Twelve New Year Resolutions For 2014

It’s that time of year when we pause to reflect on the past year and take some time to look forward to the coming year and maybe try to change or control some of our bad habits. 

Making New Years resolutions is nothing new and has been a tradition from time immemorial. The ancient Babylonians made such promises and offerings to their gods, returning all objects deemed fruitless and paying all debts from the previous year. The Romans also made resolutions to the god Janus, while mediaeval knights promised to maintain their principles of chivalry during this part of the year. This is a very old custom, requiring us all to set goals where we can.

However, the truth is that sometimes we give in too soon, so it is best to “tweak” certain details of our life rather than to make drastic changes that might be very difficult to maintain.

1. Losing Weight

Losing weight can seem complicated, but instead of trying a strict or fad diet, we suggest trying for a gradual weight loss. Find out more about the food that you eat, how many calories they have, their fat and sugar levels, as well as the nutritional value of each product. Try to avoid convenience foods and gradually learn how to cook in a more healthy manner.


Losing Weight

2. Lower Alcohol

Everyone likes a drink, but it is advisable to drink alcohol in moderation. Do not drink so much beer and try drinking red wine with meals.


Lower Alcohol

3. Give Up Smoking

It is always difficult to leave behind a deeply rooted habit or an addiction, but this is worth the struggle. Simply put, smoking kills or at least reduces life expectancy and increases health issues. In fact, there is nothing positive about smoking – absolutely nothing. It has become an anti-social activity and is increasingly expensive. Research the various ways to quit and find the one that works best for you. From group sessions to nicotine patches to hypnosis – the options are endless. It may be difficult, but it is worth the effort.


Give Up Smoking

4. Sports

Start exercising. This does not mean you have to join a gym. Making sure that you take walks often and continuously is enough. It may be very tempting to stay at home, lying on the sofa, watching TV, but you will always feel better if you include some sports in your schedule.



5. Training

Many people talk about the importance of physical exercise – which is very important – but so is brain stimulation, especially if you are retired. Today, there are many opportunities to learn about new subjects in person or online. Learn a second language or catch up with computer options. If you are ambitious, you can some up for some online university course. All of these options will leave you more prepared and satisfied.

One press of a finger...


6. Be More Communicative

The three most important things in life are communication, communication and communication. This is just common sense. If you have a good line of communication with your children, it can be helpful in avoiding problems with them before they even start. While it can be difficult to stay in contact with your loved ones, maintaining it with family members, loved ones and friends who live far away can be incredibly important and beneficial. Today, technology like Skype and Facebook can make it all the easier.


Be More Communicative

7. Managing Stress

Stress can cause a feeling that you are not in control of your life. Try to arrange your affairs a little better, based on time management and remember that you have the ability to say “no”. There are only 24 hours in the day and you cannot be everything to everyone. Don’t take on too much and know your limitations. Make lists and use an agenda to keep organised, especially for those most important things in your life. Don’t leave anything for the last minute.


Managing Stress

8. Try To Save Money Wisely

We must always be careful with money, but pay special attention to expenses like electricity bills, bank charges and, of course, mobile companies. Instead of accepting anything new, make sure sure it is what is best for you. Make a list before going to the supermarket and do not stray from it. Do you really need the latest fashions or the latest gadget? Please remember that it most companies are experts in “capturing” your money or selling you what you do not need.


Save Money

9. Volunteer

Do something for charity. Many people have a bit of extra time and this is a great way to pass it while helping someone else. Give to society’s less fortunate and the satisfaction you receive is immeasurable.



10. Sleep More

Try to set a more regular sleeping schedule. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier. Do not take stimulants right before bed and try not to use your computer at least two hours before bedtime.

Man comfortably sleeping in his bed

Sleep More

11. Travel

Tourism is the school of life. When travelling, you always learn and meet new people. It does not always have to be a cruise around the world – a weekend away can be very enjoyable. Treat yourself to a weekend in a nice hotel where you can meet new people. Find a hotel that offers activities and enjoy it with or without children.



12. Live and Be Happy

Life can be incredibly great, but it is only what you put into it. If you do nothing, life can be very boring but when you go out and do things, the experience can be very rewarding.


Live and Be Happy

We wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2014!

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