Benalmádena vista

Benalmadena’s must-sees: What to see and what to do in this city on the Costa del Sol

Benalmadena is a municipality located in the Costa del Sol, specifically between the towns of Fuengirola and Torremolinos. It has a peculiar organization, and we can divide Benalmadena into 3 different parts: the coastal area, Benalmadena village, and Arroyo de la Miel. Its location next to the coast of Malaga gives it an attraction for tourists who want to enjoy its beaches, beach bars, and different activities. For its part, Arroyo de la Miel is a more residential area dedicated to trade, besides being a strategic place for nightlife in the city.

Benalmádena vista

The possibilities for leisure and enjoyment that Benalmádena offers are designed for young people who want to go out and about as well as for families looking for other things to do, such as visiting an aquarium or a butterfly farm with the little ones. Benalmadena tourism is mainly focused on the coast, and it is in summer when this city sees its population increase, however, if you are one of those who like to do other types of tourism, Benalmadena village is one of the things you should see. From the heights, you will be able to observe the magnificent view of the coast, besides visiting the town with so much charm that today still retains the initial Andalusian architecture of white facades, steep streets, and flowers everywhere, typical of the white villages.



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The location of this municipality, in the heart of the Costa del Sol, is magnificent for accessing it by road or train. Just 20 minutes from Benalmadena is the airport of Malaga, from which you can go by taxi or rental car to this town. The train is another of the fastest options from the airport and there is a departure every half hour, although the access to it is through a staircase.

If you are coming from Malaga or Fuengirola, the car is a good option, but you can also access Benalmadena by train, as there is a station right in Arroyo de la Miel, which makes connections even easier.

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Benalmádena iglesia

Benalmadena is one of the most popular municipalities in Malaga for beach tourism in the summer season and is a hive of families who enjoy their days off and can make a thousand plans here. However, especially the core of Benalmádena town has a history that few know and that is of interest to those tourists looking for the most special corners and the ins and outs of this mythical white village.

The origins of Benalmádena date back to the Paleolithic and the remains that were discovered in Monte Calamorro, in the Cueva del Toro, bear witness to this.

The history of this municipality is marked by the Phoenicians, the Romans, and later the Arabs. In the ancient Benalmádena, or “Hijos de la Mina” as the Muslims called it, a multitude of mineral deposits were discovered, specifically iron and ochre mines.

Benalmádena Pueblo

The intervention of the Catholic Kings in Benalmádena is also part of the history of this place and they ordered the reconstruction of its castle, which served as a defense of the coast of the city against the Arabs. It is from then on, that the town began to grow, and larger and larger population centers began to appear.

It was in the 50’s when Benalmádena underwent a singular expansion, making it one of the reference cities in tourism on the Costa del Sol.

If we go into the village area of Benalmádena, we can see that Andalusian architecture is predominant in the construction of its houses. Also, out of fidelity, the facades of the houses are white, making Benalmádena a typical white village. The charm of this village also remains latent in its cobblestone, steep, and labyrinthine streets.



Benalmádena Pueblo

The range of activities is vast and for all tastes, from exploring the beaches, to going out at night, to sightseeing, to a thousand projects with the youngest members of the family. This city does not rest all year round, although summer is the busiest time par excellence.

There are many things to see and do not only in the summer season that are turning this town into an attraction for foreign and domestic tourism at any time and is that the climate is one of the main factors that accompanies him 365 days a year.

Visiting some of its many beaches is one of the favorite plans for tourism in Benalmadena cost, as well as walking along the promenade.

Puerto Marina is one of the essential things to see in this part of Benalmádena and this port is a reference for the youngest sports and nightlife. It is one of the places par excellence to go to discos and pubs or eat in a good restaurant.

Another thing you can see is the tower of Bermeja, Torremuelle, and Torrequebrada. They were three watchtowers, and the latter is located on an elevated terrain with coves with huge cliffs. Torrequebrada was considered an Asset of Cultural Interest and is part of the Historical Heritage of Spain.

Selwo Marina - Crédito: Alex Tihonovs /

If your plan is more family-oriented, one of the things you can do is to visit the Sealife, an aquarium where you can discover life under the sea and spend a different day with the little ones.

Selwo Marina is another option to meet the most diverse species, from reptiles to penguins.

The Bil-Bil Castle is another thing you can see. Its charm takes us back to the time of the twentieth century when a French family requested the construction of the house for their summer rest. After passing through the hands of an American family years later, it currently belongs to the town hall and can be visited as it houses an art center.

Castillo Bil Bil, Benalmádena - Crédito: Kiev.Victor /

If we go to  Benalmádena pueblo, the tourist attraction of this area is its historic center and walk through its labyrinthine streets adorned with flowers and pots that enhance the charm of this town.

Castillo de Colomares

If we take a walk through this area, we will discover the history of this place and some of the most emblematic sites such as the Colomares Castle, which is one of the main attractions and was a tribute to Columbus for the discovery of America. Its beauty is unparalleled and is one of the things you cannot miss here.

Estupa de Benalmádena

The Enlightenment Stupa takes us back to Asian culture and is an impressive Buddhist center where you can meditate inside, have a coffee, or visit this temple dedicated to spirituality of more than 33 meters high, which has free admission.

