Ruta murales Estepona - Regando el jardin

Route of Artistic Murals: paintings to turn Estepona into a museum city

To visit Estepona in recent years is to visit the capital of urban art, since its facades have gone from being a simple structure that gave entity to dwellings to being a true open-air museum. Estepona now has 50 murals on its streets. The proposal, which began in 2012, has become a point of reference in urban art. Strolling through the different neighbourhoods and zones that house in its buildings a firm commitment to art and culture that offers the visitor the chance to visit different neighbourhoods of the municipality while enjoying works of high quality and originality. So, this list of things to see in Estepona is from what was christened the ‘Murals Route’:


4 M

Route of Artistic Murals - 4 M.

This mural is the work of the artist Miguel González, from Malaga, and represents a ten meter high impressionist portrait of the actress Scarlett Johansson. The painter has dedicated a big portion of his career to portraits, that is why he decided to make this project in 2010 in the facade of the Los Claveles building, on Cristo del Amor street. Considering its size, the real-life look of the eyes and the volume of the lips are truly outstanding.

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Reflejos del Jardín (Reflections of the garden)

Route of Artistic Murals - Reflejos del Jardín

Next to the Orchidarium we find a work from hyperrealism painter José Fernandez Ríos, a beautiful double mural representing palm trees and bouganvillae. It is one of the murals that better blends to its surroundings, because of its realism, it looks as if it were part of the building.

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Madre amorosa y la mirada de un niño (Loving mother and the look of a child)

Route of Artistic Murals - Madre amorosa y la mirada de un niño

It consists on two murals painted in two buildings of the Barriada Primavera neighborhood, from the artist Francisco Alarcón. In Both creations, which feature shades of gray, white and black, the artist wanted to pay homage to the mother figure, on the one side, and to the creativity of the children and the importance of the learning artistic language in the personal development, on the other side.
The realism of the children’s faces is amazing.

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Ángel el Buceador (Angel the diver)

Route of Artistic Murals - Ángel el Buceador

Work of the French artist Eric Aman. The modern style work represents a young person wearing a bathing suit that traverses the brick wall to enter the building’s facade.
The artist, among other awards, has received the Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Sylvester, is a Knight of the Italian Republic and a member of the International Modern Arts Academy of Rome. It is one of the most original works because it plays with the sense of space at it looks as the diver is really coming out of the building.

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La Casa de la Buena Gente (The house of the good people)

Route of Artistic Murals - La Casa de la Buena Gente

This 80 square meter mural from the artist Conchi Álvarez represents characters from the neighborhood, besides being and interactive work where people can play with their perspective to look as if they were part of it when being photographed next to it.

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Azul y Mar, emociones líquidas (Blue and Sea, liquid emotions)

Route of Artistic Murals - Azul y Mar, emociones líquidas

Work from the local artist Javier Infantes. The themes of the work are the sea, the water, the blue from the sky, the horizon, light and its reflections, and is inspired by the melancholy and the longing for Estepona felt by the author, who has lived in New York since 2007. It is made over wood with acrylic paints protected by a special resin.

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Siglo XXI (21st century)

Route of Artistic Murals - Siglo XXI

Mural by Néstor Prada representing landmark places of Estepona such as the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios (Chuch of Our Lady of the Remedies), the Sierra Mermeja, the sea and the produce from the land.

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La poda de la Buganvilla (Prunning of the bouganvillae)

Route of Artistic Murals - La poda de la Buganvilla

It is a mural covering an area of 300 square meters that occupies four facades of the school building, by the artist José Fernández Ríos, from Jaén. It represents, in hyperrealism, a gardener taking care of a bouganvillie, looking for the visual of effect of “confusion”, given that, for the pedestrians, the gardener looks as a real person.

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Fundación Antonia Guerrero (Antonia Guerrero Foundation)

Route of Artistic Murals - Fundación Antonia Guerrero

From the artist Joaquín Aguilera, a homage to Antonia Guerrero and her work in favor of the education of the women of Estepona. The mural represents the image of a child going up the staircase of the Iglesia de los Remedios (Church of the Remedies), with the ascension up the stairs resembling the levels of education one acquires through life. The doves of the upper portion represent the freedom attained by women. There is also a bust that pays homage to Antonia Guerrero.

It is good to know the mural’s explanation, given that it is difficult to identify the levels of depth of the things represented in it.

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Tiempos de Claridad (Times of clarity)

Route of Artistic Murals - Tiempos de Claridad

Mural by the artist Ana Cecilia Salinas that pays homage to the city’s natural landscapes. It was made in two perspectives. It is a beautiful and colorful mural that represents the landscape seen from a window. Unfortunately, for the mural to fit perfectly it has to be looked at from a higher perspective, which is why from the street it looks a bit out of perspective.

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La Huerta de Irene (Irene’s vegetable garden)

Route of Artistic Murals - La Huerta de Irene

A colorist painting by Encarna de Hoyos, artist from Estepona, where agriculture and several yellow chicks are the main characters.

