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Trick Or Treat? Learn How To Make A Sinister Halloween Pumpkin In 5 Easy Steps

The arrival of Autumn brings with it one of the most sinister holidays of the year: Halloween. While it has Anglo origins, Halloween is increasingly rooted in Spanish culture. On the night of the 31st of October, witches, spirits and horror become central characters of holidays tales. But how should we decorate our homes for the occasion? Without a doubt, the best-known object is the illuminated pumpkin. Today we’ve gathered these simple steps to provide instructions on how to create the darkest pumpkin of all.


1. Sketch It Out

halloween Pumpkin

If you want a really scary pumpkin, leave no room for improvisation and sketch it all out before hand, including the eyes and mouth (marking the teeth). Include traits that cause fear, pointing features downward, especially taking care to emphasise the top of a toothy mouth. Try sketching ideas on a piece of paper before cutting or drawing directly on the pumpkin. This way, you can design your idea and see it before you start cutting.


2. Cut It With A Knife

halloween Pumpkin

Before you start cutting away or emptying, draw the eyes and mouth on the pumpkin. If you end up doing this in reverse, you may not end up with enough space to slice away at the areas designated for cutting. Grab a knife but be careful – the surface of a pumpkin is usually very hard and be difficult to cut through. Remember that it’s the pumpkin that should be scary, not you!


3. Empty The Pumpkin

halloween Pumpkin

Once you’ve set aside the areas to cut, make room for some lighting. Draw a circle on the top and start cutting. Use a spoon to start emptying. If you find if difficult from the beginning, use a common ice cream scooper. Keep in mind that you have to clear out enough room, but not so much that it will not allow at least an inch on the bottom for stability. If you do not remember this, the heat from the candle could destabilise the whole pumpkin.


4. Light It Up

halloween Pumpkin

You now have your pumpkin ready for the darkest night of the year. You can leave it in its natural colour or use paint to change it. Many will also use glitter, personalise it with their own objects or add cobwebs or black paper. But remember to always illuminate it. Place a candle inside it and light it up. You will instantly see the result!


5. Make Use Of The Meat

halloween Pumpkin

Once you’ve finished with your Halloween pumpkin, you can then turn your attention to the meat. It is very common to create a typical puree (squash, leeks and onions) and there is also the UK tradition of “pumpkin pie” to eat on the Day of All Saints. You can also use it as a garnish for your lunch of cooked “garlic”, as is the tradition in the interior villages of Andalucia.


Now you know, if you want to decorate your home according to the most mysterious night of the year, don’t forget to make your own pumpkin. Its fun and a great activity for the whole family. Whatever you do this year, remember your family and those who have passed on.



Edge by Paco Pérez - Rooftop El Fuerte Marbella

Edge by Paco Pérez – Rooftop El Fuerte Marbella

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