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The 18 Michelin Star restaurants in Andalucia

There are ever more Michelin star restaurants in Andalusia. This is the fruit of chefs trained in haute cuisine. Professionals who perfectly combine the best of gastronomic tradition and innovation. Winning a Michelin start is no easy task. There are many requirements to be met.

The design of the dishes, their presentation, the flavours, the textures, good service, suitable premises… and the best market produce. It all counts when it comes to becoming a Michelin star restaurant. Michelin star restaurants in Andalusia offer us a varied sample of fine dining in the region, each with its own philosophy.

They research old and new products, recreate traditional recipes, and invent new flavours and textures. The aim of the best restaurants in Andalusia is for the patrons to take their seas and enjoy a multisensorial experience. Sating the appetite with good taste, delicacy and flavours that enter through all our senses.

Here is the list of the 18 Michelin star restaurants in Andalusia:


1. Restaurant Dani Garcia with chef Dani García, Marbella (Málaga)

Restaurante Dani Garcia Marbella

The intimate decor with floral motifs creates an elegant atmosphere mixed with the fantasy of Alice in Wonderland in this Marbella restaurant. “Once Upon A Time” is the name of the menu with both new dishes and updated classics by chef Dani García, blending Andalucian tradition and current trends. You can try its famous cherry gazpacho, Málaga suckling goat, gazpachuelo with whiting and sea snails, ajogazpacho with crab and cochifrito, among other delicacies. If you prefer to experience a variety of tastes, you can opt for the tasting menu which includes the chef’s new dishes for 2014 where the finest palates can try stew with mint and caviar, Motril shrimp, citric gazpachuelo with cauliflower and sea snails, and a “non-birthday” cake to put the finishing touch to an unforgettable evening.

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2. Restaurant Abantal with chef Julio Fernandez, Seville

Michelin star restaurants in Andalucia - Restaurant Abantal, Seville

In the beautiful city of Seville is the restaurant Abantal, a minimalist modern space made with cold materials, such as granite and steel, in combination with warm and noble ones, such as oak, all of which makes this a lovely place to be. But the really important place is the kitchen under the management of chef Julio Fernandez which mixes traditional ingredients with other more daring ones, evoking sensory Arabic experiences. If you come here, you can try the Iberian pork and acorn salad marinated with cherries, walnuts and raisins, or carpaccio of red tuna belly with roasted vegetable gazpacho and Xerez vinegar ice cream. Unusual Andalucian dishes which provide a tribute to your palate which you can round off with an exceptional dessert: foie yoghurt on peach compote.

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3. Restaurant El Lago with chef Diego del Río, Marbella (Málaga)

Restaurante El Lago Marbella

Under the guidance of chef Diego del Rio is the restaurant El Lago in Marbella which, in addition to the exquisite cuisine which has been awarded a Michelin star, boasts amazing views. Located in the area of Elviria, it is surrounded by a beautiful lake and golf course which are easy on the eye and clearly demonstrate the essence of the Costa del Sol. At night, lighting plays an important role in this delight for the senses. The kitchen continuously mixes Andalucian products where the most appropriate preparation technique is applied for each different texture and flavour. On this Michelin route we offer, we invite you to try the tuna tartar with ajoblanco de Kimchi and crisp apple and quinoa, as well as shoulder of suckling lamb, vegetable tabbouleh and soy and orange yoghurt. As for desserts, the selection of Andalucian cheeses will not disappoint.

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4. Restaurant Choco with chef Kisko García, Córdoba

Michelin star restaurants in Andalucia - Restaurant Choco with chef Kisko García, Córdoba

Kisko Garcia’s technique is his restaurant Choco is based on highly-developed skill. The façade of the building is made of wood which gives it an atmosphere of warmth, and lets you imagine quite vividly the signature cuisine inside. The Cordoba spirit is reflected in dishes like local mazamorra with Huelva white shrimp and flying fish roe. Mazamorra is another Andalucian cold soup, a tradition in Córdoba, which differs from the local salmorejo as it has no tomato; it is made with bread, garlic, vinegar, oil and salt. The Iberian oyster with ham broth and Moroccan lemon is another dish that you can enjoy if you like seafood. This locale has its own workshop and they even make the bread consumed in the restaurant. A wise culinary choice if you decide to travel to the south of Spain.