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Aires de Música (Airs of music)

Route of Artistic Murals - Aires de Música

This mural pays homage to the Banda Municipal de Música (Municipal Music Band) for its 75th anniversary and represents various instruments and musical notes to pay tribute to the work made by he municipality to maintain the band since its early beginnings. Its has been painted in a building of the San Fernando square by the artist Blanca Larrauri. It takes up the entire height of the building, forcing us to step back in order to completely appreciate it.

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Almas del Mar (Souls of the sea)

Route of Artistic Murals - Almas del Mar

Another work by Blanca Larrauri. This mural, located in a building in the prolongation of Avenida San Lorenzo, is a homage to the sea nature of Estepona. Without a doubt, in a coastal city such as Estepona, it was necessary to have a mural such as this, which would feature the sea origins of the land. One of the best characteristic s of this mural is the boat reflected in the water.

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Regando el jardín (Watering the garden)

Route of Artistic Murals - Regando el jardín

The artist, José Fernández Ríos, realistically recreates a young girl playing in a garden while watering the tree planted on the street. Together with “Día de pesca (Fishing day)”, this is one of the most eye-catching murals of the entire route because of its originality, size and realism. You would definitely want to take a picture of yourself under the water that comes out of the hose.

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La Venus

Route of Artistic Murals - La Venus

Artistic mural covering an area of 120 square meters, by artist Ana Cecilia Salinas, which includes a prehistoric statue known as “La Venus” (the Venus) of Estepona.

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Keep on tracking

Route of Artistic Murals - Keep on tracking

Work by artist Juan Abia Presa, also known as “Nano4814”. This work combines figurative and abstract art and introduces street art and graffiti. “Keep on tracking” is an expression that might mean “walking with steady feet”, although considering the legs of the “thing” it is very doubtful its walk is steady and stable. It was painted over an eight story building in La Mantilla street, in the neighborhood of Mar y Sierra, and it was sponsored by the Council of Malaga through a 10.000 euro collaboration.

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Día de pesca (Fishing day)

Route of Artistic Murals - Día de pesca

Mural done by the artist José Fernández Ríos. It occupies the facade of six buildings of this emblematic neighborhood, for a total area of almost 1.000 square meters, which makes it the largest artistic mural in Spain. It was made with exterior acrylic paints and varnish, using the trompe l’oeil technique to play with different perspectives and recreate a sequence in which the fisherman throws the fishing rod and catches a fish.

Without a doubt, these is the crown jewel of the route. It is amazing the precision with which the artist managed to align the facades of the 5 buildings to make on piece.

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Estepona Bermeja (Auburn Estepona)

Route of Artistic Murals - Estepona Bermeja

30 meter artistic mural by the artist Ana Cecilia Salinas. It is work allegoric to the city where there are also references to the world of chess due to its closeness to the “Plaza del Ajedrez” (Chess Square).
The predominant color is auburn, a shade that resembles the ground of the Sierra Bermeja.

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Pasen y Vean (Come and see)

Route of Artistic Murals - Pasen y Vean

Work of the local artist Elena Aguilera in collaboration with the painters Alejandro García and Manuel Aguilera. This creation, located at the Goya street, has as a theme the circus world and the childhood, and it is noticeable because of its ethereal aesthetics and the moving feel it provides through the representation of trapeze artists performing stunts under the circus tent. The work mixes very diffused shades of acrylic and oil paints over a background of plastic paint to achieve the volatile effect that characterizes this piece.

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Una Flor de Futuro (A flower of the future)

Route of Artistic Murals - Flor de Futuro

Mural located at the Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios street, by the local artist J.F. Ríos. It is a realistic painting that features the sea and a large flower. It represents, according to the author, the aesthetic renovation that the city is going through with the mural project.

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Route of Artistic Murals - Salartij

Mural done by the Moraga collective. It is formed by two 5 meter metallic pieces inserted in the facade of building number 12 of this neighborhood that recreate two salamanders.

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Azul y Plata (Blue and silver)

Route of Artistic Murals - Azul y Plata

Mural inspired in the aquatic life and done by the Moraga collective. Its name comes from the contrast of the blue and the silver of the fish. It is an original mural because it is no only a drawing or a painting, it features two pieces embedded into the building, which shine when the sun hits them giving them a special charm.

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Quijote del Siglo XXI (21st century Don Quixote)

Route of Artistic Murals - Quijote del Siglo XXI

On January of the present year, to commemorate the fourth centenary of the death of Cervantes, Curro Leyton created this vast mural in the Puerta del Mar Institute. A very original painting and a fine adaptation of the classic work of Cervantes to the current aesthetics, featuring, of course, the windmills.

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San Isidro Labrador (Saint Isidore the Labourer)

Route of Artistic Murals - San Isidro Labrador

Estepona pays homage to its patron saint in this work by Laura Larrauni, located very close to the mural called “Regando el jardín”. In this painting we can see Saint Isidore surrounded by scenes from a typical romeria (religious pilgrimage).

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Sin memoria no hay historia (No history without memory)

Route of Artistic Murals - Sin memoria no hay historia

This work by Joaquín Aguilera is formed by two murals that are reminiscent of the fishing past of the neighborhood where it is located.

