Wine Route of the ten essential wineries in Malaga

Malaga is a province that holds many secrets and that possesses a wide range of offers of both leisure and of nature and gastronomy to surprise its locals and visitors. Among its jewels for the palate we highlight the quality of their wines known in the whole world. The Malaga vineyards are cultivated with the techniques of yesteryear and retain the best flavor of the grapes.

This fruit is later converted into the famous bottles that adorn the best tables and the most special occasions. If you come to Malaga for a few days you can elaborate a Wine Route, and visit the most important wineries where you can taste the product in addition to knowing first-hand the way it is elaborated. We leave you the name of ten essential wineries, if you come near this Andalusian province.

  1. Dimobe Winery, Antonio Muñoz Cabrera (Moclinejo)

The basis of the high quality of the wines made by the winery lies undoubtedly in the location of their vineyards, an exceptional climate and good adaptation of the Muscat of Alexandria variety to its life in the Axarquia Region (Moclinejo and Almachar). A wide range of wines, highlighting the Lagar de Cabrera dry, red, young or aged is produced in the winery. In this place you can make wine tourism as the winery is divided into 3 rooms where you can see how the way of making wine has evolved in Axarquia since 1927 to this date. A unique opportunity to enjoy good wine and learn.



  1. Jorge Ordoñez Winery (Velez Malaga)

This winery, although young, since it was founded in 2004, has an extensive track record behind them. The naturally sweet Malaga Nº 2 Victoria muscat of this place was served at the dinner given to Queen Elizabeth II of England in the Picton Castle in Wales, in the celebrations of its 88th anniversary. Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, also enjoyed its taste in his last visit to Spain. You know, if you want to surround yourself with quality do not hesitate to visit this winery.

jorge ordoñez

Picture: Facebook Jorge Ordóñez

  1. Almijara Wineries (Competa)

Competa wine is famous throughout the country and the locals even devote one of its local festivities to it. To be able to enter and discover the elaboration process of the Muscat Wine, Almijara Wineries offers visitors the chance to see the facilities, where in addition to understand the way how the wines have been made and continue to do so, they can take a tour of it, ending with a wine tasting. An exciting experience for all those who love this product.

Bodegas Almijara

Picture: wikipedia

  1. Malaga’s Wine Museum

The Malaga Wine Museum was born from the anxiety and the desire of the wine sector to have a space from which to disseminate the values of quality and prestige of the Malaga wines and their culture. If you go to the capital of Costa del Sol you cannot miss it because here, in addition to knowing the whole story, you will be able to taste all its varieties. A meeting point for wine lovers which is owned by the Malaga Regulatory Council of the Denominations of Origin, Sierras de Malaga and Pasas de Malaga, on a platform from which to promote the products covered by the three Denominations of Origin.

Museo del vino

Picture: Wikipedia

  1. Quitapenas Wineries

The Quitapenas Wineries are one the best known in Malaga and work since 1880. In these two centuries they have been carefully looking after every bottle, positioning itself in a privileged place in the national and international export. The grapes, arrived from Axarquia, pass a quality selection process to not leave the outcome to chance. These wineries have enabled a space for visitors and all those who want to try their products can do so accompanied by the best wine experts. Junkito, Malaga Oro Viejo, Moscatel Dorado or Viejo Abuelo are some of their most outstanding wines.


  1. Bentomiz Winery

Its magnificent grapes which are cultivated in Axarquia, Malaga, are subtly influenced by the minerality of a poor superficial slate soil. The combination of these fantastic natural values, ​​with modern winemaking techniques, result in the production of delicate and personal Ariyanas wines. A pleasure for your palate that you cannot miss, if you like quality wine.



  1. La Sangre de Ronda Winery

Guided tours through themed rooms,wine workshops and tasting school and activities right in the field at the foot of the vines, are some of the activities you can find in this famous winery. Petit Verdot, La Sangre Coupage or Espinel Rosado are some of the varieties you can taste. To this is added the unique environment of one of the most beautiful cities in Malaga which is Ronda and its patrimonial wealth. You can organize a day of wine tourism and then visit all its monuments to finally see the sunset on the Tagus, natural cliff that divides the town and impresses with its beauty.

la sangre ronda

Picture: Facebook La Sangre

  1. Antigua Casa de Guardia Winery

This winery has a journey and a gripping story. Dating from 1840, and the very queen of Spain, Isabel II, visited the facilities in one of her visits to Malaga to try their wines. Among other distinguished visitors are Dr. Gregorio Marañón, the poet Salvador Rueda in addition to other figures from politics and the arts. The tasting menu is extensive and has large varieties of Muscat and Pedro Ximenez. If you come to Malaga city do not hesitate to visit this iconic corner with so much history behind it.


Picture: Fycma

  1. Malaga Virgin Winery

With two centuries of history behind it, it has two wineries in Malaga. This is one of the identifying features of this house, which is known internationally. One of its star products, the Cartojal, cannot be missing in any of the Andalusian fairs and the Malaga Virgen is the sweet wine consumed par excellence. Ask for a cool glass of any of these products and get the best taste of the province in your mouth. A unique experience that can be combined with any of the tapas that are offered in the south of Spain.

malaga virgen


  1. Perez Hidalgo Wineries

This winery is a creative and personal commitment in the world of wines by their owners. From the fruit of the vines growing under the sun of Malaga, they produce wines that aged in oak wood make these reds individual and unique. An explosion of aromas and flavors that will make you experience extraordinary sensations. It is also a good option to learn first-hand, all the intricacies of its elaboration in a guided tour.


Cool off this summer with the best wines of Malaga and experience close up the whole process behind every product. The quality of the vineyards in the province gives these wines a unique flavor.



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