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5. Restaurant Jose Carlos García, Muelle Uno, in Port of Málaga

Restaurant Jose Carlos García, Málaga port

For chef José Carlos Gracía, good cooking runs in the family. Since childhood, he has used the cookers his parents used, and has managed to run his establishment with the essence of the traditional and the cutting edge of new techniques in the kitchen. An imaginative creative force constantly looking for new flavours with a restaurant nestled in the privileged port of Málaga overlooking the boats and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Feel free to stop by this place and give a treat to your palate. Do not miss the egg with potato foam and nuts, often recommended by the top food magazines.

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6. Restaurant Skina with chefs Marcos Granda, Hideaki Yoshioka and Jaume Puigdengolas, Marbella (Málaga)

Restaurante Skina, Marbella

Also in Marbella is another Michelin star restaurant which is an genuine treat for the senses. It is Skina, under the management of chefs Marcos Granda, Hideaki Yoshioka and Jaume Puigdengolas. This establishment in the historic centre of the city has an intimate nature with room for only 14 diners. Its cuisine is based on a mixture of contrasts between Andalucian cuisine and the latest tastes. If you come to Marbella, eat at this restaurant and try its traditional Andalucian menu where you can enjoy, among other dishes, white Málaga garlic with white shrimp and figs, Málaga cuttlefish with dried rice, or the classic French toast with banana ice cream.

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7. Restaurant Aponiente with chef Ángel León, El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz)

Restaurante Aponiente Cadiz

With an exquisite seaside decor and a paper boat symbolizing the “crew” in charge of the kitchen, chef Ángel León has dropped anchor in the Port of Santa Maria. Its salty cuisine brings the best of the sea to the table. We strongly recommend this very special enclave of fine dining where you can enjoy dishes such as clam marinara over breadcrumbs, mackerel cooked in its own fat or cheese and miso.

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8. Restaurant La Costa, El Ejido (Almería)

Restaurante La Costa, El Ejido

The restaurant La Costa in Almería has a large team of professionals. It includes three separate rooms. The tavern offers tapas, the informal dining area allows you to enjoy creative cuisine, and finally, the tasting room has a selection of popular dishes to try. Among the best-known recipes are the courgette millefeuille of El Ejido with foie gras, porcini and mi-cui or red prawn carpaccio from the Almeria coastline with extra virgin olive oil and olive pulp.

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9. Restaurant Alejandro, Roquetas de Mar (Almería)

Restaurante Alejandro, Roquetas de Mar

Known only by his first name, chef Alejandro is passionate about the sea and its products, offering simple cuisine based on respect for raw materials and the legacy of the traditional local cuisine. Fowl egg with sea anemones “en ajopollo”, razor shells and roasted vegetables with a citrus glaze and migas de pastor or Bresse Pigeon pastilla with almonds are some recipes you can try on this unique route with Michelin star restaurants in Andalucia.

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10. Restaurante Kabuki Raw, Casares (Malaga)

Restaurante Kabuki Raw, Casares (Malaga)

Kabuki Raw is another of the Michelin star restaurants in Andalucia. It belongs to the Kabuki Group and is located at Finca Cortesín, on carretera de Casares, between Marbella and Sotogrande. The first Michelin star was awarded to this restaurant in the 2015 edition of the famous guide, with another such distinction in 2017.

Among the red and black hues of the decor of Kabuki Raw, Chef Luis Olarra develops a fusion cuisine of traditional Malagan dishes and the classic orthodox Japanese dishes that are Kabuki’s hallmark.

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11. Restaurante Noor, Cordoba

Restaurante Noor, Cordoba

Noor is the personal project of the Cordoban chef Paco Morales. Its fusion between old Al-Andalus cuisine and innovation was essential to obtaining its first Michelin star in 2017. Paco Morales’s philosophy at his restaurant is to recover and reinterpret Andalusí cuisine with a state-of-the-art vision and under the premise of haute cuisine. His aim is to offer patrons a full gastronomic experience by innovatively recreating the banquets of the Medina Azahara Palace in the 10th century. None of his proposals include dishes prepared with ingredients from after the discovery of America. Potatoes, peppers, tomatoes and chocolate are not on his menus.

