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Visitors will find a wide  range of interesting things to see and do in Andalucia. It is one of the autonomous communities of Spain that attracts domestic and foreign tourists the most. Andalucia’s natural wealth, environmental diversity, and the welcoming and friendly manners of its inhabitants are all part of the magical elixir that makes this community the favorite destination for people from all over the globe.

Here is a list of 30 things to see and do in Andalucia. These are proposals to taste and enjoy the magical properties of the unique elixir that Andalucia offers.


1. Experience first-hand the Carnival of Cadiz

Things to See and Do in Andalucia - Carnaval de Cádiz - Crédito editorial: joserpizarro /

Put together a chirigota ilegal (a typical parade) with a group of friends and go for tapas in Tacita de Plata, while singing couplets. Tell funny stories based on the characters and news of the year that called your attention the most.

Cadiz carnival, a unique event to enjoy the ‘art’ of Cadiz


2. Turn into a bird by engaging in paragliding, hand gliding or riding a hot-air balloon

Things to See and Do in Andalucia - riding a hot-air balloon

Surf the Andalucia’s skies and gaze upon the natural beauty of this unique land. In Vejer de la Frontera, one Andalucia’s most beautiful towns, you can go paragliding from the runway of Restaurante El Poniente.

Visit Andalucia from the air in a hot air balloon


3.Go to Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera

And, when passing near the Neighbourhood of San Miguel, feel like “La Faraona”, the one and only Lola Flores. Be inspired by the neighbourhood that witnessed her birth.

Daytrip to Jerez de la Frontera: wine, horses and flamenco in the heart of the province of Cadiz


4. Go wine tasting, without getting drunk, and try best wines from Jerez in any of its most emblematic cellars

Things to See and Do in Andalucia - Bodegas Osborne

Let the beauty of the city get you drunk.

The 16 best Jerez wineries


5. Become Guzmán el Bueno in his tower in Conil de la Frontera

Torre de Guzmán Conil

Take the chance to try the world’s best tuna, the exquisite and exclusive Bluefin tuna from Almadraba.

Things you cannot miss in Conil de la Frontera


6. Enjoy with your five senses any of the culinary creations of the Michelin star chefs in Andalucia

restaurantes estrella Michelin Andalucia

For example, Ángel León in his Restaurante Aponiente in Puerto de Santa María or Xanty Elías in his Restaurante Acanthum in Huelva.

The Michelin star restaurants in Andalucia


7. Become a rociero

Things to See and Do in Andalucia - El Rocio Huelva

Even for just a few hours, in the pilgrimage to the sanctuary of the Virgin of El Rocio.

The festivals you can’t miss in Andalucia


8. Lick your fingers, in Huelva

Gambas blancas a la plancha

After tasting the best white shrimp of the entire world and the best black labelled Iberian ham.

Huelva and its Andalusian style gastronomy


9. Feel like Christopher Columbus during his first trip to the Indies

LUGARES COLOMBINOS - Barcos Cristobal Colon

Visit the Museum of Muelle de las Carabelas de Palos de la Frontera. See the reproductions of his ships, Pinta, Niña and Santa María.


10.Imagine you are in the red planet

Rio Tinto Huelva

Rio Tinto Huelva

Contemplating the Martian landscape of Río Tinto.

Rio Tinto, the most unusual natural area in Andalucia


11. Pass by Caminito del Rey, as if you were King Alfonso XIII of Spain

Things to See and Do in Andalucia - Caminito del Rey - Crédito editorial: Avillfoto /

Take care of your crown and sceptre. Keep in mind this is a narrow road over a cliff. A gorge carved by the Guadalhorce River, which is 700-meter deep.

The Caminito del Rey


12. Become a romantic traveller of the nineteenth century

Ronda Romantica

Visit one of their favorite destinations, Ronda. Get inspired by Rilke and write a poem while contemplating the beauty of this Andalucian city.

Visit the Romantic Ronda


13. Step on the sand of Plaza de Toros de Ronda (Ronda Bull Ring), as if you were a famous bullfighter

Plaza de Toros de Ronda

Imagine it is September, when the Goyasque Bullfight takes place, while taking the tour of the Bullring.

