Restaurants in El Rompido and its surrounding area that prepare the most authentic rice dishes

Huelva province has four stars that shine with their own light. Ham, seafood, strawberries and, of course, rice. Rice is a luxury that may not be greatly appreciated, but it is necessary to recognise that, with the exception of bread, there is no other food that is more popular and about which more has been said throughout history. This food does not understand social classes, since it has been a dish of both farmers and kings. Rice is synonymous with sharing and gatherings.

And, of course, in El Rompido and its surrounding area, it is easy to enjoy a good rice dish, which is why we accepted the challenge and went in search of the best restaurants specialising in rice dishes in this area, where it is impossible to say “the rice I make at home is better.”


1. Tablao Flamenco Felahmengu (El Rompido)

Where to eat paella in El Rompido and its surrounding area - Tablao Flamenco Felahmengu

In the El Rompido area, there is a restaurant you must visit, since it perfectly combines the best of traditional Andalusian gastronomy with the most authentic flamenco art. We are talking about Tablao Flamenco Felahmengu, an unforgettable experience.

Its culinary offering is rather extensive, but we recommend you try its rice dishes made with a wide range of ingredients, such as meat and fish. It also has an outdoor terrace where you can get cosy with delicious local wines and a variety of tapas. It is, in conclusion, the perfect place to immerse yourself in both Andalusia’s culinary art and its flamenco by watching or taking part in its dance and guitar workshops.

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2. Los Enebrales (Punta Umbria)

Where to eat paella in El Rompido and its surrounding area - Los Enebrales

Los Enebrales has a culinary offering based, above all, on rice dishes, local fish and seafood, and seafood stews.

It has spacious facilities and is perfect for a meal with either a partner or friends. It also has very considered decor, giving it a fun touch. We recommend you try the fried fish, seafood paella and different grilled meats.

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3. La Rinconá (Lepe)

Where to eat paella in El Rompido and its surrounding area - La Rinconá

La Rinconá offers a privileged place that combines the best of the southern climate with the joyful atmosphere that characterises this establishment. Its gastronomic offering includes an extensive range of tapas and dishes from Iberian ham to home-cooked scrambled eggs, via a paprika skate tapa which will take your breath away. And let’s not forget its rice dishes and paellas that are also an amazing experience and well worth leaving some space for.

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4. Taberna Guatiné (Huelva)

Where to eat paella in El Rompido and its surrounding area - Taberna Guatiné

In the centre of Huelva is a restaurant where you will find traditional dishes reinvented for the occasion with a signature touch.
Here you can awaken your palate with outstanding rice dishes made by expert hands, such as black octopus rice and creamy red shrimp rice, and fish such as cod confit with cabbage and potato cake and mushrooms, and meat such as grilled ox sirloin.

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5. Macha (Lepe)

Where to eat paella in El Rompido and its surrounding area - Macha

Macha restaurant in La Antilla is a place you absolutely must visit, since its advantageous position opposite the sea and its devotion to fish, rice dishes and fresh seafood means that eating here is an experience you will not forget.

The common denominator upon which it bases its culinary offering is the quality of the produce used in its preparations. White Huelva prawn, sea anemone, seafood paellas and risottos and fried cuttlefish are just some of the many signature dishes that you will love.

We recommend that, after satisfying your appetite, you grab a seat on the terrace opposite the sea and enjoy a refreshing gin and tonic.

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6. El Pescador (Isla Cristina)

Where to eat paella in El Rompido and its surrounding area - El Pescador

The El Pescador restaurant is located in the Huelva locality of Isla Cristina. If you come here, you will be one of those privileged people who have tried one of Nino’s culinary peculiarities, such as cuttlefish egg. We guarantee that this will be one of the best dishes you try in your life.

Other dishes you can enjoy here are polvo á feira, baby squid in green sauce and grilled crayfish. The entire range of rice dishes you can enjoy hear is glorious, such as the rice dish with seafood and any of the fruits bestowed by the nearby sea.

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7. Consolación (Cartaya)

Where to eat paella in El Rompido and its surrounding area - Consolación

Located 20 minutes from the city of Huelva, the cosy facilities and polite, pleasant service make this place perfect for enjoying good food in the company of friends, family or your partner.

Its essentially traditional cuisine is immersed in modern gastronomy, but always maintains a simple, delicate style, giving rise to different dishes prepared from the strictest selection of raw materials.

Part of its speciality is obviously the rice dishes prepared by the most expert hands.

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Where to stay

Where to eat paella in El Rompido and its surrounding area - Hotel Fuerte El Rompido

Fuerte Hoteles is the best option to stay if you are visiting the South of Spain. The Fuerte El Rompido Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels of the area for its spectacular location on a hill that dominates all of the Piedras River natural landscape. To this we must add an architecture of Andalusian aesthetic that blends with its surroundings. An ideal place for rest and for sports practice surrounded by nature.

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