Exquisite cuisine from Málaga. We show you 10 original places to eat well and at a good price

Málaga is not only a place to enjoy the sun and beach, nor is it only a place of immense historical heritage or unparalleled natural landscapes. But good food lovers also have a more important reason to spend time around here. If you get away and decide to pay a visit to Málaga, do not hesitate to treat your palate. Here are ten original places to eat cheaply and well in a unique setting.


1. Fonda Casa Pepa

This charming restaurant is located in the town of Carratraca. At first glance it looks like a house in the village but the moment you walk in you realise it has been adapted as an inn, with a small lounge that still keeps the photos of those who had lived there. The feeling you get when you eat there is like being in a grandmother’s house. The dishes are traditional and if a group of people decide to have lunch at this place, the food is served in the same pot it is cooked in, so that you can eat all you want. Prince Charles has been one of the guests of honour in this unique tavern.

Calle de los Baños nº 18, Carratraca, Málaga.

casa pepa

Fonda Casa Pepa

2. Chiringuito el Ayo Nerja

There is nothing like eating paella in Chiringuito el Ayo de Nerja. This is well known establishment in town for its close relationship with the famous television series “Verano Azul”. Its star, “Chanquete”, used to eat here, and although it’s been more than 30 years since that happened, the place looks just the same. A place to remember and enjoy good food at the foot of the Mediterranean Sea.

Playa Burriana, s/n 29780 Nerja, Málaga.

chirinquito ayo

Chiringuito el Ayo Nerja

3. Santa Clara Ventorrillo Sale

If you come to Málaga you cannot leave without trying the typical “Montes dish”.  An explosive combination of sausage, eggs, pepper and potatoes you can have with an excellent sweet wine from the province. Huge amounts of food that would fill the hungriest person of all. A simple dish to prepare that retains that homey feel that is so beloved in the Málaga area.

Carretera del Colmenar, km 557 Málaga.

venta ventorrillo

Santa Clara Ventorrillo Sale

4. El Pimpi

El Pimpi is one of the most famous and significant establishments in Málaga. Located in the heart of the city, it gives off an aura of tradition and manners pleasing residents and visitors alike. A place with the purest Andalusian style where flamenco and wine are the protagonists. All major figures visiting the capital of Costa del Sol come to this unique space that has carved out an important place in the dining area routes.

Calle Granada, 62, 29015 Málaga.

el pimpi

El Pimpi

5. La Tranca

La Tranca is a brewery that serves tapas in the centre of Málaga. The aesthetics of the place is typical of a tavern where there’s always a good atmosphere in the air.  Among the tastiest dishes you can try we find Argentine empanadas, lomo de orza, Creole sausage and a delicious Almagro cheese. Its warm hospitality makes this place a must if you want to eat well in a nice setting.

Calle Carretería, 93, 29008 Málaga.


La Tranca

6. El Colilla

This restaurant is your best option if you are really into tapas. This establishment has pioneered the Granadian concept of tapas, i.e. free tapas with every drink.  For every beer you can choose from over 45 cuisine specialities, and very affordable prices. A superb lunch in a true Spanish style place.

Calle Antonio Chacón, 11, 29003 Málaga.

el colilla

El Colilla

7. El Pimpi Florida

This place is a popular establishment among young people who want to have tapas in Malaga. Space is very limited, only a bar and a hallway, but that’s no impediment to receive people from all over the world until it gets completely full. The prawn dish is their star dish, just as the most famous Spanish songs. Towards the end of the night, it is not unusual to see one of the guests being lifted in the air among the participants and being carried on.

Carretera Almería la Araña, 13, 29018 Málaga.


El Pimpi Florida

8. La Butibamba

One of the best marinated loins is cooked in La Butibamba, in la Cala de Mijas. This restaurant has become famous throughout the province so we advise you to book a table in advance. Your main course will always be accompanied by potatoes, chorizo, pepper and two eggs, one of the tastiest that you can try. If you go to this restaurant forget about the diet because it’s almost impossible to resist the appeal of your food.

Carretera de Cádiz, Km. 201, 29649, Mijas Costa.

la butibamba

La Butibamba

9. Bellavista Restaurant

As the name suggests, the best thing this place offers are the spectacular views from Costa del Sol. This is a pizzeria where you can also find delicious pasta dishes. The evening is livened up by a live musician that combines songs of all time with voice impersonations of celebrity singers. We specially recommended you visit this place at night, so that you can better enjoy the picture offered by its windows under the moonlight.

Camino Club de Tenis, 6, 29140, Málaga.


Bellavista Restaurant

10. El Tintero

This establishment is the perfect place to enjoy a “fried fish”. At the foot of the beach, the bar is located in the El Palo area, and is a meeting point for those who want to taste the essence of the Mediterranean Sea. Something special about this site is the fact that the waiters offer the dishes up for auction, so these go around the bar and who wants it keeps it. If you are travelling to Málaga do not forget to give your palate this sailor whim.

Playa del Dedo, s/n, 29018 Málaga.

el tintero

El Tintero

Do not forget these ten places if you come to Málaga. Enjoy everything the cities of this province have to offer, and take the best memories of its unique cuisine with you. These are charming places and affordable to all budgets that will not leave you indifferent.


3 Responses to “Exquisite cuisine from Málaga. We show you 10 original places to eat well and at a good price”
  1. Fede says:

    Geniales sitios!! Sólo añadiría los espetos en las playas, que no se por qué pero saben diferentes :-) Me ha encantado Málaga! es muy bonita y sorprende mucho… la zona de la calle Larios y alrededores es realmente divertida y peatonal, como a mi me gustan. Además, he descubierto una forma de hacer turismo de una forma amena y barata: con una app para el móvil. Se llama Guideo y según estás en un sitio, lo reconoce y te enseña la historia y curiosidades en realidad aumentada, con personajes de la época, etc. y muy divertido, de verdad. También se puede ir al museo Picasso para los amantes del arte, al ladito del Pimpi.

  2. Muy buenso sitios, gustaría añadir uno mas a vuestra colección, El balcon de la Virgen en Málaga. Explendido sitio para comer y cenar.

  3. Espectacular… conozco El Balcón y es un sitio único en el centro de Marbella, en pleno casco antiguo, con una comida fuera de lo común a un precio más que razonable. Lo recomiendo como uno de los mejore sitios en Málaga para comer hoy en día…

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