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The best and most original gardens of Andalusia

Few places in the world offer as much peace as a garden, and it is complicated not to leave stress behind when you enter one of the botanical gardens of Andalusia where orange blossom, jasmine, rose bushes and lilies intoxicate your senses with their wonderful perfumes The south of Spain has an enormous floral wealth, so the gardens of Andalusia can show the world the majesty of its species. Not in vane thousands of tourists are eager to visit them because the parks of Andalusia are practically natural historical monuments open to the public because even many of them are within the tourist itineraries.

So if you intend to travel south do not hesitate to take a moment and walk quietly through one of these gardens that we highly recommend.


Jardines del Real Alcázar, Seville

Jardines del Real Alcázar, Sevilla

Next to the oldest inhabited royal palace in Europe, today there are ancient Muslim gardens, which nowadays, are an authentic encyclopaedia of natural history, as result of the flattering Sevillian climate, the fertility of the plants and flowers in this garden produce a whole range of light and various aromas that will delight everyone.

Also here you can enjoy gardens like Crucero; of the XII century and of Muslim origin, the one of the Poets, the English or that of the Marques de Vega-Inclán. In each and every one of them you must leave the hurry at the door and contemplate its wonderful flowers and plants (palms, pomegranates, oaks, cypresses, orange trees …).

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Los Patios de Córdoba

Patios Cordoba - Crédito editorial: Taiga / Shutterstock.com

The Patios in Cordoba have their origin in the tradition of decorating with pots and plants the patios of the different houses, just as if they were vertical gardens.

In Córdoba due to its climatology the inhabitants adapted the shape of the house to their needs, so they centred the house surrounded by a patio, which commonly had a fountain and/or a well that collected rainwater. And it is in this architectural context where they placed abundant vegetation to increase the sensation of freshness when entering through the entrance hall to the house.

There are two types of patios, the private patios, either single-family houses or neighbours’ houses, which are the most special, since the flora occupies the entire façade creating a wonderful example of a vertical garden. The second type is formed by the patios monuments, being the Palace of Viana the best known.

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1. La Concepción Gardens, Malaga

Jardín Botánico de La Concepción

La Concepción Historical-Botanical Gardens is an English landscape style garden with more than a hundred and fifty years history. Located at the northern entrance of Malaga, it is one of the few gardens with subtropical climate plants that exist in Europe. It has more than fifty thousand plants, of two thousand tropical, subtropical and native species; the collection stands out with more than a hundred different species of palms, bamboos, aquatic plants and its historic garden. An excellent plan to share with your partner, and to relax with the floral fragrances.

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El Aljibe, Alcala de los Gazules

Los AlcornocalesLos Alcornocales, Càdiz

The Botanical Garden of El Aljibe, in Los Alcornocales Natural Park, in the Province of Cadiz, is a very special place to get to know, at a quick glance, the plant wealth that this area has, which is characterized by its high rainfall and the presence of unique Mediterranean species. Among its attractions is its strong connection to the water, as creeks, wells and streams clutter this space giving a relax halo. We recommend that you sit in the shade of one of its trees and enjoy a comforting reading.

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El Castillejo, The Cadiz Forest

Jardín Botánico El Castillejo

This Botanical Garden is included inside the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. During a visit to El Castillejo Botanical Garden, you can know some of the most interesting plants of the Andalusian flora: the Spanish fir, Mediterranean fir that only lives in Sierra de Grazalema, Sierra de las Nieves and Sierra Bermeja; or the Grazalema poppy, endemism that is only found in the mountainous area to which it owes its name. El Castillejo Botanical Garden also offers a guided tour service free of charge to all the groups on request.

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Dunas del Odiel

Jardín Botánico Dunas del Odiel

The Dunas del Odiel Botanical Garden has an area of 8 hectares and is in theProvince of Huelva. It is the home of more than 30.000 specimens of 84 different tree and shrub species and offers special care to species that are endangered and of interest. If you come to this land, you can enjoy a passionate journey through this flora, where you can practice landscape photography in an exciting manner.

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The Villa Onuba Garden, Fuenteheridos

Jardín de Villa Onuba

Villa Onuba Gardens is the name of an estate owned by the Marist Brothers that offers a place of retreat and foster home for groups wishing to conduct retreats, seminars, workshops or training activities in its facilities. Its gardens constitute a true paradise of great environmental qualityas all the species of the mountainous area are represented in this wonderful botanical garden. It also has over 100 species of trees and shrubs from American, Asian and African flora. Despite its private use, the estate is open for the visit of all the nature lovers.

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Estepona, Costa del Sol Garden


Estepona has, in recent years, become a real garden as a whole. Its narrow alleys are full of flower pots following a city beautification plan that unifies the colors and the pots, giving the historical district a unique beauty. In addition, the city is expecting that the Botanical Park project is implemented which will house more than 8.000 different orchids in its orchidarium. A comforting and pleasant walk through the city that leaves you exposed to all its plant charm that day to day earns the appellative of “Costa del Sol Garden”.

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The Genoese Park, Cadiz

Parque Genovés, Cádiz

The Genoese Park is a spacious landscaped walk with segments of the romantic tradition that will captivate you. The place has waterfalls with a lake, a concert hall, a coffee shop and a variety of botanical species, some of them of great rarity and magnificence. The park has a roughly trapezoidal shape and releases coolness in summer days. A good place to delight your eyes with the colors of its floral variety, to which you should go to if you are in the city of Cadiz this summer.

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María Cristina Park, Algeciras

Parque de María Cristina, Algeciras

The María Cristina Park, of 1830, is located in Algeciras. After its reconstruction at the beginning of the century constitutes an early example of a Hispanic Arabian garden recreation. Andalucia has been a cradle of different cultures throughout its history, and this fact is noticeable, not only in the monuments, but also in our plant heritage. In Algeciras you can enjoy a pleasant walk in this María Cristina Park where you can enjoy the most unique gardens of the city.

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El Generalife, Granada

El Generalife Granada

El Generalife is the villa with gardens inhabited by the Muslim kings of Granada as a resting place, located in the city of Granada, Spain. It was conceived as a rural village, where ornamental gardens, orchards and architecture were integrated, near the Alhambra. It was declared, along with the Alhambra, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984 and has become one of the most beautiful gardens of Spain, not only for its Arabian style plant value, but by the environment in which it is located.

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El Retiro Historic Garden, Malaga

Jardín histórico El Retiro Málaga

Foto de ‘Málaga en el corazón’

El Retiro Historical Garden or El Retiro de Santo Tomás is a Botanical Garden of Malaga City located in Churriana. It is primarily a French-style garden that combines with the Italian, English and Arabian styles. The garden consists of three parts: vegetable garden, garden-patio and garden-courtier. The last two were designed by the architect Martín de Aldehuela and subdivide into smaller gardens. Among the emblematic specimens, an elm tree almost 200 years old and a group of ancient cypress trees stand out. The shade that these trees give will be the best shelter for your summer evenings if you decide to get away to this corner in Malaga.

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Molino de Inca botanic garden

Jardín Botánico del Molino de Inca

Molino de Inca is an orchard located in Torremolinos, it has an area of 40,000 square meters and there you can enjoy more than half a million botanical species. You can also enjoy lakes, small waterfalls and a natural labyrinth.

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