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Route of Artistic Murals - TIMES OF CLARITY

‘Tiempos de claridad’ is the third mural by Ana Cecilia Salinas. This work seeks to be a tribute to Estepona’s natural landscape and is created in two different perspectives.

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Route of Artistic Murals - IN MEMORIAM

This mural, 328 square feet in size, is dedicated to refugees as a way of making people aware of the migration situation that Europe is experiencing.

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Route of Artistic Murals - 6 SEGUNDOS DE OSCURIDAD

This work represents a lighthouse surrounded by a choppy sea. It covers 1,377 square feet and is made in a naive pop style. Its title refers to the six seconds during which the sea is dark until it is illuminated again by the Punta Doncella Lighthouse located near the mural.

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Mural that pays tribute to the struggle for gender equality. The painting represents two figures, on the one side a woman, who incarnates a young girl Antonia Guerrero who dreams of being able to study, and on the other, is a goldfinch, the symbol of her desires for freedom.

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Route of Artistic Murals - Desde el mar

This is a hyperrealist style architectural trompe l’oeil. In it a portico can be seen and in the background, a marina that includes all the elements that appear in the city’s coat of arms.

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Route of Artistic Murals - QUIJOTE EN EL GUERNICA

This is replica of the famous painting by Picasso, but with a hidden secret so that visitors are entertained, since you have to find a Quijote hidden among its elements.

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Ruta murales Estepona - el bosque de las maravillas

This Argentine-Japanese mural is a colourful vertical painting where a very sunny day on the beach can be seen.

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Murales de Estepona - Sin titulo

This mural represents the usual hustle and bustle of an Estepona neighbourhood during the summer months.

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Murales de Estepona - Hola

This mural won the Award for Young Estepona Artists at the 1st International Estepona Murals Competition in 2017.

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Murales de Estepona - La imagen vuelta

This mural is a work by Francisco Clemente, who is a creative member of The Richard Chanin Foundation and its main characteristic is that it is an abstract work that captivates all who see it.

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Route of Artistic Murals - LA LUNA

This mural is a work by Dadi Dreucol. The particular feature of this work is that, in addition to using a test card as the Moon, a bearded, semi-nude man also appears in the painting, representing a person who does not let themselves be influenced by established laws.

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Route of Artistic Murals - LLEGANDO A TU DESTINO

Even though it is painted solely and exclusively with a mixture of blue, orange, white and black, the placement and the quality of the brush strokes make this work an amazing mural. It should also be said that DOURONE are Fabio López (Madrid) and Elodie Arshak (France).

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Murales de Estepona - Paraiso Golf

A balance between abstraction and figurative art, the work represents a golf course full of trees and with two floating dog heads.

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Murales de Estepona - Musas

The work of this graffiti artist is without a doubt very original and with a large amount of details and quality. Not for nothing does his work have references ranging from comics to cinema or photography.

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Ruta murales Estepona - Jump into the blue

This is a work of great realism where several bathers can be seen jumping from different trampolines and in different perspectives.

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Ruta murales Estepona - Freaks

This is one of the most fun murals on the entire route. Pay special attention to the “mum” tattoo and the sailor pointing to the recently caught fish.

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Murales de Estepona - Agua

This is the first mural in braille in Spain. This work combines touch reading with pictograms. It is 23 feet wide by 6.5 feet high and also represents various dolphins in the ocean as a symbol of seafaring Estepona.

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Murales de Estepona - Pórticos del cielo

Porticos of the Sky is a mural by José Fernández Ríos. This work is of a building with a large window that looks out onto a forest. This hyperrealist style work plays with architecture that simulates that the building is hollow and combines it with vegetation.

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Route of Artistic Murals - MURAL HISTÓRICO

This a mural painting from the 19th century that belongs to the old Town Hall. In this work, several volutes and elements can be seen that framed a plaque in honour of the 1812 Constitution of Cádiz.

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Route of Artistic Murals - LA ÚLTIMA CENA

This is an interpretation of the work of Da Vinci in the artist’s own style, which gives the work a more modern and minimalist aspect, since it plays with perspective and colours.

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Route of Artistic Murals - LEYTON

The purpose of this mural is to awaken the imagination of citizens who look at it, since the author uses lines and shadows that seem casual, the result of which is that each person who looks at the mural will have their own view of the work, since it will depend on where they stop to look at it.

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Route of Artistic Murals - FRESCOS DE LA CASA MONDÉJAR

This ia mural painting from the 18th century located in a historic house. It is a Baroque work where geometric, zoomorphic, anthropomorphic and plant motifs can be seen, which has aroused the interest of experts.

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Route of Artistic Murals - ATLANTAS

This mural represents a woman from classical Greece who represents femininity as a fundamental pillar of life, holding the world in her hands. The work has a surface area of 558 square feet.

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‘Evocación Nazarí’ (Nazarí Evocation)

Route of Artistic Murals - EVOCACIÓN NAZARÍ

Recalls the representative elements of monuments as important as The Alhambra of Granada, The Alcazaba of Málaga or the mythical city of Medina Azahara.

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