10 essential fashion shops you must visit in Marbella

If you like fashion, there’s no better place to go shopping than Marbella. The city has become one of the most important shopping areas in Spain.  There’s no need to travel to Rome, Paris and Madrid; in the heart of the Costa del Sol, large companies have installed their finest establishments. Moreover you can find fashion shops offering a combination of good prices and designs with any colour you want. Don’t miss these ten shopping attractions that we recommend for you to spend a day buying clothes, renewing your wardrobe.

1. Louis Vuitton

This company is one of the most prestigious, especially in the world of accessories. Louis Vuitton bags are highly-desired in the fashion world. The fabric with which they are made is masterfully bound at each seam. This exclusive luxury brand has one of its stores in Marbella. A whole range of possibilities within your reach if you want a new bag or quality suitcase for those holidays you deserve.

Muelle Ribera, Casa N Marbella, 29660 Puerto Banús


Louis Vuitton

2. Violeta by Mango

Marbella is one of the few Spanish cities has its own Violeta by Mango shop. This new fashion line, which came out on sale last February, has been a revolution among women with larger sizes. Although it doesn’t specialise in the “plus size” market, its clothes go up to size 52. Be sure to visit this establishment for youthful designs in any size.

Carretera de Ojén, S/N, 29600 Marbella, Málaga


Violeta by Mango

3. Gucci

This Italian brand has been installed in the heart of the Costa del Sol Both men and women have a selection of luxury fashion items to choose from in this brand. But not only that. Gucci also has a line of perfumes that have had a huge impact on the market since its launch. In addition, their accessories show an example of Milanese style and design. If you come to Marbella, you should definitely visit this unique store.

Puerto Banús Muelle Rivera Locales 15-16, 29660 Marbella, Málaga



4. Stradivarius

If what you are looking for is teen and casual clothing at a good price, stop by Stradivarius. Their prints and short-sleeved jackets are well-known. The style of this store goes well with denim and accessories. As a result, you can also find new bracelets every week. If you want something a little cheaper, you have to stop by.

Carretera de Ojén, 29603 Marbella, Málaga



5. Escada

Elegance, glamour and sensuality. Those are the three characteristics that define Escada, an ideal luxury shop for evening wear. If you have an event in mind, don’t forget to visit this store. Plunging necklines, dresses that fit your figure, fabrics of the highest quality and elegant designs. If you spend a few days in Marbella, come along, buy one of their suits or dresses and try it out for the first time in one of the many parties organised in the city. You can also combine it with one of their perfumes.

N-340, 0, 29602 Marbella, Málaga



6. Burberry

If you like British style, stop by Burberry. Their square patterns have become famous worldwide. This brand has a well-known menswear lines used by many large employers. Jackets are another of the strengths of this firms which has spread worldwide. A classic design on your clothes enjoyed by thousands of consumers and which has now set up one of its stores in Marbella.

Calle de Ramón Areces, S/N, 29660 Marbella, Málaga

Muelle Ribera Local 53, Casa H Puerto Banús Marbella



7. Lacoste

The famous Lacoste crocodile also has made its home in Marbella. A broad range of colours cover the clothing offered by this firm, which is famous in particular for its polo shirts. It is a leading brand among golf enthusiasts and a hallmark for many athletes. It is also known in the world of tennis. If need some clothing in which you can do exercise or if you just want comfortable clothes, stop by this store.

Muelle Rivera, Local Q – 4, 29660, Puerto Banús



8. Oysho

If what you need is underwear or sleepwear, come to one of the most popular lingerie firms, Oysho. Here you will find a wide range of designs ranging from children’s pyjamas to the sexiest negligees. Lace, prints and transparencies are mixed with the sobriety of black and the fun of a wide range of colours. This shop is not to be missed if you need new sleepwear.

Carretera de Ojén, 29603 Marbella, Málaga



9. Gala perfumeries

Any dress, suit or jacket absolutely needs a good perfume to go with it. In Gala perfumeries, you can find a huge range of fragrances for both men and women. Favourites for the ladies include vanilla, caramel or berries while men tend to like an essence of wood, sandalwood or lemon. Every occasion has a perfume for every season of the year. Don’t hesitate to come to this facility and enjoy the variety it offers.

Calle Ramón Areces, 0 S/N (Puerto Banús)

gala perfumeries

Gala perfumeries

10. La Cañada shopping centre

The La Cañada shopping centre offers all kinds of shops, not just clothing, but for technology, home and entertainment. If you need to renew your wardrobe but you’re not sure exactly what you want, you can get plenty of ideas in these shops. Free parking is one of the factors which make access to the shopping area easy, and you can leave the car without any problem. If you come to Marbella, this centre is essential for all your shopping needs.

Carretera de Ojén, S/N, 29600 Marbella, Málaga

la cañada

La Cañada shopping centre

So now you know, in the heart of the Costa del Sol you have shops for all tastes and prices within your reach. An ideal place to go shopping and give you a treat for those holidays.


If you decide to come to Marbella to go shopping, we recommend staying at Fuerte Marbella or Fuerte Miramar.

Both hotels are found in an exceptional zone in central Marbella and right on the beach, just steps from the old area of town, full of shops and restaurants with terraces.

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