, the Virgin of Anguish, is transferred from the chapel on Plaza de la Ermita to the Church of El Salvador. The most important church in Nerja, El Salvador, is over 300 years old and is located opposite the Balcony of Europe promenade. Up to the 10th October, the Virgin rests in this place where locals and visitors can pay their respects before she is returned to her usual resting place. She is accompanied by Archangel St. Michael on her way back to the Hermitage of Anguish.


Where to park

Nerja Fair - parking

Nerja is a typical Andalusian village with narrow streets, in the centre many streets are for pedestrians only and parking is quite difficult. For this reason, the City of Nerja has launched a new set of free parking that will be open 24 hours a day in calle Almirante Carranza. However, we also have a list with the car parks that you can find in the village.


El Chaparil Parking

It is also known as Parque Verano Azul parking because it is next to the famous Chanquete’s boat park. It has 273 parking spaces divided into three floors.

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Paseo Nuevo Parking

This car park is located behind the Town Hall of Nerja, under the Plaza de España. It has 733 parking spaces distributed on three floors.

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Burriana Municipal Parking

This municipal car park has capacity for 240 cars on three floors. It is located next to Burriana Beach, in calle Filipinas at the number 30.

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The Nerja Fair

trajes feria

The Festivities in honour of the Virgen de las Angustias and San Miguel Arcángel are celebrated in Nerja by the end of September or beginning of October. The patroness is taken in procession from the temple that bears her name, to the parish of El Salvador.


The ground of the Feria de Nerja

Feria Nerja

The fairground is currently located in the parking of the Carabeo orchards and the official stand in the Plaza de España, all in the town centre, making the activities in the most central streets easier. All this connects and favours the movement of people in the Fair and makes everything feel alive and in motion.

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The Fair begins

Nerja Fair starts with the proclamation, which is usually done at the entrance of the Town Hall or at the gate of the fair enclosure. Afterwards and to open the fair each year, a large multimedia musical pyrotechnics show can be enjoyed, which culminates in the lighting up of the Fair Enclosure and the Entrance Arch, as well as all the artistic lighting of the streets and squares of Nerja.


The big day

The big day of this festivity starts after a mass has been held, after which the image is taken again to her chapel, but this time along with St. Michael. Several acts of honour to these patrons saints take place in this procession, such as the fireworks castle, choir singing and endless moments led by the devout, which attract many participants and make this procession very important for the municipality. Around all this ecclesiastical event there is also a flamenco festival with folk performances, cultural and sports activities, carriage processions, beauty pageants and street parties.


The closing of the fair

The last day of the festivities coincides with the Día del Pilar and military acts are organised, such as the raising of the flag and the religious celebration of the Civil Guard, along with a people’s meal.



Feria Nerja, cartel

Nerja Fair will be held from Wednesday 9th October from 8.00 p.m. to 11.59 p.m. on Sunday 13th October.


Wednesday, October 9

  • 20.00 – Musical or flamenco shows at the entrance to the fair.
  • 20.30 – Fireworks show and lighting of the fair lighting.
  • 22.00 – Election of the Queen of the Parties and the Knight of Nerja in the Municipal Booth in Plaza España.
  • Concerts in Caseta El Cortijo Fairground 23.00 – Al Alba.


Thursday, October 10

  • 12.00 – In the El Cortijo House you will proceed to the election of the Queen and Child Knight with a big party.
  • 14.00 – Winners of Queen and Child Knight.
  • 19.30 – Parade through the streets of Nerja.
  • 20.00 – Procession of Nerja patterns through the streets of Nerja to the hermitage with the traditional fireworks.
  • Concerts in Caseta Municipal Plaza España. 23.30 – Lola Indigo. Ticket price: € 15.


Friday, October 11

  • 12.30 – Children’s party with the Rusana Rico Show.
  • 17.00 and 19.00 – Parade through the streets of Nerja.
  • Concerts in Caseta Municipal Plaza España. 23.30 – José Manuel Soto. Ticket price: € 15.


Saturday, October 12

  • 12.30 – Children’s Party with magic show at the El Cortijo House.
  • 13.00 – Parade of Carrozas and the Municipal Band of Music along the streets of Nerja: Parque Verano Azul, Antonio Ferrándiz Street, Jaén Street, Diputación Street, Cavana Square, Carmen Street, Balcón de Europa, Puerta del Mar, Pintada
  • Street, calle Alejandro Bueno, Herrera Oria Street, Ruperto Anduez Street, Torrox Street, Rodríguez Acosta Street and finally arriving at the Fairgrounds.
  • 19.30 – Parade through the streets of Nerja.
  • 20.30 – Delivery of prizes to riders participating in the parade at the Cortijo Ferial Venue.
  • Concerts in Caseta Municipal Plaza España. 23.30 – Café Quijano concert on his new tour «Life is not a la la la». Ticket price: € 15.


Sunday, October 13: Children’s Day

Children’s day with attractions at a reduced price. It is the day to carry out the smallest to save money at the Fair.

  • 12.30 – Children’s party with the Costillita and Poppy Show.
  • 13.00 – Dog parade in the Municipal Plaza Plaza España.
  • 19.30 – Parade through the streets of Nerja.
  • 23.30 – Concert at the El Cortijo booth.
  • 24.00 – Grand final berth to end the Fair parties.


What to wear

Trajes de Feria

If you decide to go to the Feria de Nerja, the traditional gypsy dress is the preferred option for women to enjoy the celebrations. And the short suit for men.

However, the fair has many days and we cannot always wear the same clothes so it is also usual to go dressed in street clothes but always wearing some fair detail like ruffles, fringes and flowers and polka-dots prints.

Comfortable footwear is another important factor if you’re going to be at the fair all day.


What to eat and drink

Cortador jamon iberico

Every celebration has its typical cuisine, the Feria de Nerja is no different. At lunchtime, you have to taste dishes such as the fried fish, cheese, ham, cooked shrimp or prawns. In Nerja, there is quality and good price so enjoy. In the stands, you can taste more traditional options such as fried peppers, potato omelette, pinchitos, aubergines with honey or croquettes and scrambled eggs.

To drink, the cartojal is the star, a typical Malaga wine, very sweet that is taken cold. Rebujito, which is a manzanilla type wine with soda, is also consumed.


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