Real de la Almadraba de Nueva Umbría

Get ready for a seaside getaway and find out about the history of El Real de la Almadraba in El Rompido first-hand

The sea makes us feel at peace and tranquil as well as giving us exquisite fish, fresh specimens which go directly from sea to plate. If you are curious about the different types of fishing, visit the coast at Huelva. An ideal destination to relax and learn is the Marismas del Rio Piedras y Flecha del Rompido Nature Reserve in Huelva where El Real de la Almadraba de Nueva Umbría is located. We want you to discover this place full of vegetation and seafaring history so that you know first-hand about the exciting world of traditional fishing.

Real de la Almadraba de Nueva Umbría

Real de la Almadraba de Nueva Umbría

El Real de la Almadraba de Nueva Umbría, located in privileged surroundings with untouched vegetation, is the perfect starting point to delve into the essence of this fishing village and learn about their customs. A few weeks ago, a parliamentary initiative was approved to declare this place, dating from 1929 and dedicated to the capture of bluefin tuna, to be of Cultural Interest (BIC).
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It was a collection of buildings and facilities whose purpose was to house both workers and the activities associated with the operation of the almadraba (tuna fishing). It is an authentic village organised into three areas: management, work area and storage of goods, and an area for housing and services.

Old boats used in Almadraba fishing

Old boats used in Almadraba fishing

In 1963, it ceased trading but you can now visit this enclave which is now going to be restored and which will house a museum dedicated to the subject. If you like fishing, you have to stop by the Real Almadraba to understand how different techniques were developed on one of the most fruitful shores of Europe in the twentieth century.


Tuna Fishing Technique

Almadraba Fishing Technique

Almadraba Fishing Technique

The trap is a very typical tuna fishing art in the waters where the Atlantic Ocean mixes with the Mediterranean. It consists of placing two boats at a distance from each other and hanging a net which tuna and other fish are collected in. Since the fish brought up onto the boat are still alive, the small or useless samples can immediately be selected and discarded.

The local fishermen moved up and down this net, discarding the smaller specimens. The ones chosen are bled and then stuck onto harpoons.


El Real de la Almadraba Organisation

Captain's House in El Real de la Almadraba

Captain’s House in El Real de la Almadraba

This village, based around tuna fishing, consists of the Captain’s House, which was where he lived, as well as the land manager’s house and office. The first is easily identifiable by its characteristic square plan tower that is visible from the other side of the Piedras River in El Rompido (Cartaya).

On your walk through this place, you can also see the typical areas where goods were stored and where a large part of the activity, such as storage and draining the tuna, was performed. Moreover the residential area for housing the population of the Real was composed of eleven barracks, of which nine are still preserved. Being an isolated village, there were several other basic services such as barbering, first aid and a school.
An interesting walk through a little ghost town that will soon be restored as a cultural reminder and a museum to house all the history of its streets.


The beach at El Rompido

El Rompido Beach - Crédito editorial: joserpizarro /

El Rompido Beach

If you came to this place, here is a perfect plan. After visiting Real Almadraba, go to the Flecha de El Rompido beach. Here you will be surrounded by untouched nature and have the majestic Atlantic Ocean ahead.

In addition, fine dining is a hallmark of this area of ​​southern Spain and, apart from the tuna, you cannot leave without trying the magnificent white prawns from Huelva. Prepare a different trip to a unique destination. Don’t wait for your holidays to come and get away. A few days or a weekend will be enough for a change of scenery and to have this wonderful experience.

Flecha del Rompido: a spectacular natural paradise in Huelva

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Hotel Fuerte El Rompido

Hotel Fuerte El Rompido

For a perfect plan that combines good views and good service, nothing beats Fuerte Hoteles. If you decide to travel through the province of Huelva and see the Real Almadraba, you should stay at Fuerte El Rompido which boasts a spectacular location on a hill that dominates the natural setting of Río Piedras. On top of this, the Andalusian architecture is in perfect harmony with its surroundings. Here you can enjoy a pristine 14-kilometre-long beach with impressive views. Over 60 years’ experience back the hotel chain which stands as a benchmark of quality.

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