Cosmetics with no preservatives or colourings: natural beauty from Grazalema

Diana and Jörg making natural soap

Diana and Jörg making natural soap

The first market of local crafts and products at Hotel Fuerte Grazalema continues to show handmade and local products from Sierra de Grazalema.

We have already presented to you handmade leather handbags from Fernando García and craft pottery by Montse Hidalgo. They, together with other local artists will meet at the first market of local crafts and products at Fuerte Grazalema Hotel from 25th May. In this article, we want to introduce you to Diana and Jörg, two crafters that are being involved for a year in a family project devoted to create natural cosmetic products from medical plant seeds. Both are carrying out “biodynamic” farming that follows Moon cycles.

Growing under the influence of the Moon

According to what Jörg tells us, they take into account moon cycles for the plant to grow, as there are times when energy concentrates most inside the earth and roots grows more, other times energy is outside and focus on the parts of the plant that are above ground, but both are necessary for its growth.

Importance of natural cosmetics

“We are devoted directly and in an artisanal way to make creams, fragrances and soaps, that is why we defend the importance that natural cosmetics should have”, Jörg explains to us, since most products that are sold have preservatives and stabilizers to keep them from going off”.
However, as Diana affirms, their water-based creams “have natural preservatives as rosemary tincture, and their self life is not as long as those of industrial products (they usually last for about three months, but rather they do not have chemicals that damage the skin”. All the medicinal plants they use are really effective as marigold, with healing and sedative qualities.
Diana and Jörg products have no petroleum or synthetic industry derivatives, colorants or preservatives. Containers are made of glass or biodegradable plastic. Moreover, they use fabric and recycled paper bags. The range of products they make includes deodorants, bars of soap, bath salts, oils, facial creams, clays, and Shea butter that apart from regenerating and soothing skin are especially appropriate for insect bites and acne.”

Products with eco-seal

This hard work is recognized through their eco-seal that certifies that their seeds are organic, native and local. Their work includes also collecting roots, barks, and leaves, flowers used in tinctures or brews as well as other fresh or dry plants.

This and much more can be discovered by visitors who are interested in finding out more about this Market of Crafts and Local Products at Fuerte Grazalema Hotel during all the weekends from 25 May to 1 July, with the following opening hours: Friday from 17 to 21 hours, Saturday from 11 to 21 hours and Sunday from 11 to 15 hours.

Grazalema poster

Grazalema poster

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