Feria San Bernabé Marbella 2019

Basic guide for attending the San Bernabé Fair in Marbella

The San Bernabé Fair is one of the most important and traditional festivals of the capital of the Costa del Sol and is celebrated every year during the month of June. San Bernabé is an expected and colourful event that together with Carmen in July, is one of the most anticipated and felt by the citizens. The Marbella fair is one of the festivals with the greatest Andalusian flavour, where the flamenco dresses are part of the celebration. Inhabitants and foreigners mingle to enjoy dancing, music, good food and good food, for a whole week.

Living the festivities of San Bernabé in Marbella is the perfect opportunity to also get to know the “more traditional” side of the town, the most ideal place to get an idea of the Marbella of yesteryear, before the tourist boom.


The 2019 Marbella Fair

The Marbella Fair is celebrated this year between June 5 and 11. Before, on Sunday, June 3, the traditional Pilgrimage of San Bernabé took place.

The pilgrimage usually starts early in the morning, with the launching of rockets announcing the departure from Casa Hermandad. After this they usually offer a free tasting of churros with chocolate to all attendees.

The procession in pilgrimage to the Ermita de San Bernabé begins at 9:00 am. The itinerary is as follows: Romero de San Bernabé Brotherhood House, Trapiche Avenue, Mayorazgo Avenue, José Luis Morales Street, Pinsapo Street, Calvario Street, Cánovas del Castillo Avenue, Camino del Pinar, Buchinger Street, ending in the pine forest of Nagüeles. After this the mass of pilgrims is celebrated from the Ermita del San Bernabé.

At noon, the ludic festive activities begin in Pinar de Nagüeles, here you can enjoy dances, a popular paella offered by the City Council and to finish there is also a dance contest between the flamenco schools.


2019 Marbella Fair’s program

Feria San Bernabé Marbella 2019


Tuesday, June 5th:

  • Start of activities in the fair enclosure at night, with the opening of the fairground attractions and youth houses, lightand traditional.
  • Traditional Municipal House: dance in charge of the Orchestra evening.
  • Acts of inauguration of fair in the Francisco Cuevas Blanco park.

Wednesday, June 6th:

  • Inauguration of the fair by day, in the arch located in the Alameda Park, next to the Virgen del Rocio source.
  • Performance of the academies of dance on the stage located at C/ Juan Ruiz (Avd del Mar), with the participation of the following academies:
    “Marbella with children” in the Auditorium of the enclosure Ferial La Cañada an exclusive show full of fun and entertainment with various activities aimed at children.
  • The attractions of the exhibition opening.

Thursday, June 7th

  • Opening of the bars at Parque de la Alameda and on Avenida del Mar
  • New performances of dance academies in the same scenarios and with the same time of the previous day.
  • Opening the enclosure of the fair at night and its attractions at 19:00.
  • Contest of schools of dance in the Auditorium of the fairgrounds at 20:00
  • Contest of local groups in the aforementioned Auditorium, at23:00.

Friday, June 8th

  • Opening of the bars at Parque de la Alameda and on Avenida del Mar
  • Evening performances at the Auditorium of the trade fairgrounds, which shall be as follows:
  • Concert EVA PINERO at the Auditorium of the trade fairgrounds, at 22:30. Free entrance.
  • Demarco Flamenco concert, in the Auditorium of the Recinto Ferial (Free admittance until reaching maximum occupancy).

Saturday, June 9th

  • Opening of the bars at Parque de la Alameda and on Avenida del Mar.
  • Concert of “La Década Prodigiosa“, in the traditional Municipal booth of the exhibition site.  (Free admittance until reaching maximum occupancy).
  • Concert “Siniestro Total” and “No me pises que llevo chanclas” in the Auditorium of the trade fairgrounds.  (Free admittance until reaching maximum occupancy).

Sunday, June 10th

  • Opening of the bars at Parque de la Alameda and on Avenida del Mar.
  • DAMAE performance in traditional municipal booth.
  • Concert of “Antonio José”, in the Auditorium of the fairgrounds (Free admittance until reaching maximum occupancy).

Monday, June 11th

  • Religious and civil acts.
  • Opening of the bars at Parque de la Alameda and on Avenida del Mar, at 1:00 p.m.
  • Concert of “SIEMPRE ASÍ“, in Avda Ramon y Cajal (Free admittance until reaching maximum occupancy).


Queens and Ladies of The San Bernabé Holidays

Reinas y Damas de las Fiestas de San Bernabé

In Marbella, during those days, several and varied activities are developed, both in the Day Fair and in the Night Fair. A few weeks before the Fair opens, the traditional contest to choose the Queens and the Ladies of the San Bernabé Festival takes place.

In this edition the winner is Laura Hernández Tejero, who will be the Junior Queen and will be accompanied by Karen Cuenca Velasco, Mercedes Calderón Carrillo, Amina Karima Boukhalfa and Paula Vázquez Alba as ladies.

