Los mercadillos de la Axarquía

Discover the Flea Markets, Street Markets, and Themed Markets of the Axarquía (Malaga)

The markets of the Axarquia region, to the East of the province of Malaga, are an example that many traditions still survive in our culture. The personalized service and the face to face with vendors introduce you fully into the local customs and give rise to learn a little more about Malaga’s idiosyncrasy.

The neighbors and the shopkeepers engaged in animated conversation mingle with visitors who come for the first time and review the stands surprised by the diversity and quality of the products. It is a very distant picture to that of the supermarkets, with beautiful white towns as a backdrop.


Mercadillo Torrox Costa


So in this post we encourage you to buy in a different way, with a contrast of scents, flavors that are mixed with the joyful shouts of people who decide on a garment or a second hand article, or that buys organic fruit and vegetables for the rest of the week.



If you want to know the wide range of markets that flood Malaga’s Axarquia, you can visit them from Monday to Sunday, from 9:00h to 14:00h, as they are weekly markets.

Here we review all the towns and the days you can visit them:

  • Monday: Torrox, Viñuela, Canillas de Albaida, and Sedella
  • Tuesday: Nerja, Benamocarra, El Borge
  • Wednesday: Periana, Riogordo, Algarrobo, Archez, Arenas, Benamargosa, Rincon de la Victoria
  • Thursday: Frigiliana, Colmenar, Vélez Malaga, Torre del Mar, Cutar
  • Friday: Alfarnate, Canillas de Aceituno, Almachar, Moclinejo, Salares, Sayalonga
  • Saturday: Alcaucin, Velez Cove, Comares, Competa, Totalán
  • Sunday: Alfarnatejo, Iznate




Organic markets are the healthiest alternative for food consumption. Grown with dedication, time and natural fertilizers, a way of respecting the environment and give your body the best.

The growing demand for these products has made Malaga move; creating many of these markets for the enjoyment of those who want to come and join this change.



In Algarrobo Costa, on the first and third Saturday of each month, you will be able to enjoy one of these specialized markets, where you will have the opportunity to purchase the products directly from its producer’s hand. These are healthy foods that are taken care of with lifelong farming techniques. It is located in the Lidl car parks, next to the sports grounds, and is open from 10h to 14h.

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Productos ecológicos, Mercadillo de La Viñuela

Productos ecológicos, Mercadillo de La Viñuela

This market is permanent and you will be able to visit it every Saturday, offering a large variety of organic products. You can opt for local products such as oil, jam, fruit and vegetables and even natural cosmetics.

This market is accompanied by a wide range of workshops and lectures for the whole family where they will learn to care for a bonsai or make homemade soap.

Given the spectacular reception that initiatives like this are having, it is intended to extend a network of travelling organic markets in Axarquia that cover the towns of Rincon de la Victoria, Nerja, Torrox and Torre del Mar. We will continue informing you.

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MARKETS of indigenous products

The markets of indigenous products are one of the best ways to enjoy and get the most typical products of every village in Axarquia.



Día de la Pasa, El Borge

Día de la Pasa, El Borge

On the third Sunday of September, El Borge celebrates its traditional Raisin Day. It is a festival that pays homage to this fruit, essential in the Malagan Municipality.

You cannot miss this appointment with one of the most typical products of Axarquia. Learn how the processing and transport chain carried out by harvesters works and go to their raisin, sausage, gazpacho and muscatel wine tastings. And if a snack is not enough for you, you will be able to buy their typical products in any establishment or small stall.

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Fiesta de las migas Torrox

Fiesta de las migas Torrox

If you decide to take a winter holiday on Costa del Sol, Torrox is the perfect place. On the Sunday prior to the Christmas holiday, this town celebrates its Fiesta de las Migas, declared of Tourist Interest in Andalucia.

On this so traditional day you will be able to walk through the Oil Mill Market while you wait for the crumbs that are to be offered to all the neighbors and visitors that are in town that day to be prepared and distributed. A glass of wine and an Arriera Salad complete the menu from Torrox.

