Unforgettable landscapes and a journey to Prehistory: a day trip to Nerja, the jewel of Eastern Costa del Sol

The province of Malaga hides ones of the most emblematic cities in the eastern side of Costa del Sol: Nerja. If you decide to visit this destination, you cannot miss any corner of this charming place, its cultural heritage and gorgeous landscapes. Wherever you are, come and visit! We offer you an excursion with our hotels and flats as the starting point so that you can organise the day and enjoy the prehistoric caves, the historic centre and the impressive Balcón de Europa, with only the Mediterranean Sea at your feet.


Excursion to Nerja

Pan de pueblo con aceite y jamon

There are plenty of things to do in Nerja, therefore we recommend you get up early. A nice Andalusian breakfast will give you the necessary energy to get out of the hotel and get in the vehicle, ready to enjoy this experience we bring to you.


10:00 – NERJA CAVE

Unforgettable landscapes and a journey to Prehistory: a day trip to Nerja, the jewel of Eastern Costa del Sol: Cueva de Nerja

Cueva de Nerja

Ideally, before you enter the busiest area of the city you should visit the Cave of Nerja, discovered in 1959. Besides stalactites and stalagmites, we will find the oldest images of rock art in the world, about 42,000 years old. The cave opens at 10 in the morning. The entrance fee for an adult is 9 euros, 5 euros for children. It is a must in the list of things to do in Nerja, where we will understand the life secrets of our most ancient ancestors from the present.

Open to the general public, the visit rubs through the so-called Tourist Galleries, corresponding to Nerja Cave’s authorised section. The visit lasts 45 minutes and includes a visit to the Hall, Belen, Waterfall, Ghosts and Cataclysm. The itinerary features numerous sections with stairs and areas which are available for tourists to rest during the visit. You don’t need to book the visit in advance.



Nerja Panorama

After enjoying the most historical and ancient part of Nerja, it is time to visit its historic centre look through Europe’s Balcony. This special location faces the Mediterranean Sea, and you will feel how feelings of freedom and relaxation get hold of you. It was named after King Alfonso XII, who visited the area in 1885 after a fatal earthquake, and was left captivated by the scenery. It was the ruler who approached this place to check the damages caused by the seism. He named this place “Europe’s Balcony” because when looking at it, it seemed as if Europe ended there and Africa would follow, hence the name “Balcony”. A spectacular viewpoint, where you can view the immensity of the sea.

If it’s hot, you can have a slushy next to the area, or sit down at the park in front of the church to have a rest. Here we will be located in the middle of the historical centre, built in 1487, with narrow streets and white façades. Do not forget to take photos of these places with your camera. The establishments are very elegant, and you can spot a nice piece of craftwork.

Among the religious architecture, we can mention the Ermita de las Angustias, dating from the XVII century, with frescos from Granada covering the dome. You may also visit the El Salvador church from the XVII century, with an enchanting baroque-Mudejar style; and finallu San Miguel church, more modern, built in 1977 with a more popular style.

Unforgettable landscapes and a journey to Prehistory: a day trip to Nerja, the jewel of Eastern Costa del Sol: Iglesia de San Miguel, Nerja

Iglesia de San Miguel, Nerja

By now lunch time will be upon us, and there’s nothing better than paying a tribute to one of the first Spanish series to gain international fame: Verano Azul (Blue Summer).



Unforgettable landscapes and a journey to Prehistory: a day trip to Nerja, the jewel of Eastern Costa del Sol: Chiringuito Ayo, Nerja

Chiringuito Ayo, Nerja

Costa del Sol is famous in Spain due to the food quality of its beach bars. In the series Verano Azul, it is Ayo beach bar the protagonists fall in love with. Located in the beautiful Burriana beach, you will recognise it very quickly because of its vine roof and the small pyramid crowning the place. Here Chanquete, the protagonist of the series, would enjoy his favourite dish, paella. Its sandy floor still preserves the charm of shops in the 80’s. If you are travelling to the area, do not forget to stop by Ayo beach bar to try any of the tasty Mediterranean dishes it has to offer. Try the best flavour of the Andalusian cuisine and gather the energy you need to continue with your day trip.



There are many things to see in Nerja, and at this point we will recommend you keep going with the Verano Azul theme and visit Barco de Chanquete. La Dorada is the name the protagonist gave to his ship, and where most part of the series would take place. A typical white,red and blue fishing boat, it was the home of the famous protagonist. The boat is not there anymore, but there is a replica in Verano Azul Park, an area the city named in honour of this series that would introduce the city to the whole world. The area features a children area where each street bears the name of one of the characters of the programme. Here you will really enjoy a nice stroll too.

Afterwards take the car to enjoy other places of the geography of Nerja. You can’t miss Puente del Aguila, an aqueduct dating from the XIX century and built to take water to Maro Factory. It is here where we want you to finish your trip. We suggest that for you finish the day and enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes of the coast of Malaga, you do kayaking until you reach the biggest waterfall of Maro in the evening. A unique experience you will remember all your life. In summer there is nothing better than relaxing on one of the many untouched beaches in Maro Natural Landscape, the perfect place to watch the sunset (for more information, click on this link).



Unforgettable landscapes and a journey to Prehistory: a day trip to Nerja, the jewel of Eastern Costa del Sol: La Rompiente, Torrox

La Rompiente, Torrox

Once back at the hotel, we recommend you stop at Torrox Costa to enjoy a special and charming dinner. La Rompiente is a restaurant focused on Mediterranean cuisine where you can finish a perfect day. A very cosy atmosphere and pleasant service that will leave you more than satisfied. Enjoy your dinner and go back to the hotel to rest, since your holidays are still not over and Costa del Sol has a lot more to offer.



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