Gazpacho and salmorejo, the most famous summer soups in Andalucia

To battle high temperatures in Andalucia there is nothing better than having a gazpacho or a salmorejo. These summer soups typical from the south of Spain are the best drink you can have when it’s hot and you wish to have something healthy and full of nutrients. Tomato is the base of both recipes, which have extended throughout Spain, but born in the south. So you cannot miss these two Andalucian drinks full of history. We recommend you try them and enjoy their taste.



Gazpacho Andaluz

The Andalucian gazpacho is a summer recipe par excellence. This summer soup is made with tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper and onions with bread, all this grounded, being the best medicine for hot days. It is ideal to have it very cold, enhancing its flavour.



emperatriz Eugenia de Montijo

The exact birth date of gazpacho cannot be set because it is the result of a mixture of cultures from all historical times. It is true however, that this soup became famous in the XIX century thanks to Empress Eugenia de Montijo, who promoted the recipe. In spite of this soup becoming popular among the high classes, gazpacho turned out to be a favourite of the lower classes too. The ingredients are cheap and it is used as main dish during summer.



Cómo hacer un Gazpacho

It is important to choose good ingredients to prepare a good gazpacho. Tomatoes must me ripe so that they provide some sweetness to the dish, cucumbers provide a strong flavour, peppers provide freshness, onions natural flavours, garlic the aroma and finally bread to give the dish some thickness. We mustn’t forget olive oil, vinegar and salt. Everything is grounded into this special summer soup.



Propiedades del Gazpacho

The ingredients included in gazpacho are completely natural and healthy. In fact, the use of gazpacho in diets is popular due to its high amount of nutrients such as antioxidants, phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium and sodium, as well as being very filling.



Gazpacho de cereza

This Andalucian recipe has grown and developed; now having many types of gazpacho soup, even included in haute cuisine. So among some varieties we have melon, asparagus, and watermelon or ham gazpacho soups. Great chefs have experimented with this recipe such as the winner of two Michelin stars Dani García, who has included a delicious cherry gazpacho soup in his menu.




This is a summer soup that is eaten with a spoon instead of being drunk in a glass, as happens with gazpacho. It comes from Cordoba but it is prepared throughout Andalucia. Because of using bread as one of the ingredients, its final consistency resembles purée, and tends to be served with pieces of other foods on the surface such as ham strips, fried bread or small pieces of boiled egg. Due to the ingredients used (mainly tomatoes), it is cheap. It is served cold and sometimes it is used as a side dish for other meals, dipping them in the soup. Do not miss this summer soup that will leave you with the best memory of Andalucian gastronomy.



historia del salmorejo

The history of salmorejo as a recipe dates back to the beginnings of humanity, since it comprises certain grounded food, and therefore we cannot give a specific date for its creation. It is true that within the Arabic origins of Cordoba cuisine in the caliphate, it was just a simple mix of garlic, salt, breadcrumbs and oil and vinegar. Therefore, this soup did not have tomatoes when it was first created, what would make it into what is called white salmorejo. In time, the addition of tomatoes gave the soup that characteristic red colour it has today.



Ingredientes Salmorejo

The recipe is very similar to that of gazpacho but it looks more like a thin purée. Tomatoe, bread and olive oil with a pinch of salt are the ingredients that get grounded until they acquire a more consistent appearance than that of gazpacho. Gazpacho also lacks two main ingredients that are part of salmorejo, cucumber and pepper.



Porra Antequerana

The most famous variety of salmorejo is the porra antequerana, which besides the traditional ingredients it also includes green bell peppers and garlic. It is served with ham bits and chopped boiled egg on top. A delicious variety that has a character of its own.


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