Ronda’s Pedro Romero fair and Goyesca bullfight


14. Pretend you are part of Marbella’s Jet Set

Things to See and Do in Andalucia - Puerto Banus compras y lujo

Let yourself be looked at, flattered, and taken care of in any of the luxurious beach clubs in Marbella. Go to Puerto Banús and buy something in any of its amazing stores.

The essential fashion shops you must visit in Marbella


15. Feel and admire the work of the great Picasso

Estatua de Picasso

Go to Malaga and visit the route of Picasso. You will see the place where he was born and some of his work in the Picasso Museum of Malaga.

A route through Málaga which allows you to dive into the day-to-day life of Pablo Ruiz Picasso


16. Reminisce your childhood in Nerja

Barco de Chanquete Nerja

Gaze upon the mythical Barco de Chanquete from the famous T.V. show Verano Azul.

Discover Nerja through ten key points along the route of the legendary series “Verano Azul”


17. Go to prehistoric times

Things to See and Do in Andalucia - pileta cave

Visit one of the oldest caves in Andalucia. Contemplate the cave-paintings, in caves such as La Pileta, located in the province of Malaga.


18.Climb to the top of what was once considered the most impenetrable fortress of the Iberian Peninsula

Things to See and Do in Andalucia - Castillo de Gibralfaro, Málaga

The Castle of Gibralfaro. From this castle, contemplate Malaga’s Bay, its port full of cruises and its emblematic Farola (which is not a lighthouse).

3 emblematic places to see in Málaga


19. Let fire and water purify any physical or psychological problem

San Juan Andalucia

During Saint John’s Eve in Almuñécar. Perform the typical rituals of this celebration to bring yourself beauty, good luck, and health.

Noche de San Juan (Saint John’s eve) in Andalucia


2o. Imagine a Moor king or queen

Things to See and Do in Andalucia - Alhambra Granada

Visit Alhambra de Granada as if you were one of them. Let the crowd look at you and admire your greatness, as they gather every day, at sunset, in Mirador de San Nicolás.

Day trip to Granada: tour the city of the Alhambra in one day


21. Be brave and climb the highest peak of the Iberian Peninsula

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada

The Mulhacén, in Sierra Nevada. There was a time when people could go there on their vehicles, now, people can only walk or ride their bikes up there.

Enjoy the winter at Sierra Nevada. we give you 10 essential points you must know


22. “Eat till you burst” for four euros

Tapas Estepona

Drinking wine and beers in the bars and taverns in Granada.

Discover the history of tapas in Spain and their best varieties


23. Get lost in the towns of Alpujarra

Pueblo Alpujarra - rédito editorial: joserpizarro /

Without wondering if you are in the province of Granada or in the province of Almería.

Route through las Alpujarras in Granada


24. Visit the Tabernas Desert

Desierto de Tabernas, Almería

Desierto de Tabernas, Almería

Imagine you are Sergio Leone and you are filming a spaghetti western.


25. Look with alien’s eyes at the see of plastic of the greenhouses of Almería

Things to See and Do in Andalucia - plastic greenhouses

Maybe that way you will find some beauty in them.


26. Pray in Cabo de Gata

Things to See and Do in Andalucia - Cabo de Gata

To ask that the virginity of its beaches and the beauty of its landscapes be preserved. Look at the sky and ask the gods to maintain through the years the great Paradise you are contemplating.


27. Meet and look in the eyes of an authentic brunette woman from Córdoba

Things to See and Do in Andalucia - mujer morena de Córdoba

Try to find the resemblance with the women of Julio Romero de Torres and visit the museum of this famous artist from Córdoba.


28. Be amazed and horrified by looking at the Christian cathedral in the middle of the Mosque of Córdoba

Mezquita de Cordoba

It is part of the list of nonsense actions made by some kings on behalf of the gods (kings and gods without distinction of country or religion).

The Arabian route through Andalucia allows you travel back in time to Al-Andalus


29. Enjoy the beauty of the patios in Córdoba

Patios Cordoba

Patios Cordoba

Without getting stressed by wondering how their beauty is maintained throughout the year.

Ten Andalucian patios you cannot miss


30. Buy the typical flamenco doll souvenir from Andalucia

muñeca flamenca

And put it in a shelf in your living room to give an Almodóvar touch to the decoration of your home your home.

Ten keys to knowing Flamenco



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