We offer you the ten most refreshing recipes of Andalusia

When summer arrives and the temperatures rise, we need to find the best solution to cool off. The beaches are filled with bathers and the trees shelter the neighbors with its shade. But also when it comes to food, you have to find the way not to eat heavy or hot dishes that will warm us up. Andalucia has a huge variety of local recipes that are served during the summer so we can cool off on the inside. If you are vacationing in the South of Spain, do not hesitate to ask for these ten cold dishes to soothe the effects of the sun.

  1. Gazpacho

Gazpacho is the Andalusian recipe of summer par excellence. This cold soup made with tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and onion with bread, all ground up, delights the Andalusians in the hottest days, and after being in the fridge, cold, there is no better feeling than to pour it into your mouth. If you come to the south do not hesitate to ask for a gazpacho, not only because of its Mediterranean flavor, but also for the comforting effect that it will give you at the hottest times of the day.



  1. Salmorejo

It is a cold soup consumed with a spoon instead of drinking it in a glass like gazpacho. It is typical of Cordoba but it is elaborated throughout Andalucia. Due to the use of bread, its final consistency is that of a puree, or a sauce, and it is usually served with bits of other foods on top such as ham shavings, croutons or hardboiled egg crumbs. By the ingredients used, mainly based on tomatoes, it is an inexpensive food. By the ingredients used mainly based on tomatoes, it is an inexpensive food. It is served cold and it is sometimes used as an accompaniment to other foods to soak them. Do not miss this great combination that, apart from cooling you off, it leaves the best taste in your mouth.



  1. Ajoblanco

Bread, ground almonds, garlic, water, olive oil, salt and sometimes vinegar, is the cast of ingredients of the ajoblanco very popular cold soup, especially in the Axarquia in Malaga. It is usually accompanied by grapes, or small pieces of melon (depending on the taste of the consumer), and is served chilled to help withstand the heat. This recipe has spread to various parts of Andalucia and is reason for celebration for some populations as Almachar, town in Malaga that celebrates its ajoblanco day, offering visitors the gastronomic tasting of this dish and folk samples of song and dance.



  1. Melon with cured ham

There is no simpler and cooler dish than melon with cured ham. All the beach bars and restaurants offer it in their menus and it is one of the more simple delights that can be tasted. If you come to Andalucia do not miss it and have it together with a cold beer. This is the ideal accompaniment while watching the sea. The cured ham is the ideal accompaniment while watching the sea. Ham, typical Spanish product par excellence and melon, favorite summer fruit, combine to honor your palate and give you a break from the hours of heat.

Melón con Jamón

Melón con Jamón

  1. Pipirrana

The pipirrana is a cold salad with onion, tomato, green pepper and cucumber. Sometimes boiled egg is added and even some firm fish meat and even some cold cuts, depending on the taste of every family or restaurant. It is a typical summer dish with a strong and refreshing taste that is also, by its ingredients, healthy and natural. This is a way to eat healthy during the summer so that the stomach is not heavy to swim in the sea.

Pipirrana. Fotografía R. Reina Martell

Pipirrana. Fotografía R. Reina Martell

  1. Seafood cocktail

If there is something the South of Spain can brag about is the quality of its seafood. The cocktail that is made in Andalusia with these mollusks is one of the delicacies that is most claimed by the tourists. The shrimp tend to be the main protagonists of this recipe and crab sticks accompany its elaboration which has a pink sauce as a unifying element. If you like good food and want a cold dish, do not hesitate to ask for a seafood cocktail.

Cóctel de marisco

Seafood cocktail

  1. Roe with mayonnaise

This dish is typical of the area of Huelva and there are many who come to these latitudes to taste roe with mayonnaise. This recipe is served cold and it is very pleasant for its soft texture. Another simple and fresh dish full of vitamins from the sea and is a delicious snack that cannot be tasted elsewhere. Furthermore, the quality of the roe, especially in Huelva, attracts all the experts of the gastronomic sector. Are you going to miss it?

Picture of 'A Cocinar'

Picture of ‘A Cocinar’

  1. Pepper salad

Certainly one of the major points in favor of this recipe is its colors that enter the eye. Red, green and yellow peppers are roasted to then cut them into strips and mix them with onion, olive oil, vinegar and coarse salt. It is allowed to cool in the fridge and ready to eat. You can ask for a pepper salad in any restaurant or snack bar in Andalusia and it is a food that easily satisfies and refreshes you at once. This explosion of flavor is a unique experience.

Ensalada de pimientos.

Pepper salad

  1. Mixed salad

In Andalucia the most typical dish of summer is a good mixed salad. Lettuce is the great protagonist that is gently mixed with tuna, tomato, cucumber, sweet corn, carrots and beets. To dress it, nothing better than olive oil and a little bit of vinegar with a pinch of salt. The mixed salad can be eaten alone or as a side dish to fish or meat. It is also a good side dish for dinners and you can find it in any event. Enjoy the most typical products of the Andalusian countryside in this Mediterranean recipe that will not leave you indifferent.

Ensalada mixta

Mixed salad

  1. Anchovies in vinegar

There is no self-respecting beach bar or bar that does not have an anchovies in vinegar tapa.This delicious little fish is served cold after being cured in vinegar and chopped garlic with a dash of olive oil. Its flavor is unmistakable and represents one of the most popular dishes of Andalusia when the sun is beating down.

Boquerones en vinagre.

Anchovies in vinegar

If you go to the south of Spain on holiday, do not hesitate to try their cold recipes that will make you lower your temperature. An effective way to cool off and eat healthy, for evenings at the beach that does not give way to stomach heaviness. A simple and delicious way to have lunch with the best Andalusian cuisine.


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