A Conil Bike Route – An Experience To Remember

If anything characterizes Fuerte Hotels, it is a commitment to offering programs of unique activities that create a guest experience that complements the destination they have chosen, which we call Fuerte Experiences.

So, for Fuerte News, we have chosen to offer our guests a glimpse of what we have to offer with a look at a new bike path organized by our Fuerte Conil – Costa Luz and the day we spent exploring the route.

Calas de Roche:

At 10 am, we gathered at the hotel meeting point with ten other Spanish and German guests for a cycling experience led by Jesus, the head of Conil’s Fuerte Experience program. Once there, we prepared for a biking route that would last three hours and take us along the beaches and cliffs of Conil, until we reached Calas de Roche where we would be able to visit a local fish market and see a live seafood auction.


Off we went!

Playa Fuente de Gallo (Fuente de Gallo Beach)

Following Jesus, we started with a short walk to the bike rental shop where we got the chance to choose the bike that worked best for each of us. We then rode through the streets of the town in single file along a flat route that offered little difficulty. After about 15 minutes, we made our first stop at the Fuente del Gallo beach. Arriving in mid-June, we found the sun shining and the beach full of surfers navigating the waves as they crashed to shore.

As we left, Jesus explained that we could see the El Palmar beach, one of the most popular on the Costa de la Luz and continues to the Canos de Mecca in Barbate. In the background, we could see the lighthouse at Trafalgar, offering impressive views – but our trip had just begun.

At around 10.40, we continued our way out of the streets of Conil and into the countryside on our way to a paradise of a next stop. Continuing along, we reached the tops of the cliffs of Conil, with the coastal winds blowing across a truly stunning landscape.

Below, we could see beautiful beaches and because of our high position, a view to impress. When a few guests asked Jesus what the green space they could see in the distance was, he responded that “This is the Brena Natural Park”, adding with a laugh, “And do not tell me it does not look like broccoli”.

Africa in the Distance

Our fellow cyclists looked down at the thick pine forests below and agreed with Jesus that yes, the thick pine forests below did indeed look like giant broccoli planted by the sea. However, what proved to be the biggest surprise for the fellow guests from this stop was how easy it was to see Morocco across the water. Suddenly, they realized just how close they were to a whole other continent – Africa!

We continued to follow a path along the cliffs where we enjoyed sandy landscapes and abundant vegetation to a picturesque village set beside fields of corn, offering a glimpse of colorful spring flowers, providing a shock of colour to the surroundings.

Aceite Creek

Ten minutes later, we have taken to a trail through a collection of pines where we find the Aceite Creek. Its 11.15 am in the middle of June so its the ideal moment to find a wonderful, white sandy beach where families have gathered to soak in the sun. Near the water, a man and his dog run and play. The bike ride is wonderful, but we’re tempted to leave the trail and jump into the waves below, but that will have to wait because the best is yet to come.


Jesus continued along our route and stops just before a crossing over a small road to explain that this is the section that separates Conil Roche, explaining that part of the Roche belongs to Conil while the other belongs to Chiclana. From there, we prepare to head down the hill but to be ready for a small incline, which proves to be a simple effort and enjoyable way to burn off the morning’s breakfast.

It’s 11.35 and now it’s time to take some air by the lighthouse of Roche on a verandah where you can see the entire coastline. From there, it becomes increasingly clear why the region is called the Costa de la Luz, or Coast of Light! Fellow guests take this time to talk with Jesus about the area’s tradition of tuna fishing and traps before preparing for the most impressive part of the entire route – the Roche coves!

But that will have to wait until the next post.

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