The 15 best places in Andalucia to observe and enjoy animals

Avistamiento animales Andalucía

On a good vacation, you cannot miss the activities that link you with nature. Just as important as visiting the monuments and the city, is getting to know the fauna and flora of the chosen destination. They are there, hibernating, moving from here to there in search of food and good temperatures. And thanks to […]

Get ready for a seaside getaway and find out about the history of El Real de la Almadraba in El Rompido first-hand

Real de la Almadraba de Nueva Umbría

The sea makes us feel at peace and tranquil as well as giving us exquisite fish, fresh specimens which go directly from sea to plate. If you are curious about the different types of fishing, visit the coast at Huelva. An ideal destination to relax and learn is the Marismas del Rio Piedras y Flecha […]

Las marismas del Odiel: un enclave natural donde se encuentran el mar, la tierra y el cielo

Las marismas del Odiel

From a multitude of hidden treasures housed by Huelva, natural spaces stand out over all the others. Indeed, if the notable heritage that is Doñana were not important enough, a stone´s throw from the capital of Huelva province are the Odiel Marshes: a spectacular natural site that was declared a Unesco Biosphere Reserve in 1983. […]

Post Holiday Travel With Dogs: Driving Distances & Distress

Since the holiday season is behind us, we’re past celebrating the season with our friends and family, which also includes our beloved four-legged best friends. Stress and holidays go together hand-in-hand and so does travelling after the season of giving. Traffic, cramming kids, family members, friends and pets into tight quarters while traversing from one […]

Experience The Most Talked About Event On The Mountain: The Rutting Deer of Grazalema

The Rut In Grazalema

As the returning rains herald the end of summer and imminent arrival of Autumn, the fields of the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park begin to sprout green once again and with that comes one of nature’s great spectacles – the rut. This ritual surrounds the mating of local deer, which takes form in shocking bellows […]

A Rare Glimpse of Soutehrn Spain’s Wild Majesty Returns With the Rutting Dear Mating Season

On the westerm edge of Andalucia, in the country just outside the ancient Atalantic city of Cadiz, a forest surrounds the village of El Bosque

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