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What is 0 KM Cuisine And Where Can You Find It In Marbella?

Consuming local food products is officially now a trend, which is very good, but why? We’ll let you know about the ‘0 KM’ philosophy and where you can find restaurants that offer this sort of product on the Costa del Sol.

Cooks attached to the ‘Kilometre 0 Line, Made Outside The House’ follow a philosophy that is a part of the slow food movement, committed to providing a minimum of five courses with at least 40% of ingredients from local products (produced within a hundred miles away). This “good, clean and fair” philosophy promotes the recovery and use of local, organic products, as well as the rejection of GMOs.

In addition to providing some truly delicious dishes, this philosophy favours small, local producers, which has a positive impact on improving the local economy and allowing small farmers the chance to succeed and continue. Further, this helps reduce those CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, usually associated with food transport. Just think of all the advantages!

It is possible to find a restaurant guide for Kilometre 0 Line establishments in a number of cities in Spain. Although this is not the case in Marbella, we do suggest visiting two restaurants and two hotels that are renowned for their commitment to this philosophy.


Restaurante El Lago

Restaurante El Lago

The first is the Restaurante El Lago, located in the Cerrado Elviria urbanisation, in the heart of Green Life golf club. It is also situated beside a lake where visitors are treated to wonderful views. El Lago has become a benchmark of Andalucian cuisine, including recognition by the prestigious Michelin guide with a star in 2005.

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Restaurant Santiago 

Restaurante Santiago, Marbella

If you are staying in Marbella proper and prefer to walk, you can find Restaurant Santiago on the seaside boardwalk or passeo maritimo. This location is a part of a broader initiative in support of organic products, known as RAPE, and includes dishes made with organic products as a part of its permanent menu.

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Hotel Fuerte Marbella 

Pinetreeclub, Marbella

The hotel Fuerte Marbella  offers a number of healthy and organic products on its menu, drawn from local orchards.

The 0 Km Philosophy offers naturally ripened products, picked from the garden, nearby farms or fished in local waters, which are brought straight to your plate so you can enjoy their full flavour. We promise that if you try it, you will notice the difference!

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Bon Apetite!

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