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Great ideas to make your company party the most original and fun

Who said that dancing with the boss was boring? Or seeing your work colleague dressed as a cowboy? Company Christmas parties are right around the corner. This social occasion with the people we work with each day doesn‘t have to be a bad thing, quite the contrary. It’s at these kinds of events that we get to know each other better, open up to people and put any bad blood to one side. Spending time together is the best medicine in these cases, which is why trends are increasing changing. Rigid, sombre table settings are no longer in style. Instead, more and more companies prefer to organise fun dinners and enjoy a festive day with their employees. Read our tips to make your company party as original as possible.


 1. Themed Dinner

If you’re planning to have your company party at Christmas time, you can put an original spin on it. Themed get-togethers are a lot of fun, as well as an important bonding opportunity for employees and management. First, you have to pick a theme and then start with the costumes. It would be interesting to award three prizes for the three best dressed so that employees are more enthusiastic about getting dressed up. There are lots of themes to choose from: the 1920s; Star Wars; the Wild West; or movie stars. The important thing is to be original and change the opinions your colleagues have of each other to make the event more entertaining and out of the ordinary.

Company dinner parties - Themed Dinner

Themed Dinner


 2. Competitions

Forget secret Santa. Choosing a name at random and buying a present is now old hat. A more original idea which can help at your company is organising competitions. This can be lot of fun and get everyone laughing. Guessing games, humour, agility or skills tests are just some of the activities that can be included. Another idea is for everyone to put money into buying presents and whoever wants their gift has to pass a test. These kinds of activity are great for strengthening social relationships.

Company dinner parties - Competitions



3. Until Dawn

Don’t let the clock or driving limit your company’s night. As your company party draws close, don’t think about what time you have to go home. In this respect, it’s very important to organise the meal at a hotel since people can stay the night and don’t have to worry about getting home. When you’re having a good time with your colleagues, it’s a mistake to cut the party short. A lot of work stress, problems, and arguments can accumulate throughout the year, and what better opportunity than the Christmas party to put those to one side. Alcohol can be another problem when it comes to getting home, so it would be a very good solution for the company party to be held at a hotel.

Company dinner parties - without restrictions

Until Dawn


 4. Dancing or Singing Competition

It’s always good to be innovative and organise fun activities. A great option is to organise a dancing competition. The type of music doesn’t matter, in fact, it’s the least important part. You can have several categories: rock and roll; salsa; dance; or disco. The important thing is that it’s enjoyable and people have fun. Can you imagine dancing salsa with your boss? Can you imagine your desk neighbour dancing like John Travolta or Olivia Newton John in Grease? You can also have a singing competition or one where you pretend to be a famous singer. TV talent shows are all the rage. Who knows, maybe the next Katy Perry or Harry Styles is working at your company.

Company dinner parties - Dancing or Singing Competition

Singing Competition


5. Photos

Don’t forget to make a photographic memory of the night. The funniest photos are always taken at the company Christmas party. The boss pulling funny faces, the colleague with his tie around his head, the couple dancing wildly… an endless supply of photos which capture the most fun had all year. It is true that even if you do take lots of different photos, you must be careful when uploading them onto social networks. Remember that it’s your company’s private party and not all the photos should be published.

Company dinner parties - taking photos



 6. Lip Dub

This is no simple task, but is lots of fun and needs some practice. Lip dub is very fashionable in the US. A group of people is recorded lip synching to a song as if they were singing in a music video. The hard bit is the coordination, though it depends on the degree of difficulty required. Recording is simple since it is done through a sequence shot, in other words, in one take. You’ll definitely like the result. It’s a fun activity you won’t regret doing. So all that remains is to pick your song!

Company dinner parties - Lip Dub

Lip Dub


7. Limit your Alcohol Consumption

Christmas is a time of excess in all respects. We sit down at the table and eat all kinds of food along with mountains of sweets. Alcohol is another big enemy around this time of year, whose abuse makes you lose all notion of time and space, causing unpleasant situations. Never forget, too, that at your company’s Christmas party you’re with all your colleagues and your bosses and even if it is a relaxed atmosphere, you can’t ruin it by getting drunk. If you drink, do so in moderation and take advantage of the soft drinks available. Aim to have fun in other ways that don’t involve alcohol.


