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The 20 things to do in Andalucia at least once in your life

Andalucia has an endless list of things to do, but there are some that have to be experienced at least once in your life. Make sure to choose Southern Spain as a destination and take advantage of these 20 things to do in Andalucia. You’ll quickly fall in love with its landscapes, gastronomy, customs and history.


 1.     Eat a skewer on the Costa del Sol

espetos de sardinas

Any Andalucian, Spaniard and visitor should at least once in their lives enjoy the pleasure of eating a sardine skewer fresh off the coals in a refreshment stall on the Costa del Sol. A cool beer and a lovely sunset over the Mediterranean Sea is the best gastronomic combination on a clear day.

Espetos: the best way to eat sardines, Andalucian cuisine


 2.     Have an oil and tomato breakfast roll in Antequera

mollete de aceite, tomate y jamon

A mollete is a kind of traditional Antequera bread that is characterised by its softness and round shape. This delicacy is prepared with pure oil pressed from the olive trees of these Analusian lands and tomatoes from the surrounding fertile plain. You must try this unbeatable way to start the day.

Breakfasts in Andalucia, the healthiest way to start each morning


 3.     Watch the sunset at the Parador de San Nicolás, Granada

atardecer Alhambra

One of the most beautiful views in the world can be found in the famous Parador de San Nicolás in Granada. The picturesque neighbourhood of Albaicín watches the sun go down each day in one of the prettiest sunsets on the planet, where the Alhambra sits majestically before you, bathed in different colours until night falls.

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 4.     Experience the luxury of Marbella

Puerto Banus, Marbella

You must visit Marbella at least once in your life to enjoy its glamour and luxury. Parties, celebrations and events between the yachts and international designer shops are just some of the things you have to experience and combine with the simplicity and Andalucian style of its historic old quarter.

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5.     Experience the wild nature of El Rompido

Marismas del Piedras

Marismas del Piedras

Considering the impact of humans on nature, finding still virgin spots can be difficult. This is why El Rompido is a must see where you can take a dip in its crystal clear water surrounded by the purest vegetation.

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6.     Breathe in pure oxygen amidst Spanish firs in Grazalema

Sierra de Grazalema

Sierra de Grazalema

Make sure to fill your lungs with fresh air in Grazalema and stroll among a fir species that is only conserved in this natural spot: the Spanish fir. You must visit this enclave at least once and experience being at one with nature.

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7.     Take a stroll through Generalife in Granada

Generalife, Granada

Generalife is the most beautiful garden in Spain. You can’t come to Andalucia and not take a stroll among its flowers and ponds. Located in the Alhambra, it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Granada and the most visited in the world.


8.     Eat shrimp in Huelva

Gambas blancas a la plancha

You must sit in a Huelva bar and eat a delicious plate of white shrimp at least once in your life. You can also get this Atlantic Ocean delicacy at the markets for grilling with garlic and parsley.

Route of the white prawn of Huelva: from the fish market to the restaurant


9.     See the Iberian lynx in Doñana

things to do in Andalucia - Lince Ibérico

Lince Ibérico

Doñana is one of the places you must visit in Andalucia. When there, make sure you try and see one of the most important native species of the peninsula, the Iberian lynx.

Here are the top ten places in Andalucia for spotting animals


10.  Go to a flamenco show in Seville


Spain has a close bond with flamenco and Andalucia in particular is its birthplace. You mustn’t miss a good flamenco show in Seville, where you can experience first-hand the art of the guitarists, singers and dancers that will make your hair stand on end.

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11.  Try the ham from Jabugo

Historia Jamon

In the north of Huelva province is Jabugo, a small town that has the best Iberian hams in Spain. Eating a slice of this delicacy is a unique experience you mustn’t miss.

Learn about different types of ham. 100% acorn-fed Iberico ham is the best


12.  Visit the Nerja caves

cuevas de Nerja

Whether or not you’re a history buff, the Nerja caves are a must-see monument. Its stalactites and stalagmites, along with its rock paintings, take us back to Prehistory and this is the best way to share our early ancestor’s past.

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13.  Watch the El Palmar sunset in Cádiz

atardecer El Palmar, Cádiz

The El Palmar sunset is considered one of the most beautiful in Spain. The sun falls into the sea, creating an array of colours in the sky and leaving an unprecedented landscape for you to watch that will relax and relieve you of all your worries.

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14.  Eat tuna in Conil

atún de almadraba

Traditionally fished red tuna from Conil is the region’s product par excellence; a unique mouthful of the sea, which the locals cook like no one else. If you visit Andalucia, you must give into this temptation at least once in your life.

Conil tuna route. the festivity that celebrates the world’s best tuna


15.  Drink a vermouth in the Baños del Carmen

Baños del Carmen

The Baños del Carmen in Málaga is a singular place to have a glass of vermouth while watching the sea. The atmosphere is quiet and pleasant and a lot of cultural shows are organized. Don’t miss this experience.


16.  Eat tapas in Granada

Tapas Marbella

There is nothing like going out to eat tapas in Granada. If you order a beer or a soft drink you get a free plate of ham, meatballs, loin with tomato, flamenquines (meat roll) and a wide variety of other offerings. This is the city to eat tapas.

Discover the history of the tapas in Spain and their best varieties


17.  Experience Semana Santa in Málaga

Semana Santa, Nazarenos

When in Andalucia, you must experience the peculiarity and beauty of Semana Santa in Málaga at least once in your life. The images are extremely venerated and are carried through the streets on large thrones. El Cautivo or Christ of the Legion and El Rico are the most famous.

Processions and saetas. Here are 10 things you should know about Holy Week in Andalucia


18.  Enjoy the Seville Fair

Who is not familiar with the Sevilla Fair? It is the most famous fair in Spain and a must-see. Lanterns, local dress, polka dots and horses combine with good wine and the most select ham. Try to dance the Sevillana in this unique atmosphere of fun.


19.  Swim in the waters of Bolonia

Taking a dip in crystal clear waters at a golden sandy beach is one of the best sensations in the world. Bolonia Beach is the most prestigious in Spain. Experience it for yourself.

Bolonia beach, one of the most beautiful and wild beaches in Spain


20.  Go to the carnivals of Cádiz

Cadiz Carnaval Crédito editorial: Andreas Poertner / Shutterstock.com

Cádiz oozes good times and fun. The Cádiz Carnivals are the most fun in the country with songs whose lyrics poke fun of current political and social affairs. The costumes are very original and the streets fill with locals and visitors who come to share the festive day like brothers.

Cadiz carnival, a unique event to enjoy the ‘art’ of Cadiz


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Hotel Fuerte Marbella

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