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If you prefer fresh water do not miss the ten most amazing natural pools of Andalucia

Andalucia is a land that is not only the home of beautiful beaches, but also of excellent natural pools and ponds where to go for a dip in fresh water. Natural surroundings full of vegetation where you can also enjoy the sun and the peace and quiet this summer. Grab pen and paper and jot down the ten natural pools that you should not miss. Charming places to swim in the middle of nature.

  1. El Chorro (Malaga)

El Chorro is a village belonging to Alora next to a dam on the Guadalhorce River, in the province of Málaga. It is one of the main rock climbing centers in Europe as it is located next to Los Gaitanes Gorge where you can also find El Caminito del Rey, known for being notoriously dangerous and also for its beauty. Here you can give yourself a relaxing bath surrounded by breathtaking views.


  1. Bolonia (Cadiz)

Bolonia is a place best known for its fine sand beach and crystal clear waters, what few people know is that a few meters away there is also a natural fresh water pool completely isolated from the world. If you decide to go, do not forget to bring some snacks because there are no facilities and no service areas there. You will have to access walking and on the way you will find this spectacular place surrounded by dunes.

Duna de Bolonia, Cádiz

Duna de Bolonia, Cádiz

  1. Chillar River, Nerja (Malaga)

The nature lovers are well aware of the route through the Chillar River near Nerja, where sports and contact with nature are its main attraction. In one of the ascents of the river is a large water reservoir where the daring hikers make a stop to bathe in this natural pool covered with rocks. In the top part, almost at the end, is another reservoir with waterfalls to cool down in after the exercise. Do not miss this place that will leave you with your mouth open.


  1. Mouth of the Guadalhorce River, Malaga

The Guadalhorce River is a stream full of orange and lemon scents that runs through the heart of Malaga, it gives water to terraced fruit trees and plantations of vegetables and flows into the sea. With its Access on the part of Guadalmar, this natural pool is one of the most comforting of Malaga with a great extension, possessor of great emotions. That final extension makes it possible to swim in a unique atmosphere.

Río Guadalhorce, Málaga

  1. La Playita in Grazalema (Cadiz)

In Zahara de la Sierra, at 20 minutes from Grazalema, is La Playita, a fresh water lake created to enjoy the beach on a field day. The Grazalema mountain range, in Cadiz, is one of the most important natural treasures of Spain both for its environmental value and for its great tradition and culture, an enclave where some of the most beautiful white villages of Andalusia are located. Its vegetation and fauna wealth give the place an enviable environment where, in addition to being in contact with the purest nature, you will be able to give yourself a refreshing dip.

Embalse Zahara de la Sierra.

  1. La balsa de Cela, (Almeria)

It is a thermal water spring located on the boundary of the municipality of Lucar, and at an altitude of 720 meters above sea level. The waters emerge naturally with a constant flow of 42 liters per second and a temperature that is maintained in the different seasons of the year between 22ºC and 24ºC. These waters have medicinal properties for different types of diseases. The neighbors have been responsible for fixing it up with all the details and it even has some stairs to access it. This natural pool goes from 50 centimeters to 2 meters deep.

Balsa de Cela, Almería

  1. Fuente del Río, in Cabra (Cordoba)

Fuente del Río is a natural spot catalogued as a Property of Cultural Interest. The Cabra River is born there, and on its way forms a series of waterfalls, accompanied by artificial fountains and a raft where you can take a relaxing bath. The natural character of a typical spring of the karstic system of the Cabra mountain range, with the ornamental value of gardens and trees, converge in this place. There is no better way to lower the temperature than to swim in these fresh waters that charm all those who visit them.

Fuente del Río, Cabra. Fotografía Wikipedia.

  1. Las Chorreras, Verde River (Granada)

In the Verde River, going down the steep slope of Los Chortales, we will soon find a very quaint place known as “Las Chorreras”, where a waterfall of about 25 meters high falls into a large pothole or panhole where the water becomes gentler. Here you will be able to take a good bath surrounded by walls of limestone rock. From the right of the waterfall you can access to a small hole that has been left between the wall and travertines, inside which are karst formations, stalactites and stalagmites. As for the fauna, of the bird community we should mention species such as the partridge, the kestrel, the finch and the dartford warbler. Among the mammals, the fox.

Río Verde. Fotografía Ditomonte

  1. The Hedionda Casares Baths (Malaga)

Julius Caesar ordered to condition the baths of the Hedionda after verifying the curative properties of its waters. Tens of visitors submerge in them every day and they serve as spa or natural spa to all the neighbors. Its main property is based on the improvement of the skin, and many people with this type of problems have approached this place to improve their pathologies. A natural bath that serves as a therapy for your body and which you cannot miss if you travel to the Costa del Sol this summer.

Casares. Fotografía Daniel Jiménez.

Picture Daniel Jiménez.

  1. Alhama Natural Pools (Granada)

In Alhama there are some free access natural pools that are very requested by the bathers. There are three hot springs: the first which is made of cement is the hottest, right where the water flows at more than 40ºC. The other two below lose some of the temperature but have the advantage of being made with stones from the river itself. It will be very difficult to find the lonely place, as they often have quite an influx of people at all hours, though we recommend that you go first thing in the morning or even before dawn because there is no better gift for your sight to behold as the sun comes out while you are waiting for it quietly immersed in the pools.

Alhama de Granada. Fotografía- antonioml

Picture- antonioml

You know, if what you’re looking for is fresh water do not hesitate to take a dip in one of the ten natural enclaves that will refresh you while nature is embracing you.


The best option to stay if you are looking for peace and quiet and to enjoy nature in one of these natural pools is, undoubtedly, Fuerte Hotels.The chain has establishments where you will able to enjoy, in addition to its services, the best of every point of the Andalusian geography. More than 50 years’ experience is the best guarantee for devoting your time just to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. Marbella, Conil, Grazalema, El Rompido, Estepona or Torrox are some of the enclaves where you can find these amazing accommodations near all of these fresh water pools that we recommend.

Apartamentos Fuerte Calaceite, Torrox - Nerja.

Apartamentos Fuerte Calaceite, Torrox – Nerja.

5 Responses to “If you prefer fresh water do not miss the ten most amazing natural pools of Andalucia”
  1. albert says:

    Sí no han incluido una sola poza del parque natural de Cazorla es porque no tienen ni idea de lo q es una auténtica maravilla del agua entre la Naturaleza. Según varias publicaciones tienen 3 de las 10 mejores de España

    • Buenas Albert, quizás el titular es demasiado pretencioso. En este caso queríamos recoger piscinas naturales de diferentes lugares de Andalucía, por lo que hemos intentado que estuvieran representadas algunas de las mejores.

  2. raquel says:

    frecuento muchisimo la zona de bolonia porque vivo muy cerca, nunca he oido hablar de ninguna poza de agua dulce alli, he mirado el mapa de como llegar, pero solo especifica como llegar a bolonia, seria posible que me informen de como acceder a esta poza de agua dulce que publicitan aqui???, gracias.

    • Fuerte Hoteles says:

      Estimada Raquel

      Desde el chiringuito Los caracoles teine que andar unos 30 ó 40 minutos hacia Valdevaqueros para encontrarlas. Hay que ir con la marea alta para disfrutarlas.


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