 8. Taboo Topics

Your company’s Christmas party is when you can relax with your bosses and colleagues. It’s about having a fun, enjoyable time, which can be beneficial for everyone working at the company. This is why you must avoid certain topics at the dinner table that can cause arguments or create friction. If you talk about the company, do so in a nice way and don’t talk about day-to-day issues. Tell stories, but never mention your concerns. Two more topics it is important not to discuss at a company party are religion and politics, since they can cause huge arguments and the Christmas party is really not the right place to discuss them. You must respect everyone’s opinions and try not to raise these two incendiary topics.

Company dinner parties - Taboo Topics

Taboo Topics


 9. Smoothing Things Over

Who hasn’t had an argument at some point with a work colleague or boss? The Christmas spirit often helps to smooth things over. Sometimes it’s not even necessary to have a conversation. Just having contact outside of work, like at a company party, is enough to make small grudges or any unfriendliness disappear. It is precisely by organising fun activities that new bonds appear which must be strengthened throughout the year. For a company to operate well, it is important that its employees have a cordial relationship, and this is why it is important to foster good social relationships between them.

Company dinner parties - Smoothing Things Over

Smoothing Things Over


10. New Year’s Resolutions

With Christmas come New Year’s resolutions and it is very important to set new goals at work. The company party is a wonderful forum for new ideas to come about. The relaxed environment of this festivity can really set your imagination on fire and lead to new, interesting projects for next year.

Company dinner parties - Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions


11. Change the time

Probably everyone is thinking they will have to sacrifice their free time in order to attend the party. What if instead of doing it during the evening, you make it a brunch? Or maybe a lunch for then having the afternoon off?
Company dinner parties - Brunch


12. Invisible friend

It is something very typical, but if it is a small company, it can help break the ice before starting to eat. It is a no brainer; a mug, a doll or a stuffed animal will do. (We are so sorry for the one that is matched with the boss).

Company dinner parties - Invisible friend


13. Do not set tables

Whatever you do, and this is a fundamental rule: never set tables in a way that employees are not at liberty of choosing where to sit or who to talk to during the evening.

If it is a small company, sit everybody at the same table; if it is a big company, the safest choice is a cocktail party, have everybody standing up.

Company dinner parties - cocktails


14. Silly prizes

It is a good time to know that everybody has his/her role. Handout small pieces of paper to have them cast their votes for the most absurd categories, from the Person Who Eats the Most to the Person Who Does Not Know How to Make a Copy. Never, in no event, have a prize for the Best Employee.

Company dinner parties - Silly prizes


15. A gift for everybody

If you are the boss, make an effort and buy a silly gift for everybody or a “coupon for…” We would all want to receive a present for Christmas, wouldn’t we? If you leave them wrapped and they have to pick one each, even better, as long as they are all of the same value.

Company dinner parties - gift for everybody


16. A picnic

Instead of the formality of having everybody sitting around a table, prepare some food baskets and have a more informal meal. This can work even inside the office, although the best idea would be a change of scenery: a park, if the company is small, it will be perfect.

Company dinner parties - Picnic


17. Have some beers

Why eat when you can drink? The nice Spanish tradition of going out for beers is much better to decrease tension in the work environment. On the third glass you will surely begin to like even that person you cannot stand sitting in front of you.

Company dinner parties - Beers


18. To the bowling alley

Bowling is fun, a little competitive and, as there is time between turns, everybody can relax having a beer and talking to the other players, teasing those who do not do too well and celebrating those who bowl a strike.

Company dinner parties - bowling


19. Paintball

It will help work out the aggressiveness of a week of work and have everybody return on a more relaxed state the following Monday. The boss must assume that at the beginning he/she will probably be the target.

Company dinner parties - paintball


20. Relaxing weekend

In the US, they have retreats like this: everybody goes to a beach resort or a rural home to relax. In Spain, it is convenient that employees can bring their couples and not to plan activities for the entire day.

Company dinner parties - Relax


Christmas is coming, along with the company party. Don’t be boring; organize something original this year. Competitions, themed parties or any activity is important as long as it is entertaining and fun. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy an unforgettable day with the people you spend most of your time with all year round.



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