How to get there

Mapa Feria de noche, San Bernabé Marbella

During daytime, the Fair takes place in Parque de la Alameda and on Avenida del Mar.

Google Maps

At night, the Fair takes place at Recinto Ferial La Cañada Fase III.

Google Maps


1. Free bus

Transport services for the movement of citizens and visitors, from different points of our city to the fairground at night(the Canadian phase III).

Opening hours: from 5 to 11 June, will be 18.00-03.00 hours except in the following cases:

  • Wednesday, June 6, 17.00-03.00 hours special service.
  • Special night service for Friday 8th, Saturday 9 and Sunday, June 10.

These days will have a bus service that will expand the completion of your journey up to 6.00 hours.

  1. Shell Petrol Station (Bus Station). Google Maps
  2. Avda. Cánovas del Castillo (El Cenit housing development). Google Maps
  3. Avda. Ricardo Soriano (El Pirulí). Google Maps
  4. Avda. Ricardo Soriano (Zona 7 Puertas- Unicaja). Google Maps
  5. Avda. Severo Ochoa (Marbell Center building). Google Maps
  6. Travesía Huerta de los Cristales (Eroski). Google Maps
  7. C/ Vázquez Clavel (‘El Punto’). Google Maps
  8. C/ Serenata (Mercadona). Google Maps
  9. The fair venue. Google Maps

From 6:00 p.m. to 03:00 a.m., the City Council of Marbella also puts into operation a train that departs from Parque Comercial La Cañada and from Av.José Manuel Vallés (next to the Valle Azul building.)



You can opt to leave your car at the Las Albarizas lots, where the Town Hall has provided a mini-train service as far as El Real that is also free and that has a pick-up point in the vicinity where avenida José Manuel Vallés ends. From La Cañada to the feria site, access is by foot or by the public transport means provided only.

Google Maps



Basic guide for attending the San Bernabé Fair in Marbella: San Bernabé

The San Bernabé fiestas pay homage year after year to the Patron Saint of Marbella. Leisure, fun, the coming together of locals and a good atmosphere take over the city on these fiesta days. San Bernabé Day is also Carmen Day, one of the more important times of the year for Marbella.

These fiestas commemorate the Reconquest of Marbella by the Catholic Monarchs in 1485. During this week of the Fair, locals, as well as tourists and visitors, have the chance to enjoy traditional and colourful Andalusian fiestas.


The Fair

Basic guide for attending the San Bernabé Fair in Marbella: Feria

For one week, booths and cachorros take over Marbella and the old quarter and fair site display colourful flags. People wear traditional dress and both tourists and locals enjoy the picturesque charm of traditional Andalusian fiestas. The programming is varied and fun, and includes shows, processions, processions carrying the Virgin, events and performances of all kinds.

The large amount of people who come to this event creates a great atmosphere, with the streets full of life and colour and everyone having fun, but on the other hand, a couple of little things should be taken into account in order to enjoy the fair as much as possible: June is usually pretty hot so it is best to have a hat and bottle of water to hand. As always, when there are many people, there can be pickpockets. These are isolated and infrequent cases, but not carrying much money and paying attention are two simple precautions that can be very useful.


Sampling the tapas booths

Basic guide for attending the San Bernabé Fair in Marbella: Tapeo de Feria


All that dancing will make you hungry and thirsty and, if the rest of the year we tend to eat traditional Andalusian and Mediterranean cuisine, this is even more pronounced during the San Bernabé Fair. Horse riders and people proudly wearing Gitana dress are now as popular as Spanish omelette, fried fish and churros with hot chocolate when the fair is over.


Historia Jamon


Bear in mind, too, that people do not have a meal at the Feria, but rather snack and for this the Iberian pork products are the best choice. But everyone knows that there are two culinary stars: ham and cheese. We eat with our hands and you should try the Costa del Sol’s seafood delicacies.

Dinner is done well at the Fair. Everyone enjoys El Real, the booths and meeting up with friends, and the customary small sandwiches are savoured, especially by the little ones. The adults, for their part, can try a wide range of small sandwiches accompanied by fried peppers.


Basic guide for attending the San Bernabé Fair in Marbella: Chocolate con churros

Eating is a serious business at the Fair that stretches far into the night. When the lights go off and the day begins, people say goodbye over churros with hot chocolate or delicious fritters. They never go hungry.




All this is washed down with a refreshing drink, since this time of year is usually pretty hot in Marbella. The most traditional way to cool down is with a glass of beer or manzanilla or fino sherry. You can also try a traditional drink: rebujito, which is made with fino sherry and Seven Up. Whatever method you choose, remember to drink in moderation so you can enjoy the Fair with all your senses sharpened.


Don’t forget Marbella!


There is a lot more to see in Marbella aside from the San Bernabé Fair. Bear in mind that on these days the city is empty as everyone goes to the Fair, so it can be the perfect time to enjoy Marbella’s monuments or get lost in the city’s streets.


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