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Craft markets

The crafted and the handmade are increasingly important in our society. The work of the artisans is valued again and also, the buyers praise both, the taste of the food and the manufacture of more natural products or with a unique touch.



Artesanía local

Artesanía local

The warm summer evenings in the Rincon de la Victoria invite you to walk along the promenade, along with dozens of craft stalls, where you can purchase accessories and jewelry, among others.

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Artisan Goat Cheese FROM MALAGA and Axarquia Wine Market

Queso artesano de cabra

Artisan Goat Cheese

Queso artesano de cabraTorre del Mar is the location that the Spanish Association of Malaga Goat Breeders has chosen to celebrate their gastronomic market. In addition to the wide range of cheeses (like the fresh, semi-cured, cured, roll, flavored with herbs or paprika) we have the Malaga Suckling Goat meat, as well as a wide variety of wines and of local products.

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Mercadillos de segunda mano

Mercadillos de segunda mano

The second hand markets are a perfect choice to give a second life to utensils, books, antiques or clothing you no longer wear and that other people may seem to find interesting. It is an original and slightly cheaper alternative to conventional shopping.

In Axarquia you can visit the Nerja Trail and the Algarrobo Costa Trail and venture yourself to the search for an object that fits what you are looking for or perhaps surprise yourself with some vintage ‘jewel’.

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Hebrew Marketplace. Fotografía de El Paso de Riogordo

Hebrew Marketplace. Fotografía de El Paso de Riogordo

On the occasion and coinciding with the celebrations of Holy Week, Riogordo prepares its Hebrew market every year, set in ancient Judea. The craft stalls, the workshops, the flight of the birds of prey and the music invade the Town Hall Square, making this a perfect place to get lost in time, for a day, and rediscover the history and origins of the Jewish people.

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Tips and suggestions for maximizing your visit to the street markets in Malaga

Rastrillo de los domingos de Nerja

  • Research and Plan
    • Research the markets in the province of Malaga and choose those that interest you based on your location and preferences.
    • Check the days and operating hours of the markets you plan to visit, as they may vary.
  • Bring Cash
    • Many markets do not accept credit cards, so it’s important to carry enough cash in small denominations.
  • Respectful Haggling
    • Haggling is common at markets, but do it with respect and in a friendly manner. Inquire about the initial price and negotiate from there.
    • Don’t feel pressured to buy if you’re not interested in a particular item.
  • Sample Local Products
    • Markets are excellent places to sample local food and beverages. Try regional dishes and fresh products.
  • Bring Reusable Bags
    • Carrying your own reusable bags is a good way to be environmentally friendly and practical for carrying your purchases.

Mercadillos Axarquia, Nerja - Crédito editorial: Brenda Kean / Shutterstock.com

  • Beware of Brand Items
    • Be cautious when buying brand-name products at very low prices, as they could be counterfeits.
  • Inspect Quality
    • Before making a purchase, carefully examine products to ensure they are in good condition and of quality.
  • Explore at a Relaxed Pace
    • Don’t rush. Take the time to explore all the stalls and discover unique and authentic items.
  • Inquire about Origin and Craftsmanship
    • If you’re interested in a particular item, ask the seller about its origin and whether it’s a handmade piece. This can add value to your purchase.
  • Guard Your Belongings
    • Keep an eye on your belongings, such as bags and wallets, to prevent potential theft in crowded places.

Mercadillos Málaga - Crédito: Lux Blue / Shutterstock.com

  • Interact with Locals
    • Engage with vendors and locals to get recommendations on products and places to visit in the area.
  • Early Hours
    • If you’re looking for special deals or unique products, consider visiting the market early in the morning when the selection is broader.
  • Know Theme Days
    • Some markets have theme days, such as antiques or organic products. Inform yourself about these special events.
  • Respect Local Rules
    • Adhere to the rules and regulations of the market, such as no smoking or proper disposal of trash.
  • Enjoy the Experience
    • Beyond shopping, savor the atmosphere, music, food, and local culture that the markets in Malaga offer.

The markets in the province of Malaga are vibrant and lively places where you can find unique treasures and immerse yourself in local culture. Enjoy your visit and make the most of the shopping experience!


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