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Curiosities of Malaga: “Art Encounters in Genalguacil”, the village museum

Art and nature come together in the Malagan town of Genalguacil in Malaga, in the south of Spain, every first fortnight in August biennially with the initiative “Art Encounters in Genalguacil”, that this year will take place from July 31st to August 14th. Various artists from all over Spain and the world, work, create, live together and exchange ideas and experiences. TheCouncil provides them with accommodation, food, as well as materials, means and equipment for their creations in addition to the publication of a summary catalog. In return, the art pieces made become part of the patrimony of the town that has become a real open-air museum.

If you visit Andalucia on these dates, do not hesitate to come and live this unique experience.In a pleasant stroll with sturdy chestnuts, cork oaks, pines and olive trees in the background, sculptures are erected in stone, wood, ceramics, iron and cork, as well as murals, collages, paintings, photographs and other works that adorn the streets, squares, corners and avenues of the town. Other pieces are exposed in the municipal museum housing works of all the editions.

Genalguacil, Málaga

Genalguacil, Málaga

The idea was born in 1994, and since then it has been carrying out this unique event, object of coexistence and admiration. Just enter the town and you will find yourself with a colorful vane, an Indian totem, and a wooden elephant.

If you keep walking, another work of art will amaze you and leave you with your mouth open. Don’t miss such a comforting stroll through the art world. It is impressing to see how a small town, with just five hundred inhabitants, can hold so much artistic wealth. It is very interesting to see how the steep, narrow streets of an Arab nature overlap with sculptures of all kinds, from the most classic ones to the most modern ones. Another mentioned example are the little paper houses imitating an Andalusian village that are conserved under an arch.

The locals are aware of this initiative that has already lasted two decades and care with dedication and decency every piece of his private collection. For tastes, the colors, and the same occurs in Genalguacil.

Genalguacil. Fotografía Wikipedia.

Genalguacil. Fotografía Wikipedia.

In August, the town comes alive with the arrival of all the artists and in every corner you can find a person in the midst of creation. Chisels, spatulas, brushes, colors… there is no detail missing, for the imagination to make its way. But you can, not only enjoy these pieces outdoors, this unique town keeps a space dedicated to the works that cannot be stored in the open and, as one would expect, the infrastructure that supports it could not be more quirky, an old mill.

Museum of Contemporary Art.

The works that are exposed in this Municipal Museum belong to the artists who have participated in the various stages of “Art Encounters” organized every two years by the City Council of Genalguacil. The works reflect the surroundings of the Genal Valley, where this population is located, either through the use of materials and indigenous resources of the area, or by theme, motive or approaches developed. This museum is located in the old oil mill which gives it a special meaning.

Come to this location and see every detail. The inside has a relaxed design and it obtains an exceptional blend of styles that collect the marked nature of each author. But don’t think that the event stays there. Parallel to these “Art Encounters”, activities, cultural expressions such as film, theater, music, or flamenco are carried out. There are also theater workshops or storytelling in the moonlight, among other initiatives. A series of activities that make this place a chance to enjoy art and cultural expression, without frontiers and where you can let your imagination go.

This is an exception plan for your holidays, where you can be surrounded by a unique natural site and an unparalleled Bohemian atmosphere. Furthermore, the quality of the cuisine of the inland towns of Malaga offers you, in your peculiar trip, the opportunity to taste the typical dishes of Andalusia, and in any tavern in the area you will be able to order a chilled gazpacho or a delicious tapa. Do not think about it and come to the Genal Valley in the first half of August. Bring your camera and immortalize this image that will leave the best taste of your stay in the province of Malaga in your mouth.



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