Conil, surroundings and the best paella of the Cádiz province

There is no other food more universal than rice and no other dish as familiar as the Paella, because it’s an elaboration to everybody’s reach. It is so common, there are so many places that make it so good, that there are full guide and frequent routes. There could be recommendations of establishments for each neighborhood in each big or small town in the province of Cádiz.

There could be thousands of suggestions of places where to eat good rice in Conil and its surroundings. Therefore, have in mind that here the most important thing it’s not the place where to enjoy it, but with who you are doing so, that is the company and conversation.

That is why we here give you our suggestions of “Where to eat paella in Conil de la Frontera”.


Arohaz Gastrobar

Where to eat paella in Conil de la Frontera - Arohaz Gastrobar

Restaurant Arohaz – Gastrobar is located in Los Caños de Meca and here is where you will be able to delight yourself with an original gastronomical proposal based in a wide range of surprising tastes.

The Arohaz is presented to the diner through its very original creations as the crayfish salad with mango and squid’s ink vinaigrette, kimuchi bull, onion tuna with spinet broth ravioli, red almadraba tuna tartar and dry rice with prawns and squid. Besides finger licking good paella they also have other kinds of rice with a modern touch, among other choices.

We recommend you to enjoy on their balcony the tasting menu, from which you will be able to try out five of their best dishes.

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El Campero

Where to eat paella in Conil de la Frontera - El Campero

In the Gaditan town of Barbate, El Campero is found, a place where you will enjoy the best dishes of the marine gastronomy. Their main dish is the tuna of Almedraba, which you’ll be able to try in different ways. Let yourself be transported by the marine tastes, through a modern cuisine but with traditional foundations you will fall in love with. You will also be able to taste a great rice as well, served at its right point. The usual paella or their extraordinary soupy rice or black rice.

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Where to eat paella in Conil de la Frontera - Zokarrá

Zokarrá puts together to perfection all the elements to make up an extraordinary experience. But this gastronomic proposal does it well that it lets you desiring more of it. Its menu is surprising, making you smile by each bite. Their selections of rice stand out as well. And all of this in marine surroundings, overloaded by their decorations that make you center on the food, which is what really matters on the visit.

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La Breña

Where to eat paella in Conil de la Frontera - La Breña

In los Caños de Meca is located La Breña, where you will taste organic products, healthy and seasonal. Its gastronomy makes raw materials the protagonist of its dishes. Among its specialties you will find the preparation of Almadraba tuna, sea plankton or a fabulous rice menu.

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La Fontanilla

Where to eat paella in Conil de la Frontera - La Fontanilla

Enjoy of the authentic sea taste in La Fontanilla. Located right on the beach, in Conil de la Frontera, this place offers a menu based on native and gastronomical innovation. Among its essentials you cannot miss the cod or the red tuna, as well as a wide variety of seafood, fish, vegetables, meats and especially the rice which will make you fall in love with its cuisine because it’s the proper place to taste beach rice. You will live an unforgettable culinary experience.

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El Roqueo

Where to eat paella in Conil de la Frontera - El Roqueo

This restaurant is very famous for its rice, it is prepared in El Mirador del Roqueo, located besides and in the chiringuito of El Roqueo, on the beach. They serve from black rice to soupy rice. We suggest you to try the rice with tomato, even though this requires to be ordered with prior anticipation.

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Casa Juan

Where to eat paella in Conil de la Frontera - Casa Juan

This restaurant has one of the most attractive offers and here you will find all types of food in a more than reasonable price. Even though they are not specialized in rice, the carabineros one is a full experience. They present it in a paella dish made of clay with prawns of good size directly on the center. Spectacular restaurant, very recommendable for other dishes, but on the same zone, Venta Molina.

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Las Rejas

Where to eat paella in Conil de la Frontera - Las Rejas

Las Rejas is a restaurant that preserves its traditional charm that is why its very famous hall with wattle ceiling is a delight. But the most relevant thing about this place is not its decoration or its location, that privilege is reserved for its rice with seafood and fish, in addition one of the most liked is the one with prawns.

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El Faro

Where to eat paella in Conil de la Frontera - El Faro

This restaurant will offer you all kinds of rice, from the most original (with chickpeas and cod) to the most essential classic, black with garlic dressing. This place enjoys having a spectacular sea landscape and a most urban and modern appearance. Here we recommend you to order, if there is any, the rice with duck, it won’t disappoint you.

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Restaurante Almadraba

Where to eat paella in Conil de la Frontera - Almadraba

The Almadraba offers a cuisine specialized in the making of rice and seafood. They have up to 5 specialties, some of its essentials are soupy; paellas; the one with mollusks and clams and the baked salted fish.

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Where to stay

Fuerte Conil

Fuerte Hoteles is always the best choice to stay in Andalucía, get to know its cities and gastronomy. The chain has establishments where you will be able to enjoy, besides its services, the best of each point in the region, a good example of them is Fuerte Conil which is located in front of one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain, beach La Fontanilla. Stands out for its exclusive Andalucía style, its 25.000 square feet of gardens, 4 outdoors swimming pools, Jacuzzi, tennis court and a complete equipped Spa.

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