chiringuitos El Rompido

Go to beach bars in El Rompido is one of the most pleasurable activities you can do during your vacation. You will enjoy the delicious delicacies of Huelva Chiringuitos and the wonderful natural surroundings of its coastline. El Rompido Restaurants and beach bars serve you the best seafood and fish of the Atlantic, as well […]

Churros, the most traditional recipe in Andalucia

Donde comer churros en Marbella

What traveller visiting the South of Spain has not tried a chocolate with churros? And the fact is that for ages it has been said that there is nothing more native than a good and warm cup of chocolate with a good bunch of churros to dip in it. And although it is believed that […]

Restaurants in El Rompido and its surrounding area that prepare the most authentic rice dishes


Huelva province has four stars that shine with their own light. Ham, seafood, strawberries and, of course, rice. Rice is a luxury that may not be greatly appreciated, but it is necessary to recognise that, with the exception of bread, there is no other food that is more popular and about which more has been […]

Guide to the best vegetarian restaurants on the Costa de la Luz


Whether it is because you are rethinking your relationship with animals or just because you feel like trying one of the most fashionable gastronomic trends today, let us just say that there is a whole world beyond the mass consumption of tofu and lentil burgers. So if you’re vegetarian, vegan or just enjoy good food, […]

Chiringuitos (beach restaurants) in Conil and its surrounding area worth a getaway

Chiringuito playa

Both Conil and its surrounding area are a dreamy place, and more so in summer. Quality gastronomy, a nice atmosphere, the pleasant typical politeness of its people and, of course, an enviable climate make the beach restaurants (chiringuitos) one of the best reasons for claiming some Atlantic sand. We’re not just saying that, since even […]

Huelva strawberries: all you need to know about the ‘queen of fruits’

fresas 2

If Huelva is known for something, in addition to its extraordinary, beautiful panoramic views, it is for its exquisite gastronomic offering. In the magic triangle of the Huelva table, strawberries are the third vertex along with prawns and ham. Huelva is the best and largest European strawberry producer. This is thanks to the fact that […]

Conil, surroundings and the best paella of the Cádiz province


There is no other food more universal than rice and no other dish as familiar as the Paella, because it’s an elaboration to everybody’s reach. It is so common, there are so many places that make it so good, that there are full guide and frequent routes. There could be recommendations of establishments for each […]

The 18 best tapas bars and restaurants in Ronda

Ronda Tapas

If you are not visiting Ronda, you will never know what they taste like because the most typical Andalusian cuisine is present in every bar or restaurant. Whatever your taste may be, Ronda has a wide variety of establishments and restaurants focused on tourists and popular among locals. We are travelling to the beautiful city […]

7 Chiringuitos (beach bars) in Nerja and Torrox Costa where you will lick your fingers.


In Málaga, chiringuitos (beach bars) or outdoor restaurants, like they are also called, are a very important part of the summer. For Malagans these beachfront restaurants are places of fun meetings and delicious cuisine. Almost obligated stops to enjoy of beach moments, sun and beers on the very same sand. In the Málaga coast, the […]

7 traditional winter dishes in Andalucia


The Spanish food of the Costa del Sol is not limited to spit and little fish, traditional Andalusian food culture is rich and varied and at this time, nothing better than warm recipes to take care of the throat and comfort the body. We teach you seven traditional winter dishes of Andalucia, that also take […]

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