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The 10 Most Fun Ways to Bid Farewell to the Year Malaga’s Style

New Year in Málaga is filled with toasts with glasses of cava, red underwear, a dozen grapes and kisses to see in the New Year. New Year’s Eve is full of traditions that adorn this final night of the year in a special and magical way. The final hours of the year deserve a special celebration and doing the same thing each year is not original. We’re sure you want to do something different so that your next New Year’s Eve in Málaga goes down in history, so here are some suggestions for what to do at New Year in Málaga so that you start the year full of hope, resolution and, of course, in a way that is magnificent and different.


1. Bars and Pubs

New Year's Eve in Malaga

Downtown Malaga’s bars and pubs charge cheap entrance fees, people pay for what they drink instead of having an open bar. These options have tickets for as little as 10 euro including one drink, and even some special prices that include the entrance fee and three drinks for 25 euro.

Usually, the establishments have prices that differ from the ones they offer during the rest of the year and some of them just charge the usual weekend fees and forget about special prices for New Year’s Eve.


2. Rural New Year

Que hacer en nochevieja en Malaga

Some prefer spending a night far from the fray and the crowds of the big city. While it’s true that this is not a very innovative or adventurous plan, it is an ideal way to spend this festivity as a family and to go home super relaxed.



3. Fancy dress new year

Que hacer en nochevieja en Malaga

If you want to have a really fun New Year, Coín is the destination for you, since this is where locals put on a big carnival to celebrate new year and thousands of visitors celebrate New Year’s Eve in fancy dress, filling the squares and streets with laughter and fun. The Town Hall installs a large tent where there is live music until the sun comes up.

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4. New year’s eve out at sea

Que hacer en nochevieja en Malaga

An option that is gaining popularity is eating grapes out at sea with family, far from the monotony. Indeed, this is an experience you will not forget.


5. In a limo with friends

Que hacer en nochevieja en Malaga

Eating grapes in a limo not at all boring. Indeed, if you decide to spend the final night of the year in this way, you’ll definitely feel like you’re in a film.


6. New Year’s Eve at Torremolinos

New Year's Eve in Malaga- Torremolinos

In Torremolinos you can enjoy a great New Year Party organised in the Plaza de La Nogalera. This place will become the epicentre of the celebration of the entry in 2018. It will have a tent in which you can enjoy the chimes on a fantastic led screen as well as a cotillion, two bars where you can have the best cocktails and live music with pop and rock versions of the 80’s available from 11:00pm of December 31 until 5:00am.

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7. Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square), Malaga

Que hacer en nochevieja - plaza de la Constitución

As every year, the city of Malaga invites people to welcome the new year from the Constitution Square, a place that always holds the traditional New Year’s Eve party. To say goodbye to the year 2016, more than 2,500 bags of grapes and 2.000 goodie bags will be handed out to attendees. The party will feature live music performances and a multimedia show with top of the line projectors and equipment.

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8. Benalmádena: Plaza de la Mezquita (Mosque’s Square)

New Year's Eve in Benalmádena

New Year’s Eve at Benalmádena will be a fun and festive event that will bid farewell the old year in style and welcome new one with fun, optimism and hope. The party will start at 11:30 p.m. at Plaza de la Mezquita (Mosque’s Square) and will feature live music performances and a light show. This will also happen at Plaza del Alguacil, including the live music shows.

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9. Marbella, Plaza de la Iglesia de la Encarnación (Square of the Church of the Virgin of the Incarnation)

New Year's Eve

This year, the main novelty of the New Year’s Eve in Marbella will be that the party will move to the square of Iglesia de la Encarnación (Church of the Virgin of the Incarnation). Locals and visitors alike will be able to eat the grapes in this new venue while hearing the twelve bell rings from the church’s clock.

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10. Sports New Year’s Eve in Malaga

Carrera San Silvestre

As every year, December 31 not only celebrates the end of the year but also commemorates San Silvestre, so in most cities and towns throughout Malaga, short races are organised that are part of Malaga New Year celebrations to say goodbye to the year that ends. It is not mandatory to go in disguise, but we recommend it since it doesn’t matter if you win or arrive last, the important thing is to enjoy it. In conclusion, a very good option to end 2018 “in corpore sano”.


And if after reading this you still don’t know what to do, stop worrying about it, what we propose is for you to be spontaneous. Have dinner with some friends, then each one thinks and writes some resolutions or challenges on a sheet and tries to make them come true before midnight, then it is mandatory to party to commemorate the birth of 2018.



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