Mariposario Benalmadena

Visiting the Benalmádena Butterfly Farm is another thing you can do with the little ones. Besides being the largest in Europe, it has more than 150 different species of butterflies and more than 1,500 butterflies from tropical areas around the world.

Parque de la Paloma

The Paloma Park is one of the best-known parks in Benalmadena for its beauty and its immensity. This enormous park is the ideal place to contemplate a multitude of animals living in freedom, visit a pond, and enjoy nature on a day out with the kids.


Puerto Marina

Puerto Marina, Benalmádena

It is one of the essential things to see in the Benalmadena coast and this port is a reference for sports and nightlife. It is one of the places par excellence of Benalmádena that offers a variety of services and leisure.

Puerto Marina has become a strategic point in Benalmádena, where the commercial and residential areas converge.

It is one of the main destinations for lovers of sports such as sailing, which have made this place a spectacular nautical center that houses a diving school and a yachting center.

It is also one of the most important and attractive places for nightlife. There are several discos and pubs, as well as restaurants of all kinds where you can enjoy a good dinner or lunch.


Cable car

Teleférico Benalmádena

Riding the mythical Benalmadena Cable Car is one of the mythical things to do in Benalmadena, alone or with family, and from the heights, you can see a breathtaking view of the entire city and the Costa del Sol. This plan is a must in Benalmadena and is that the cable car will allow you to know the Calamorro mountain where you will discover many hiking trails as well as the native flora and fauna of this mountain.




Playa de Bil-Bil, Benalmádena

Kilometers of coastline is what houses the coast of Malaga and specifically in Benalmádena, we can find more than 15 beaches that are characterized mostly by its fine sand and more golden, although we will also find wilder beaches, dark sand, and numerous stones.

Here we mention the best known and most beautiful of the city.

  • Fuente de la Salud and Torrebermeja: this is one of the best known and is located next to Puerto Deportivo, offering a variety of nautical activities.
  • Malapesquerais a large beach with all kinds of infrastructure, being one of the busiest.
  • Bil bil: this beach is one of the best known for the charm given by the Bil Bil Castle right next to it.
  • Arroyo de la Miel and Santa Anathe most popular in the summer for their infrastructure, gastronomy, and family outings.

playa Benalmádena

  • Los MelillerosIts strategic location has made it a popular beach for tourists and families, with an area where you can go diving and observe native species.
  • Torrequebradavery nice and small, just 100 meters from the beach, but not easy to get to.
  • Torrevigíait has a rocky area, perfect for fishing, but at the same time it is very quiet and visited by families because of its easy access.
  • Las YucasThis is a pebble and gravel beach, but its transparent waters are perfect for snorkeling.

playa bill bill Benalmádena

  • Benalnaturaa nudist beach surrounded by nature.
  • La Viborillaa place of peace for those who want to enjoy nature and tranquility, this beach is protected by cliffs.
  • Carvajalis the last of the Benalmádena coast, located right next to Fuengirola. It is one of the most crowded although it has a more familiar part and another for the younger tourism.
  • Bonita and Malibúthese are some of the most beautiful beaches in Benalmadena, with very calm waters and beautiful coves where you can spend a very pleasant day on the beach with your family.
  • La Perla or la MoreraThis is one of the quietest beaches we find, due to its distance from the city.



Benalmádena vida nocturna

Benalmadena is the epicenter of nightlife on the Costa del Sol. On weekends, young people from all the areas around Benalmádena come here to spend the night.

In summer, the city multiplies its population, also attracted by the nightlife, and Puerto Marina and Plaza Solymar are the two areas par excellence to enjoy the nightlife of Malaga.

Puerto Marina is also a nautical and sports center, a mythical place for discos, clubs, and pubs of all kinds, as well as cafes and restaurants. Plaza Solymar, together with Puerto Marina, is the other area where you can spend a night of luxury partying.

If your plans for the night include playing in a casino, the Torrequebrada Casino is another option to spend a different night and get to know the most famous casino on the Costa del Sol.

Benalmádena’s nightlife is very attractive and offers a variety of atmospheres, therefore prices are higher than in other places.



The promenade of Benalmadena is a place with a very varied gastronomic offer, full of restaurants and beach bars that offer the most traditional dishes of Malaga, such as fried fish. All this coastal area has a wide range of restaurants where you can try typical summer dishes such as anchovies or sardines, and a good gazpachuelo in the winter months.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to taste the flavors of the world, in Benalmádena you will find a wide range of restaurants where you can enjoy Mexican, Italian, Indian, or Moroccan cuisine, the gastronomic offer of this city has something for everyone.

Espetos de sardinas

In Puerto Marina, Plaza Solymar, and Arroyo de la Miel you will find a large number of bars and restaurants where you can have a meal or a tapas, from the most traditional dishes to the most elaborate ones and the most modern culinary techniques.

La Sirena, Escorpio, Basil Indian, La Espiga or Amigos Torrequebrada are some of the many recommended restaurants in Benalmádena, where you can taste the most typical dishes of Málaga as well as international cuisine.


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