Fuerte Hoteles Summer Campaign

We are launching our summer campaign ‘I repeat’, where the leading role is played by our customers themselves because every year they choose us again and again for their holidays.

Every season it is common practice at Fuerte Hoteles to prepare our summer offer with the best prices for those booking their holidays in advance. This year, as every year, we thought about who or what will play the leading role in our advertising campaign to be launched in the media, social networks or via e-mail, and kicking around this we realized that you, the people that year after year choose us for your rest days, are best placed to play the main role in the campaign.

Since Fuerte Hotels started setting up its first hotel in Marbella (nowadays Fuerte Marbella), back in 1957, lots and lots of customers come back year after year. Customers that are not just mere guests, they have become friends and now they are part of the Fuerte Hotels family.

When taking a walk at our hotels it is very common to see how a member of our staff embraces a customer who he has not met since last year, ask them about their family or show concern for a relative that has not been able to come this year. People, treating you like one of the family and those friends who come back with us every year are really our ‘forte’!

Our guests, the protagonists

That is the reason why we decided that our summer campaign for this year would be played by our guests themselves in the leading roles, satisfied guests that keep on coming back at the same hotel or at another one of the chain every season. That is how our idea came up, to interview our guests to them tell us why they come back every year. Interviews free from artifices, without script…in a natural manner and telling us their story. We decided that this year campaign would be called “I repeat”, because it is the phrase we have listened to most during so many years working for a responsible tourism at oorganize an event with charmur destinations in Marbella, Estepona, Torrox, Conil, Grazalema and El Rompido.

All the hotels can offer you good facilities, service and quality, but we have an added value difficult to achieve… loyal customers that come back every year! So, we would like to tell you the reasons why each one of our clients repeats.

Many of them come attracted by our locations at the beachfront or in the heart of unique landscapes and by the good weather. Others come by our quality reflected by comments in TripAdvisor, or just by being recommended by a friend. Many choose us for the entertainment program for children, our Forti Club, or even the adult program called Fuerte Experiences that includes activities to introduce you to Andalusian culture such as workshops to prepare gazpacho, olive-oil tastings, Spanish lessons or excursions on end.

There are also many that seek to practise outdoor activities and play their favourite sports, such as hiking, Nordic walking or golf. Others choose us to organize an event with charm, wedding receptions, company events or first-communion receptions…we even had customers that had married at our hotel and have come back to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary!

They increasingly choose us because with take care of our environment, for our hotels incorporate management systems that guarantee a minimum impact on the environment and promote local culture and economy. In fact, this commitment has granted us prestigious awards such as being included in the ranking of most sustainable hotels in the world according to TUI, the largest European tour-operator, or the award Andalusia Management for our Corporate Social Responsibility.

However, as we said below, the best recognition is that Fuerte Hotels’ customers keep on coming back again. That is why we will continue showing in our Facebook the videos of our customers; click here and find your reason for choosing us for some unforgettable holidays.


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