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Here are ten things you can only do in Andalucia

One of the things that most attract of a place is its peculiarities that make it different from other parts of the world. In Andalucia we are well aware of what it is that makes the difference and we have a long list of things you can only do in this region, from typical customs to exclusive local dishes. If you come to this land do not forget to share the Andalusian nature and become part of its day to day, which you’ll love.


Understand the three major religions and cultures

Mezquita de Cordoba - Andalucia

Mezquita de Cordoba

In the past, it was the Muslims who ruled in the south of Spain, and during those seven centuries, the Arabs built great palaces, stunning gardens and left their presence in every corner. Throughout the centuries, Arabs, Christians and Jews have lived together in Andalucia and have changed every place to a greater or lesser extent. You will be able to see the mixture of these three cultures, only in the south of Spain, through their monuments, gardens and city structures. An exciting experience, especially if you’re a History lover.

The Arabian route through Andalucia allows you travel back in time to Al-Andalus


Watch a flamenco show

flamenco - Andalucia


Although flamenco is a Spanish cultural asset, it is in Andalusia where it is born and here is where you can enjoy the best shows. This art is something you have to see and feel, something you have to experience firsthand and nowhere like this land to do so. Moreover, in some localized points such as Huelva (with the fandangos) or Cadiz (with the tanguillos) you can check the specialization and the variety of the flamenco. The dance, the music and the emotion are intertwined, creating a unique experience that you cannot miss.

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Try the sweet biscuits



They are typical Christmas products but you can get them in points such as Antequera or Estepa. We refer to delicious sweet biscuits, made of lard, that were born in Andalusia and here is where you find their greatest exponent. No one knows how to make the sweet biscuits as the Andalusians. People coming from all over Spain come to this region to buy these biscuits. If you come to this land, do not miss this unique flavor. Cinnamon, almond, lemon or chocolate, you choose the sweet biscuits that best suit you.

The Route of Mantecado: the sweetest taste of Andalucia


Have olive oil for breakfast

olive oil for breakfast - Andalucia

Desayunar aceite de oliva

One of the greatest pleasures you can find in the Andalusian mornings is its breakfast of bread and olive oil. Only in Andalucia will you be able to put the highest quality of our liquid gold into your mouth, since in Andalusian grounds, olive oil is not a product but a way of life. The fields are full of olive trees with magnificent olives and to walk through there awakens the senses. Every dawn sit down to see the Andalusian scenery and have some toast with a splash of oil and a pinch of salt, you will see how you pick up the energy for all your vacation day.

Breakfasts in Andalucia, the healthiest way to start each morning


Variety of coffee

Variety of coffee - Café Central, Málaga

Variedad de cafés

Coffee preparation has a special spot in Andalucia, but it is in Malaga where you can find the largest variety of names. Only in this province you will be able to have a “sombra” (a finger of coffee with milk) or a “nube” (a glass of milk with a little coffee) in addition to other many specialties. There are, even, places where they specify it with pictures and signs because it is a world in which you can get lost. Depending on the milk that is added, with astonishing accuracy in the quantities, it is called one way or another. We recommend that on your visit to Malaga, you sit in one of its many outdoor terraces and order a coffee, a unique way to enjoy the first few hours of the day.

History of the types of coffee in Malaga. Try yours “just right”


Gypsy dresses

Feria de Málaga - Gypsy dresses - Andalucia

Vestidos de gitana

One of the characteristics of Andalucia is the quality of its folklore, its traditions and its regional costumes. Only in these lands will you be able to put a gypsy dress on and play with the colors, polka dots and ruffles. The summer fairs of all the southern towns are filled with joy on seeing all the women who are walking by dressed with this inexcusable symbol, and the men with their short suits and red sashes. This is an image that has been exported abroad, and that many of our visitors are seeking to photograph. Don’t miss this show and dare to put the regional costume on, you can get it at reasonable prices, or even rent it.

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espetos de sardinas - Andalucia

Espetos de sardinas

Skewers are the kings of the summer cuisine and only in Andalusia will you be able to sit at an oceanfront beach bar to taste these sardine “skewers”. Usually it is a boat with coal and wood that hosts these snacks that are stuck in the sand and allowed to cook in the heat of the coals. This fish is tender and tasty; with a splash of lemon it is exquisite. Do not leave the south without sitting in one of these establishments and tasting a skewer accompanied by a cold beer. The sea breeze caresses your face while you have lunch or eat dinner and your senses will rise to the surface with this culinary experience.

Espetos. The sardine ones are a Malaga cuisine classic


Cold summer soups

Gazpacho Andaluz

Gazpacho Andaluz

The high temperatures in summer have made the Andalusians look for ways to cool off at the table. Cold soups are the great summer specialty and you will only be able to find them in Andalusia. The Gazpacho, the salmorejo or the ajoblanco are the three best examples that you will find and the protagonists of all the restaurant menus. A cold bite that is appreciated when the heat is too much as it refreshes you on the inside. You can’t leave these lands without trying one of these three recipes that, in addition, are healthy and nutritious.

Gazpacho and salmorejo, the most famous summer soups in Andalucia


Napping on the beach

Siesta en la playa - Andalucia

Siesta en la playa

The favorite sport in Andalucia after eating in summer is napping on the beach. Although this relaxing break is made all over Spain, it is in Andalucia where it acquires greater significance in the summer because the high temperatures make you have to rest about 45 minutes right after eating, and thus help digestion. The beach is the best of the beds when you arrange your towel and you put yourself under the umbrella. A quick nap while you tan on the Andalusian coast.

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“Romerías” Pilgrimages

El Rocio, Huelva - Crédito editorial: Sergio Sergo /

Romerías – El Rocio, Huelva

The “romerías” pilgrimages are religious journeys that consist of a Catholic holiday where on a journey (in decorated cars, wagons, on horseback or on foot) the faithful go to the sanctuary or shrine ofa Virgin or a Patron Saint of a place, usually located in a rural or mountain setting. Sometimes it is not necessary that it be a journey, but that the holiday lasts a whole day, one morning or one evening. Though it is carried out in other places, only in Andalucia will you be able to live the pilgrimages with genuine fervor. The best known are those of El Rocío and of the Virgen de la Cabeza, every village has its own pilgrimage. Do not hesitate and put on a good pair of riding boots and follow the wagons that will lead you to the venerated image in a cheerful and fun way.

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Hotel Fuerte Conil-Resort

Hotel Fuerte Conil-Resort

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