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12. Restaurante Sollo, Fuenguirola (Malaga)

Restaurante Sollo, Fuenguirola (Malaga)

This is the restaurant of Chef Diego Gallegos, also known as the “Caviar Chef.” In addition to a Michelin star, he won the Chef Revelación Madrid Fusion 2015 award, putting him in with the best restaurants in Andalucia. His philosophy is that of an aquaculture-based sustainable cuisine. He has transformed caviar into a star product by recovering Andalucian sturgeon. He has reinvented traditional Andalucian cuisine by introducing freshwater fish and leaving out pork. He has created new concepts through the use of innovative processes. All his proposals are prepared with regional produce of the highest quality.

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13. Restaurante Messina, Marbella (Malaga)

Restaurante Messina, Marbella (Malaga)

This is the restaurant of Mauricio Giovanini, an Argentine who opened his establishment in Marbella in 2003. He was awarded his first Michelin star in 2016 and obtained this prized distinction again in 2017. This chef’s gastronomic proposals are characterised by their natural juices. Mauricio knows that the real flavour is in the liquid part of vegetables. His creations also stand out for their natural thickeners. He prepares them from dried fruit and nuts, and the collagen he extracts from fish and meat. This is how his own gelatines are created.

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14. Restaurante Acanthum, Huelva

Restaurante Acanthum, Huelva

This is the restaurant of Chef Xanty Elías, an expert in and promotor of Huelvan gastronomy, who put Huelva in the Michelin guide. His gastronomic proposal is based on tradition and excellent Huelvan produce from the sea and the land. A 100% Huelvan creative cuisine. A wide range of flavours and textures. A fusion of multiple influences. Tradition, creative innovation and the best produce from the province of Huelva are his hallmarks.

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15. Lú Cocina y Alma, Jerez de la Frontera (Novedad)

Lú Cocina y Alma, Jerez de la Frontera

Restaurant of Jerez chef Juan Luis Fernández Fernández. This is his first solo project after 10 years as Gastronomic Director at Aponiente. The premises, designed by the famous interior designer, Gaspar Sobrino, are quite spectacular. This restaurant’s proposal is to cook in a new universe, in which flavours unite in an unexpected way in order to give birth to new dishes that are incorporated into menus such as “Follow the white rabbit” and “Happy Unbirthday.” We recommend the crab royale with sauce gribiche in manteca colorá and Huelva prawns with a sauce made from their own coral. Another spectacular detail are the personalised acorn-shaped bruschetta.

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16. Bagá, Jaén

Bagá, Jaén

Pedro Sánchez Jaén began his solo journey on 15th September, after 16 years at the helm of the kitchen at Casa Antonio Restaurant, having previously been at famous kitchens such as Relais Chateau Chateau de Bagnols (France), Martín Berasategui (Lasarte) and Dani Garcia’s Tragabuches (Ronda). Bagá is Pedrito’s, also known as Pedro Sánchez Jaén, gastronomic space. Here you will find a full dynamic menu which each week incorporates new dishes. This restaurant is just like a typical French bistro, with a maximum number of 15 diners. Here you will find delicious dishes like baby boat kidney with caviar and sea anemone gazpachuelo.

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17. Alevante, Chiclana de la Frontera – Novo Sancti Petri (Cádiz)

Alevante, Chiclana de la Frontera

Alevante is an establishment with a clear focus on the sea. The Chef of the Sea’s team perfectly executes Aponiente’s great successes. This restaurant is for normal occasions with a special hue. With capacity for 30 people and open for dinner service, exclusivity is guaranteed. You will also find a wine cellar with over 100 wines chosen to pair with sea flavours.

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18. Bardal, Ronda (Málaga)

Bardal, Ronda

For many the name Benito Gómez and his Ronda Bardal may seem new. Bardal’s cuisine is a refuge for more traditional flavours, which is why his culinary proposal is based on two tasting menus: Bardal and Gran Bardal. The dishes with their fine brines, such as oyster and spinach with butter and hazelnut, or casseroles such as free range chicken stew with mushrooms and sausage. Its gastronomic proposal is very ambitious which is why he offers a splendid wine cellar with a wide range of Andalusian wines.

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