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What to do at Christmas? Ideas and plans for enjoying Málaga

Christmas in Málaga is already here and the entire province gives off a special light. It is experienced differently, in a vibrant and wonderful ambiance that changes, for a few days, the way in which we do everything. Markets, nativity scenes, lights, workshops, carols, etc… hundreds of original plans for Christmas in Málaga envelope us on these family days and the mild climate of the Costa del Sol invites us to go out and enjoy the city and our loved ones. Don’t miss out on anything. This is everything you can do at Christmas in Málaga, an ideal time for relaxing and looking for those Christmas presents in a privileged environment.


Christmas in Malaga


1. Christmas Market

The Christmas temperature in the Malaga province can be surprisingly pleasant, inviting you to stroll through the city streets in comfort. Each town in the province hosts its own Christmas market where, beside typical holiday products, one can find the work of local artisans. In the capital, these vendors can be found in the park that runs to the Plaza de la Marina. There, visitors can find figurines to decorate the nativity scenes, shepherd costumes, tambourines and sweets, alongside necklaces, rings and earrings handmade with love for a Christmas gift for that special someone. The markets provide a wonderful opportunity to take a lovely walk while finding what to put under the tree this year.

Christmas in Malaga - Xmas markets

Christmas Market


2. Christmas Lights

Malaga is known across the country for its beautiful Christmas lights. Hundreds of locals and visitors come together to catch the first glimpse of the colourful decorations. The main Alameda avenue is decorated with thousands of white lights that run through the leafy branches of the city’s most famous trees, lining the way to the famous Marques de Larios roundabout. It is also important to remember a stroll down the Larios Street (Calle Larios),which glows with its own Christmas magic.

Alumbrado de Navidad


3. Creche Contests

A number of cities across the Costa del Sol celebrate the days before Christmas Eve with nativity contests. One of the most well known events is held in Fuengirola, where each year’s assembly is more surprising than the last. Many residents will dedicate an entire room or their whole garage to a nativity scene. Preparation can sometimes begin months before, but it is most well known among Fuengirolenos. Each year, the town designs a route with signs to guide anyone who wants to visit each scene.

Christmas in Malaga - Nativity scenes

Creche Contests


4. The Playmobil Nativity

As a child you must have spent hours and hours playing with Playmobil figures. If so, you have the chance to show your little ones why you liked it so much. Like each year, you can enjoy the most realistic models that will run from the streets of a 19th century city or a Medieval castle, via a spectacular nativity scene.

Christmas in Malaga - playmobil

The Playmobil Nativity


5. Street Concerts

Christmas magic fills every corner of Malaga each year. One of the most important ingredients of this season is the host of Christmas concerts held in the streets of the city. The historical centre of Malaga hosts most of these shows, capturing the attention of visitors and locales alike. Violins, guitars and flutes are just some of the instruments that can be heard at the foot of the Alcazeba, in the Plaza de la Merced or on the long, Larios Street (Calle Larios). Take some time to stroll around the capital of the Costa del Sol to capture this special treat for your ears.

Christmas in Malaga - Calle Larios

Calle Larios


6. The Annual Verdiales Festival

Malaga folklore is home to one of the most interesting demonstrations of flamenco – Verdiales. This particular version of flamenco is accompanied by a dance and is centred  on a violin, four guitars and a tambourine. Each Christmas, Malaga plays host to a sampling of this cultural rarity with the Annual Verdiales Festival. People from across the province come together to celebrate this style of music and dance, which takes place on Fools Day each year (December 28th). If you want to catch a glimpse of the idiosyncrasies of Malaga music, do not miss out on this enjoyable festival gathering.


7. Día de Jeva in Antequera

The Día de la Jeva is a most unique festivity. It is celebrated on 25th December in Antequera, or more specifically at Diseminado de La Higuera. This festivity of national tourist appeal is celebrated around the Jeva Hermitage, hence its name, where the locals gather at the chapel to worship the virgin, to the sound of verdial music and enjoying traditional Christmas sweets.

Jeva en Antequera


8. Christmas Items

If you find yourself in the Malaga province this Christmas, it’s important to try the most typical items in the area. Antequera is the birthplace of shortbread and the craftsmanship that comes with this ancient recipe attracts hundreds each year in search of this sweet snack. The nuns in the convent also put their hands to work for the faithful, who arrive in search of their egg yolks, fritters and shortbread. The typical Christmas sweets in Malaga are exquisite and have a well deserved reputation in the world of national pastries.



9. Walks Along The Beach

Despite being December, the sun still rises magnificently in the sky in Malaga. The temperatures are still very pleasant, inviting all to go for a walk and for those more adventurous among us, a trip to the beach for a swim is even possible. The brisk December water can help circulation and skin problems. Whatever you choose, if you are in Malaga this Christmas, you should save time for a walk or bike ride along the beach.

playa de Málaga en invierno


10. Carolling Contests

Throughout the city of Malaga, one can find a celebration of traditional holiday carols this season with annual contests. These are days where angelic voices take on typical Christmas songs. Corals, church groups or pastoral shows cast a spotlight on programmes that have taken all year to prepare. Children and adults alike enjoy this annual event where the tambourine and zambomba are taken out of storage to lead the singing celebrations.



