Sierra Nevada: where the south dresses in white

Andalusia is not only beaches, heritage sites and green landscapes; the snow is another one of its attractions. Get to visit Sierra Nevada by doing this Day Trip we suggest and enjoy your destination at the coast of Malaga without sacrificing the white mountains of one of the most important ski resorts in Spain. An explosive mixture you can not miss, especially at this time where the mountain looks completely white. Grab your skis or your snowboard and get ready to enjoy a day of adventure.

Fuerte Marbella – Granada (two hours 16 minutes by car)

Fuerte Calaceite Torrox Apartments – Granada (one hour and 38 minutes by car)

Excursion to Sierra Nevada

We advise you to get up early to make the most of this snow day. You can have breakfast at the hotel and when you feel ready to go, drive towards Sierra Nevada to get to the station early enough. Do not forget to use the chains when you’re driving through the mountain section.



Sierra Nevada: where the south dresses in white: Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada

The white picture of Sierra Nevada will surprise you from the beginning. It is a fantastic place to have a great time with your friends, partner or the family. You can leave your car without having to worry about parking because it has more than 4,000 spaces. If you do not have your own equipment do not worry because you can rent it there. Buy your day pass and enjoy the place however you want.


11:00 – SKI

Sierra Nevada: where the south dresses in white: Esqui


If you are an expert skier you will want to experience all the tracks. On the other hand, if you’re a beginner, you should probably want to hire an instructor. A professional instructor will teach you the basic moves and so you will be able to start practising this exciting winter sport If you want to start warming up, you usually walk along the Borreguiles track. If you already have some practice skiing, hop on the cable-car and observe how the environment starts changing. Let’s ski!



Sierra Nevada: where the south dresses in white: Sierra Nevada desde el aire

Sierra Nevada desde el aire

We recommend that you fly over Sierra Nevada as part of your day trip. If you are not afraid, among the activities on offer, you can take the paragliding, designed to support the weight of two people. To do this, you need to have at least an intermediate skill level skiing. Feel like you’re flying like a bird in a unique environment and enjoy the feeling of freedom that this incredible adventure gives you.


14:30 – LUNCH

Sierra Nevada: where the south dresses in white: Restaurante Borreguiles Fotografía de

Restaurante Borreguiles Fotografía de

It’s time to eat, but you don’t need to leave the resort. Here you will find several restaurants at your service with a wide range of cuisine to offer. In Borreguiles you’ll find the snackbar El Ccampanario, the restaurants Borreguiles, Chiki Club and Nevasol (whose specialty is paella). At the foot of the cable-car there’s Genil restaurant. And if you want to eat or drink without getting off the lift, you have kiosks located next to the ski lifts of La Laguna de las Yeguas, Montebajo and Nnevada Terrace in El Río.



Sierra Nevada: where the south dresses in white: Parque de atracciones El Mirlo Blanco Fotografía de sierranevada

Parque de atracciones El Mirlo Blanco Fotografía de sierranevada

Whether you’re a family with or whether you feel like a one, do not hesitate to delve into the Mirlo Blanco, the amusement park of Sierra Nevada. To enjoy the snow in this environment it is not necessary for you to be using your skis. Slides with turns and inflatables, bike-slalom, bike-ski and ski-chair are some of the exciting swings you’ll be able to climb on to. This is also where the main attraction of the park is located. The Russian sleigh, a modern roller coaster in the snow featuring rails and sleighs for two people. Get your adrenaline up with the little ones and enjoy it as much as them. After the experience is finished, we recommend you keep skiing or sliding on the snow. We have to make time to see one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.



Sierra Nevada: where the south dresses in white: Atardecer desde el Veleta

Atardecer desde el Veleta

If you go with kids and you do not want to do certain activities do not worry, there are specialized stations where they can be looked after while you ski. Undoubtedly one of the most impressive activities you can do in Sierra Nevada is to see the sunset on the Veleta. This peak is the fourth highest peak in Spain and the views from here are just amazing. This is a route made on a snowgroomer going up towards Veleta (3,398 metres altitude), almost touching the roof of the peninsula. The route starts from Pradollano up to Veleta, where you will be able to get a glimpse of the spectacular views of the lights of Granada and the municipalities of Costa Tropical and Costa Almeria. Once you reach the top, the guests can taste a small traditional appetizer. After this the descent begins.


20:30 – DINNER

Sierra Nevada: where the south dresses in white: Cena


When the night falls and dinner time is upon us, the best option is to enjoy it at Sulayr Dining-room. An unforgettable evening under the light of the moon, in a cozy space decorated with care, with a live cabaret show included. A show by four singers (two boys and two girls) guided by a master of ceremonies connecting the different acts entertaining with monologues or acts. The cost of the show is 39.50 Euro for adults and 12 Euro for children, including the cable-car ascent and descent, a welcome drink, dinner and the cabaret show, with the descent skiing along the tracks Río or Maribel, light up at night. For those who do not ski, there’s the option of ascending and descending using Al-Andalus cable-car while contemplating the astonishing views of the whole resort.



Sierra Nevada: where the south dresses in white: Sierra Nevada por la noche

Sierra Nevada por la noche

If you’ve run out of gas you can return to the hotel, but if your body endures and you decide to continue the adventure do not miss the new offer of Sierra Nevada: night skiing. Of course, if you want to do this activity you need to travel on Saturday. The Maribel and Rio tracks are illuminated for skiing or snowboarding at special times at night with freshly compressed snow. A total of 52 light points dotted along the 5.8 km route of two tracks, between Borreguiles and Pradollano.

If you cannot ski well you do not need to miss this incredible experience as you can attend the Stargazing Workshop designed for skiers and visitors. You can access the area by cable-car up to Borreguiles and enjoy the snow under the stars without having to skii.

Once you are satisfied with this nocturnal experience, return to the coast of Malaga and look forward to getting up with the beach at your feet the following day. Snow and sea a step away from each other in one of the most attractive destinations in Spain.

If you like this day trip do not hesitate to do it. Some activities such as night skiing or watching the sunset on the Veleta have to be booked in advance.



Sierra Nevada: where the south dresses in white: Fuerte Calaceite, Torrox - Nerja.

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