Como llegar a Grazalema

Travel to Grazalema. A Cádiz village with personality

Grazalema is located right in the heart of the White Village Route and inside the Natural Park of the same name. This small Cádiz village is curiously the only village in Cádiz where it snows. Today, it is one of the main destinations for rural tourism in Cádiz province, since this locality is visited by tourists who want to spend a weekend in nature or relaxing.

Here you will find out all you need to know, see and enjoy in this wonderful village that we are sure you will fall in love with.





llegar a Grazalema en coche

The only way to get to this village is by motorway, since the nearest airport is in Jerez de la Frontera, which is 80 miles away, and if you come by train, the nearest station in Ronda, just 19 miles away.

We recommend you rent a car if you don’t have your own, but be careful, especially in winter, because it is a mountain motorway and sometimes chains need to be used.

5 ways to get to Grazalema, a natural destination between Cádiz and Málaga




Church of Our Lady of Aurora

Grazalema - Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Aurora

This church is located on Plaza de España and was built in the 18th century. It is the most representative church of Grazalema. Though it is now in ruins and the interior cannot be seen, all its beauty can be seen from outside. Also, if you take a seat on the square, you can perfectly enjoy its simple Neo-classical façade.

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Church of the Incarnation

Grazalema - Iglesia de la Encarnación

Also located on Plaza de España, but next to the Town Hall, is the Church of the Incarnation, one of the village’s main churches. It stands on an ancient Muslim building and consists of several side chapels and three naves. Its façade is Baroque. Its interior is particularly outstanding and home to works of art of such calibre as the image of St. Athanasius dating from the early 17th century.

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Museum of Textile Arts and Crafts

Grazalema - Museo de Artesanía Textil

This museum is located on the motorway connecting Ubrique and Ronda. This interpretation centre reminds us of the origins of this textile industry and reproduces the loom work done back then. Inside this centre you can find arts and crafts made and manual looms that were used for this purpose.

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WHAT DO TO in Grazalema

Grazalema is an amazing place for hiking, horse riding or cycling. When following these routes, we recommend you visit Pinsapar, Salto del Cabrero or Garganta Verde.

We also recommend you enjoy the famous White Village Route. These villages are distinguished for the limestone wash on their façades. You can also visit the city of Tajo, since it is a mere 19 miles from away


Grazalema - artesanía

Here it is traditional to buy arts and crafts. The woven baskets are particularly famous and can be bought in small private workshops and in shops. But the most characteristic souvenir is actually the blankets made from pure sheep’s wool.


gastronomia local

When we talk about gastronomy, it is important to highlight Grazalema soup, which is made with caldo del puchero, mint leaves, bread, egg and chorizo. As an aperitif, delicious cold cuts or cured pork are a must, along with payoya goat’s cheese.

Where to eat


La Garrocha

Located on Plaza Pequeña, this is a restaurant with local specials, such as trout, game, seasonal vegetables, etc… Not forgetting, of course, Grazalema soup and Iberian pork sirloin.

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Cádiz el Chico Restaurant

On the central Plaza de España you will find Cádiz el Chico Restaurant, the perfect place to try the best mountain gastronomy. It also has original dishes, such as acorn tart and baked venison. A characteristic aspect of this place is the wine menu, which is extensive with over 80 wines.

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Mirador El Tajo de Grazalema

We also recommend Mirador El Tajo de Grazalema, which you will find on Avenida del Tajo. It is one of the best-known restaurants and is almost inside the mountain, so its views are another reason to visit. Its cuisine is based, above all, on barbecues and meats.

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Grazalema - Noche

Grazalema does not have a lively night life, since it is a small traditional village, but visitors do have several small bars and pubs to choose from to have a drink. While it is quiet at night, the village does liven up on Sunday mornings.


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Where to stay

Hotel Fuerte Grazalema

Hotel Fuerte Grazalema

If you travel to Grazalema, where better to stay than Fuerte Grazalema Hotel. The hotel has 77 rooms with private balcony and spectacular views of the Guadalete Valley. Among the most praised services are the outdoor pool and jacuzzi with views of the Grazalema Sierra. Its 60 plus years of experience are the best guarantee.

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