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Shopping in Nerja is one of the fun and useful activities you can do during your holiday in Málaga province. You can buy all kinds of items and products in this famous municipality on the eastern Costa del Sol: traditional souvenirs and all sorts of artisanal and, in many cases, exclusive fashion and decoration items.

Most of Nerja’s shops and businesses are located in its old quarter, next to its famous Balcony of Europe. These establishments sell pottery, small works of arts, beach and regular clothing and accessories, organic and denomination of origin food products and beauty products. Whatever you may need for your holiday, as well as gifts for family and friends.

Here is our selection of shops and businesses in Nerja. Charming establishments with a story to tell.





Shopping in Nerja - 8 de la calle el Barrio

This is one of the shops in Nerja that specialises in hand crafted items mainly made by Spanish artisans. You can find items including decoration items, jewellery and accessories made with different materials such as cork, ceramic, stones and silver. One of the most curious items, among many, that it sells are its books with a message made by the owner. Its pages are folded in a special way to make whatever letters or motifs you choose appear on the front edge of the book. You must see them!

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Shopping in Nerja - Alkimia Art Gallery

This is another of Nerja’s shops where art and arts and crafts lead the way. You can buy items created by its owner, Cristina, such as oil and acrylic paintings or stones she found on the local beach and turned into decorative items. She also sells jewellery made from silver from Córdoba, furniture, vintage decoration items and some pottery pieces from Almería and Morocco. You can find it on calle Málaga.

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Shopping in Nerja - Arte de Corazon

Another shop in Nerja whose owner, Caroline, sells items made by her, along with items hand made by other Spanish artisans. Signature and exclusive jewellery, fashion accessories, jewelled buckles for custom made belts, decoration items and native American objects, all made or selected from the heart of an artist called Caroline. You can find the shop on calle Almirante Ferrándiz.

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Shopping in Nerja - Alwan

Alwan means “colours” in Arabic and is one of the shops in Nerja where you can buy decoration items, gifts, jewellery, pottery and home furnishings, such as quilts, throws and rugs, all of Moroccan, Indian, Turkish and Egyptian origin. We love its Empire style furniture, which are reproductions that are still made in Egypt. You can find this shop on calle El Barrio.

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Shopping in Nerja - La Tienda de la Ceramica

As you can imagine, this is one of Nerja’s shops specialising in artisanal pottery, which includes different decoration items and cookware, such as fountains, dishes, jugs and vinegar and oil dispensers, all hand-crafted ceramic made in La Rambla de Córdoba. We love its pottery fired at high temperatures, making it suitable for use in ovens and microwaves. You can find this shop on calle El Barrio.

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Shopping in Nerja - Casa Manuela

Casa Manuela stands out among Nerja’s food shops. The ideal place to buy organic and traditional products from different regions of Spain. Wines and cavas, olive oils, olives, coffee, paprika, organic flours with and without gluten, Iberian ham, honey and goat’s, sheep’s and cow’s cheese. Many of its products are from Extremadura because one of its owners is from this region. You can find this shop on calle El Barrio.

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Shopping in Nerja - Las Hierbas Buenas

This is another food shop in Nerja that sells products like teas and other infusions, freshly ground coffee, honey, extra virgin olive oil, chocolate, nuts and dried fruit. Its owner tells us how important the quality of each of these products is. You can also buy cookware to prepare and enjoy infusions. You can find this shop on calle El Barrio.

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Shopping in Nerja - The Wonky Donkey

This shop in Nerja specialises in children’s items, including clothing, books and toys. What we most like about it is that it buys most of its products from manufacturers working under fair trade standards. Its clothing items are also made with organic cotton, bamboo and hemp. You can find the shop on calle El Barrio.

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Shopping in Nerja - Azabache

One of Nerja’s shops where you can buy casual Spanish brand clothing, as well as different kinds of accessories, decoration items and jewellery with semi-precious stone hand crafted by the owners. You can find this shop on calle Carabeo.

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Shopping in Nerja - Tu personalizas

This is a small shop in Nerja that offers personalized items with your name, logo, photo or any graphic element you want. The items you can have personalised include caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and cushions, and it only takes 10 minutes. You can find this shop on calle Puerta del Mar.

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Street markets in Nerja

Street markets are other perfect places to shop in Nerja.

  • There is a street market on Tuesday mornings, where you will find practically everything. You can find it at Urbanización Flamingo.
  • There is a flea market on Sunday mornings at the same location. It is ideal for lovers of antiques and second hand items.
  • There is an arts and crafts street market between June and October, on calle Diputación and Plaza Cangrejo.

Shopping centres near Nerja

If you want to do your shopping at a large shopping centre, there are two near Nerja, where you will find numerous fashion shops, cinemas, bars and different restaurants.

  • El Ingenio Shopping Centre
  • Rincón de la Victoria Shopping Centre



Shopping in Nerja - Fuerte Calaceite Torrox

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