11. Mima

School vacations are a synonym of many children wanting to go out to play and have fun. Mima, a children exhibition in Malaga, is a unique and fun space for children to have a wonderful time. It features fair rides, skating rink, climbing wall and zip line. More than 60 fun, sporty and educational activities that will be enjoyable for the entire family.

La navidad en Málaga - MIMA


12. Museums and workshops

Malaga is proud to be one of the Spanish and European cities with the largest number of quality museums and this offer gets more and more interesting with each passing day. To the already renowned ones, the Pompidou Center and the Russian Museum have been added. All of them feature temporary exhibitions, activities and workshops. However, since culture does not rest during Christmas, there will be theater plays for all audiences in the main theaters of Malaga.

Museos Malaga


13. Walk along Muelle 1 and Palmeral de las Sorpresas

Walking along Muelle 1 (Pier 1) and Palmeral de las Sorpresas is another example of the things you must do if visiting Malaga. Now, during Christmas, there is more entertainment and many more activities available for children as well as live music shows, in addition to the stores, handicraft stands and restaurants for all tastes and budgets.

Muelle uno Málaga


14. Spending a fun day with the porqueses

The celebration of the porquesesis traditional in Villanueva de Tapia on 28th December. This purpose of this ancient custom was for inhabitants of the town to look for a partner, since it consists of becoming “godparents” to the locals thanks to a poem. The festivity starts with the men and women separated, and then the names of the couple that will become co-parents during the following year are picked out of two urns. The reason for this union is picked from the other urn (the third one) (racy poems that are written anonymously when the festivity starts).

Villanueva de Tapia


15. Delivering the letter to the Royal Mailman and the Royal Pages

In the various districts of Malaga, children will have the chance to deliver their letters directly to the Royal Pages who will give them to the Three Kings. For example, at El Palo, in front if the Church of Las Angustias, on December 26th and 27th, or in the Juan Sebastián Elcano Avenue, on January 2nd.

Christmas in Malaga - Real postman


16. A Very Enliven New Year’s Eve

It has been customary to eat a dozen grapes next to the clock that separates the outgoing year from the incoming year since at least 1897 – as far as we know from newspaper libraries. To start with, this custom was limited to Madrid, and from 1909 adopted in the rest of Spain. The tradition later spread to Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina and Colombia. In Málaga, the place to do this is Plaza de la Constitución, where, each year the Town Hall of the capital hands out over 2,500 bags of grapes and party favours.

Fuegos artificiales Málaga


17. Ice Skating

Children and adults can have a fun time at the skating rink installed at Andalusia Avenue, next to the entrance to El Corte Inglés of Malaga Capital. Each year, it offers a nice place to experience a good time during Christmas.

The rink is 35 meters long and 15 meters wide, and is open during the holiday season, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Wearing gloves is mandatory.

Patinar sobre hielo


18. El Aguinaldo de Los 40 (Los 40’s Special Gift)

As it happens every year during Christmas, Los 40 Principales is organizing “El Aguinaldo” (Special Gift), a show that, by giving clues, guides contestants in their search for an envelope hidden in the streets of Malaga.

The rules of the game are simple. Everything starts at the Plaza del Carbón (Coal Square) at 8:00 p.m., where contestants will be given the first ten clues. The rest are provided through the radio as the night goes by. Each of the clues refer to a place where an envelope is hidden. The search area is restricted to the Historic Center of Malaga.

Christmas in Malaga - 40’s Special Gift


19. The Three Kings Parade

To properly wrap up Christmas. On January 5th, we will receive the visit of the Three Kings in horseback parade that traverses the main roads of the historic center. You can imagine how many families come out to greet Their Highnesses, many of which ready to get plenty of the candy the Kings hand out.

Let us take a look at the itinerary of The Three Kings’ Day Parade for 2017 in order for you to meet Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar along the Costa del Sol on January 5th.

Christmas in Malaga - three Kings


The horseback journey will start at 5:00 p.m. on January 5th. The itinerary will be: Ayuntamiento de Málaga (Malaga City Hall), Avda. de Cervantes, Plaza General Torrijos, Paseo del Parque, Plaza de la Marina, Alameda Principal, Puente Tetuán, Avenida de Andalucía, Nazareno del Paso, Puente de la Esperanza, Manuel José García Caparrós, Pasillo de Santa Isabel, Carretería, Álamos, Plaza de la Merced.

Right after the parade, do not miss the beautiful Offering of the Three Kings 2017. It will take place at the staircase of the Cathedral and then there will be a concert of the Escolanías (schola cantorum) of the Gibraljaire and San Estanislao de Kostka schools


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